Penthouse bedrooms can be among the coolest and most sizable spaces one can have to himself/herself. Well, creating the perfect ambiance is just about the right balance between space and lighting. Here are some amazing penthouse bedroom ideas that we would like to share.

Spacious Penthouse Bedroom Idea

spacious penthouse bedroom idea

Photo by Taj Hotels

Penthouses are all about simplicity. This example is of an amazing space that has been created using unique room dividers. Made out of wood and textiles, this divider creates a separate and cozy bed space while being a part of the bigger room. This is perfect for young couples with or without kids and pets!

Modern Kids Bedroom with Bunk Beds

modern kids bedroom with bunk beds

Bunk beds are space saving installations and nothing can be better suited when we are planning to integrate kid’s room into a penthouse. With the right wallpapers and adequate amount of lighting, this can be a cool space that your kids will love. The blue painted wall matches perfectly with the required mood.

Gray Bedroom with Study Space

gray bedroom with study space

TG Studio

Penthouses are universally cozy. If you have an attic like structure for a penthouse, it can be made more defined to create a separate study space and bed space. While the side of the room with the bed can be complimented by ambient lighting, you can use a brighter setting for the study.

Traditional Bedroom with Wall Lamps

traditional bedroom with wall lamps

Jeannine Williams Design

Wall lamps in the right spaces and sizes can transform an ordinary bedroom space into something exotic. This is a perfect example of an average penthouse bedroom where wall lamps have been used to create an ambient and cozy setting.

Lovely Kids Bedroom Interior

lovely kids bedroom interior

Jeannine Williams Design

Penthouses go perfectly with any kid’s requirements. You can lighten up a small space with bright walls, cute decorations, and a colorful bed. Depending on the number of kids you have or plan to have, you can go for a single bed or a bunk bed.

Classic Bedroom with Platform Bed

classic bedroom with platform bed

El Dorado Furniture

Highlighted by an exaggerated headboard, this platform bed in your penthouse bedroom will define elegance, simplicity, and modernity in the easiest way. Compliment the décor with fabulous faux leather and a low frame. This would be perfect for both the Avant-Garde and the seekers of simplicity.

Small Bedroom Furniture Design

small bedroom furniture design

De Meza + Architecture, Inc

For small bedroom spaces, making use of the windows and little spaces in the corners becomes crucial. Here, the maximum space is taken up by the huge bed but the rest of the room is pretty clean and with little furnishing. Perfect for two people with minimum requirements, this penthouse could be a turned into a highly functional area.

Unique Bedroom with Oiled Oak Floor

unique bedroom with oiled oak floor

DDWH Architects Ltd

The days when we had wooden floors are long gone but the charm is still enchanting. However, if you have a penthouse or attic bedroom, this feature can be brought back in the simplest way and look highly unique and elegant. Oiled oak floors can be well complemented with big ceiling lights to give the illusion of a bigger space.

Black and White Bedroom Decorating Idea

black and white bedroom decorating idea

Ashville Inc

Thoroughly ultra modern, this is the simplest way a penthouse room can be turned into a luxurious bedroom space. You have a cozy bed and a couple of big round chairs to complete the décor. When you are not sleeping, try video games!

Beautiful Penthouse Bedroom Design

beautiful penthouse bedroom design

Designs For All Occasions

If you have the advantage of a bigger penthouse space, an adequate amount of light and dynamic colors can liven up the space like anything. This is a perfect room where any couple would like to get cozy in!

Contemporary Bedroom with Timber Lined Wall

contemporary bedroom with timber lined wall

alsoCAN Architects

Colorful Kids Bedroom with Work Space

colorful kids bedroom with workspace

A. Perry Homes

Lavish Penthouse Bedroom Design

lavish penthouse bedroom design

Brown's Interior Design

Modern Bedroom with Glass Wall

modern bedroom with glass wall

C Wright Design Inc

Classy Bedroom with Accent Wall Paint

classy bedroom with accent wall paint

TG Studio

Red and White Bedroom for Teenagers

red and white bedroom for teenagers

Manhattan Renovations

Purple and White Girls Bedroom Idea

purple and white girls bedroom idea

Simple Master Bedroom with Blue Wall

simple master bedroom with blue wall

Unique Penthouse Bedroom Idea

unique penthouse bedroom idea

Luxurious Bedroom with Lavender Bed

luxurious bedroom with lavender bed

The HomeSmiths Team

White Cozy Bedroom Idea

white cozy bedroom idea

Siberian Floors

Hope you liked our compilation. If you have something else that we would love to hear, please share it in the feedback!

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