Having a set of cabinets in your garage is important in order to have an organized space. This will help you in your everyday activities while providing you with ample storage space. The variety of cabinet designs is truly amazing. You can find them in many variations regarding size, style, and materials bringing you exquisite designs. In this post, we are going to present you with a collection of garage cabinets to help you choose.

Garage Wall Cabinets

This is a great idea in case your garage is small. Wall cabinets can be placed at any height is comfortable for you as well as depending on their size. You can store various things in them for easy organization. You may also see Garage Gym Ideas

Garage Wall White Cabinets

garage wall white cabinets


Metal Garage Cabinets

Metal designs are going to give you an industrial feeling that will make your space look elegant and sophisticated. You can choose them in a freestanding design or in a full system that will give an even design throughout the space.

Custom Metal Garage Cabinets

custom metal garage cabinets


DIY Garage Cabinets

You can easily make your own cabinets for your garage. All you need is to find a specific plan for the cabinets of your choice and then to get the materials and tools needed to complete your garage design project. You may also see Garage Flooring Designs

Industrial DIY Garage Cabinets

industrial diy garage cabinets


Wood Garage Cabinets

Wood is going to make your garage look warm adding a touch of natural ambiance. You have the ability to choose the style and the color and the depth of the cabinet designs in order to give a personalized atmosphere.

Modern Wood Garage Cabinets

modern wood garage cabinets


Garage Floor Cabinets

Floor cabinets offer you more space while they can be used in combination with wall cabinets. The sizes and their styles can vary depending on the manufacturer, giving you the ability to design your space to fit your personal needs. You may also see Garage Flooring Tiles

Rustic Garage Floor Cabinets

rustic garage floor cabinets


Garage Sink Cabinets

Garage sinks are available in many materials with the stainless steel and ceramic ones to feature the most. You can choose a sink design with a vanity to place in your garage or you can have a wall mounted design.

Farmhouse Garage Sink Cabinets

farmhouse garage sink cabinets


Garage Kitchen Cabinets

If you had a recent kitchen renovation then you can place the old kitchen cabinets in your garage. This will give you a completed storage solution that will help you maintain your garage neat and organized with cabinets and drawers.

Contemporary Garage Kitchen Cabinets

contemporary garage kitchen cabinets


Modern Garage Cabinets

In a modern setting, you need to consider minimalist designs with sleek surfaces and crisp lines. Depending on the material you choose, you can achieve different looks in your garage space as well as various levels of the modern style.

Simple Modern Garage Cabinets

simple modern garage cabinets


Luxury Garage Cabinets

You can design your garage in a way that looks beautiful and luxurious, choosing the right cabinet design. A contemporary design is going to give you a vivacious character while you can have colored fronts for an interesting visual effect.

Luxury Garage Storage Cabinets

luxury garage storage cabinets


Garage Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets come in various sizes while some provide extra working space. You can have a floor to ceiling closet design with many divided sections and drawers that will help you store anything that is not needed inside the house.

Red Garage Storage Cabinets

red garage storage cabinets


Built-In Garage Cabinets

Built in designs look like they are a permanent part of the space. This is a great option for large and small spaces, since it takes full advantage of the vertical space of wall, offering you storage and working space.

Built-In Wall Garage Cabinets

built in wall garage cabinets


White Garage Cabinets

A white cabinet design is going to make your garage look brighter and pleasant to work in. You can choose a cabinet system in any style you like while you can personalize it with lighting fixtures casting light on it.

Modern White Garage Cabinets

modern white garage cabinets


Garage Corner Cabinets

We can’t stress it enough how corners are great options for storage. You can choose a corner cabinet design with freestanding qualities or as a part of a system for extra storage options. A well-designed cabinet will accentuate your garage.

Cool Garage Corner Cabinets

cool garage corner cabinets


Turn your garage into a fully functional space with a practical use of all the vertical wall surface. Choose a design of cabinets that will help you accentuate the space adding style and character. There are countless garage designs to get inspired from to create an interesting space with storage solutions.

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