They are often overlooked and many times even spammed, but you ought to know that a creatively designed email newsletter can be a good starting point for your business. A well-designed newsletter not just allows the users to interact but also understand the content better. We have today compiled a list of 10 newsletters examples that are definitely going to help you take your email marketing a notch higher.



Austin Kleon newsletter is by far the best design to offer you simple and ideal newsletter inspiration. Designed minimally, the newsletter doesn’t go over the top with promotional inputs and keeps the core idea of educating not selling clear throughout the layout. The informal tone further extends a personal voice to the newsletter.



InVision’s newsletter is a weekly digest of the best blog content with the favourite design links from the week. Along with being a great mix of images and text, the newsletter is easy to read and is mobile friendly. The use of animated GIFs makes the newsletter even more captivating.



Fizzle’s newsletter is geared towards the entrepreneurs who want weekly tips on building their business. The newsletter is unique and independent of the generic contents, which makes it tailored to the needs of their subscribers.



TheSkimm is one of the best newsletters to deliver the top news happening around the world, in short, punch filled paragraphs. You would not have to click the link in the newsletter in order to read the news they offer the story in the very newsletter. TheSkimm is one place to turn to if you are looking for inspiration related content that is independent of the visuals.

brain picking


One of the most interesting newsletters present today, Brain Pickings offers their subscribers some of the most interesting articles on subjects ranging from psychology, art, science, design, and philosophy. With the widely appealing topics and simply designed layout, the newsletter explores the means to a good life.

apartmnt thrpy


Apartment therapy is one of the best available interior design newsletters that provides interesting and useful updates on making your home beautiful by both economical and luxurious means. Designed with a clear idea, the newsletter is definitely one of the best places to seek fun interior related hacks and interior design inspiration.



top shop


The TopShop newsletters match well with the changing fashion by frequently upgrading the new lines and looks. If you are a fashionista and like to keep updated with the latest trends, this newsletter will definitely be more of a fashion fix.

team work


TeamWorx is a newsletter designed with a list of latest jobs in retail. The strong and impressive design of the newsletter will leave no doubt in your mind as to who was the driving force behind finding you your next job.

think clarity


The newsletter is created by Mathias Jakobsen and by the very first glance you can say that it is refreshing and unique with its handwritten approach complete with doodles and reflection exercises. The newsletter is a brilliant example of the fact that the fundamental pen still holds the mighty power.

Take inspiration from these creative and sophisticated newsletters and design yours with the right idea and message.

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