Though subway tiles have been around for a very long period but it is in the recent times that the tiles have started to gain popularity. We have vastly started to notice these subway tiles appear in kitchen and bathrooms in traditional as well as modern styles. If you think the standard white colour of tiles does not offer much flexibility, then we would tell you, that you are highly mistaken as subway tiles with their rectangular shape can extend the look of your space to much more than the conventional.

Italian Bathroom Wall Tile Designs

If you are still not convinced about including the age old rectangle tiles in your home we have the 10 best designs to persuade you to take the subway route.

Mix and Match

Mix and match the black and white subway tiles to give your bathroom or kitchen a style upgrade. Affix the black tile in an interesting pattern with the white to take the look of subway tile a notch higher.

Herringbone Pattern

Arrange the regular white rectangle subway tile in an interesting herringbone pattern. The arrangement helps to give your regular setup a new look and also make the tile look longer than its original length.

Mid Length Subway Tile Pattern

The herringbone pattern can also be tried till a specific height above your washbasin or sink. The pattern helps to form an edge, in the end, which acts as a unique design feature.

Black Subway Tile

Include complete black subway tiles in your bathroom to give a dramatic touch to your bathing space. The all black bathing area helps to give a good contrast to the otherwise white bathroom floor or walls. The black subway tiles can also be tried in the kitchen. Go for a matte black look to bring a polished look to your culinary space.

Beveled Subway Tile

If you wish to give a traditional makeover to your bathroom or kitchen area, try the bevelled subway tile. The sloping edge shape, in the end, makes the appearance smooth and classic.

Beveled Tile in Herringbone Pattern

You can also try the beveled subway tile in the herringbone pattern for the complete tiling of your wall in the bathroom. The beveled look in an interesting pattern creates the best visual texture for your bathroom space.

Penny Subway Tile

If you have white tiled wall across your bathroom space, one way to upgrade the look would be by adding a thin strip of penny tile in the pattern and design of your choice. The addition helps to bring in a little bit of excitement in your regular white area.

Dark Grout

Dark grout is a great way to make the regular looking subway tile stand out. The grout helps to add the dark outline and definition to the shape and appearance of the tile in the selected area.

Vertical Arrangement

Arrange the subway tiles in a vertical arrangement to give a sense of height to your space. The 90-degree shape will instantly add some interest and character to the chosen location.

Subway Tile in Backsplash

You can also use the subway tile in just one specific area like the kitchen backsplash to make the look interesting with the pattern, contrast and colour.

Subway tiles are best to compliment the modern and traditional interior decor of your home. Play around with the pattern and mix and match with colour to make the look interesting and appealing.

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