Bathroom is that area of your home where you recline after an exhausted day. It is a distant dream for everyone to own a lavish bathroom with highly fashionable fixtures. In a narrow bathroom you have to make tad bit of compromise but even if you plan it well, you can make a big difference in your furnishing. If you have a penchant for a passe look, try for fittings made of brass or use lights of contemporary chandelier look or even shower curtains with designs of 18th century Europe.

Narrow Bathroom with Green Glass Vessel Sinks

narrow bathroom with green glass vessel sinks

Photo By: Cesar T

Narrow Bathroom Design With Trough Sink

narrow bathroom design with trough sink

Photo By: Juan Fernando Castro

Narrow Bathroom Idea With Wall Length Mirror

narrow bathroom design with wall length mirror and vanity

Photo By: Rolfe A Hokanson

In a modern apartment mostly, bathrooms are not spacious and do not accommodate luxurious fittings. One of the best options you can follow is make your door swing outside to bring out maximum space from your narrow bathroom. Make provision in your wall slots to adjust the cisterns of the toilet and basin to make some free space inside your bathroom.

Simply Green Narrow Bathroom Design

simply green narrow bathroom design

Photo By: Cesar T

White Traditional Master Narrow Bathroom

white traditional master narrow bathroom design

Photo By: Seek Interior Design

White Modern Narrow Bathroom Idea

white modern narrow bathroom design

Elegant Narrow Bathroom Design with Round Marble

elegant master narrow bathroom design with round marble

White Modern Narrow Bathroom Design With Skylights

white modern narrow bathroom design with skylights

You can furnish your narrow bathroom if you have the nous of organizing the interior of your home. If your bathroom is too undersized, you can think of utilizing it as a half bathroom. In that case you may not have the luxury of a spa bath or even a sauna bath in your own house, but you can make your interior eye-catching by adding a few modifications.

Bright White Narrow Bathroom Design

bright white narrow bathroom design

Photo By: 2 Doors Down Design

Narrow Bathroom With Craftsman Style Vanity

narrow bathroom design with craftsman style vanity

White Contemporary Narrow Bathroom Look

white contemporary narrow bathroom design

Photo By: Peter Rymwid

Black and White Modern Narrow Bathroom

black and white modern narrow bathroom design

Photo By: Eric Perry

Custom Master Narrow Bathroom Design

custom master narrow bathroom design

White Marble Bathroom Looks Narrow

narrow marble bathroom design

Photo By: Jack Wettling

Transitional Master Narrow Bathroom Design

transitional master narrow bathroom design

Contemporary Narrow Bathroom Model

contemporary narrow bathroom design

Narrow Wooden Floor Bathroom Design

narrow wooden floor bathroom design

Beach Style Slim Bathroom

beach style narrow bathroom design

Black & White Small Bathroom Design

black white narrow bathroom design

Precise Contemporary Tile Bathroom Design

narrow contemporary with tiles bathroom design

Narrow Contemporary Bathroom Idea

narrow contemporary bathroom design

Green Narrow Bathroom Design

green narrow bathroom design

Ravishing White Tight Bathroom

ravishing white narrow bathroom design

Brown Color Narrow Bathroom Design

brown color narow bathroom design

Narrow Eclectic Bathroom Design

narrow eclectic bathroom design

Southwestern Narrow Bathroom Design

southwestern narrow bathroom design

Lindsey Schultz Design

Various websites and magazines are now available to provide you useful tips for decorating various parts of your home. The most important thing you should remember while considering renovation or furnishing your narrow bathroom is you should focus on utilizing maximum space out of what is already given.

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