You should not despair even if there is limited space in your bathroom. It is still possible to create a cozy bathroom, all you need are some great ideas and guidance. Of course, the right lighting fixtures and bath materials are also important factors for consideration. For instance, you may not want to add a huge tub into your bathroom design if you are aiming for the cozy appeal.

Traditional Bathroom with Decorative Wall

traditional bathroom with decorative wall

David Heide Design Studio

Use of decorative wall design is a good way to provide a cozy look into your bathroom. This specific bathroom has a nice flower patterned wallpaper and two long walls installed with two long vanity mirrors and sink counters. With two mirrors facing each other, the rather tight spaced room looks spacious.

Lavish Bathroom Interior Idea

lavish bathroom interior idea

For a cozy look on a spacious bathroom, the best idea is to lavishly and uniquely design it. This bathroom, particularly, has a simple yet classy design. The freestanding oval tub occupies one wall with a pendant light hanging over it. The shower enclosure – opposite the tub – has glass walls and door, giving the occupant a view of the whole bathroom while showering. The sink and vanity set is place right on the center wall – a unique idea indeed.

Contemporary Bathroom with Wooden Cabinets

contemporary bathroom with wooden cabinets

J Design Group

Wooden cabinets are always a must in most modern bathroom designs. If you want to stay away from the common wooden cabinets you usually see, you may want to check out this bathroom. The cabinet used here is floating and is just a single row of storage with a sink on top. The second smaller sink is installed on a board placed on one end of the cabinet and it was set on a slightly higher level.

Classic Bathroom with Polished Floor

classic bathroom with polished floor

CG&S Design-Build

Polished white floor on an all white bathroom interior is surely going to stand out. The bathroom is very neat, clean and absolutely classic. The tiles on the floor are hexagonal and polished to perfection. The sink top and the opposite cabinet/dresser are made of marble, while the shower is enclosed by tiles and glass.

Luxurious Bathroom Design Idea

luxurious bathroom design idea1

Photo by Blakely

A bathroom that defines total relaxation? If that is what you are aiming for, then check this bathroom design out. The all-mirror wall is a stand-out, while the additional of the bathroom ottoman and the reclining chair is impressive and surprising at the same time. The shower area has built in bench, allowing for a spa bathroom experience when needed.

Vintage Look Bathroom with Wooden Cabinets

vintage look bathroom with wooden cabinets

WPL Interior Design

A tub in the middle of the room is no doubt a vintage idea. The wooden cabinets on the side walls are additional traditional features. This bathroom is a sure fire winner if you want something extraordinary and classic at the same time.

Modern Bathroom with Corner Bath Tub

modern bathroom with corner bath tub

Castle Harbour Homes

The corner bathtub used for this bathroom is one of the many aspects that provide the modern appeal. The long vanity mirror on the opposite wall is another contemporary feature that you may want to consider for your own bathroom design. The double shower with glass windows is surely nice, cozy and perfect for couples.

Black Mosaic Tile Bathroom Idea

black mosaic tile bathroom idea

Chuck Mills Design Inc

The black mosaic tiles used for the shower area of this bathroom provide the classy accent to an otherwise simple and regular bathroom design. Space is definitely maximized on this design, with the tub occupying the end of the vanity and the shower enclosure.

Transitional Bathroom with Ceiling

transitional bathroom with ceiling

Alexis Solomon Design

The transitional aspect of this bathroom provides easy transfer from the tub to the shower or vice versa. The rug is very classic and the vanity area has white countertop and dark cabinets. The chained circles on the wall add an effective contemporary appeal to the whole setup.

White Cozy Bathroom Design

white cozy bathroom design

Design by Tim Hine

Another all-white bathroom design that would surely take your breath away, this one is proud to present a freestanding tub placed by the window. A reclining chair provides coziness and comfort, while the vanity set adds the functional aspect.

Black and White Bathroom Design

black and white bathroom design

J Design Group

Rustic Bathroom with Stone Wall

rustic bathroom with stone wall

Pearson Design Group

Simple Gold Tile Bathroom Idea

simple gold tile bathroom idea

Pepe Calderin Design

Mediterranean Bathroom with White Bath Tub

mediterranean bathroom with white bath tub

Jackson Design & Remodeling

Blue Bathroom with Crystal Chandelier

blue bathroom with crystal chandelier

Japanese Style Kids Bathroom

japanese style kids bathroom

Red Cozy Bathroom Idea

red cozy bathroom idea

Wendy Black Rodgers Interiors

Beach Style Bathroom with Wooden Floor

beach style bathroom with wooden floor

Siemasko + Verbridge Design

Luxurious Bathroom with Mod Ceiling Lights

luxurious bathroom with mod ceiling lights

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting Idea

contemporary bathroom lighting idea

John Cullen Lighting

Amazing White Bathroom Design

amazing white bathroom design

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