Tattoo designs are something you need to think about seriously and are something almost all of us consider getting at one point or another. One of the most popular types of tattoo is the Sleeve tattoo and they are not just armed tattoos like what most people know.

Sleeve tattoos ate the tattoos that look like sleeves because they will cover a large area of one part of the body. Before you decide on getting a sleeve tattoo designs there are some important things you must take into consideration and you will get know about that all in this article.

Skull and Smoke Tattoo Design

skull and smoke tattoo design


The best artist who has the best skill and talents can make your tattoo into a work of art. When considered about your skin, it is important to choose a design like smoke tattoos that you will be proud to display for the rest of your life.

Smoke Shading Tattoo

smoke shading tattoo


Smoke shading tattoo is a type of full sleeve tattoo that literally covers the whole arms from the shoulder to wrist. The most beautiful full sleeve tattoos are the ones that blend into one following tattoos like the arm tattoos. Smoke designs tattoos and etc.

Smoke Sleeve Tattoo

smoke sleeve tattoo


A Smoke sleeve tattoo, as it name suggests is a type of tattoo design that covers a large area of your thigh and they are usually found on the arms. It is pretty common for most people who have these types of tattoos to have any one of the following like quarter sleeve and half sleeve.

Rose Smoke Tattoo

rose smoke tattoo


Ever, it will be little pretty if we include flower patterns in the tattoo design especially the red rose flowers. A common technique which will be used to achieve the perfect flower design tattoo is to add backgrounds to existing tattoos. Popular backgrounds will include flame tattoos, smoke, and swirls. You may also See Skull Tattoo Designs

Smoke Shoulder Tattoo

smoke shoulder tattoo


There are many styles of smoke tattoos to choose from or you can easily design your own which will be unique. One such idea is designing a smoke shoulder tattoo on the upper arms which is considered to be very feminine. Choose the skull designs that are rarely different from others.

Smoke Flower Tattoo Design

smoke flower tattoo design


Smoke flower tattoo designs are very much suitable for wrists and there are three kinds of designs available for this type. The basic kind of this tattoo design will be extended to the ankle, the knee, and the thigh. One requirement for this smoke flower tattoo is the wraps that would be wounded in the wrists.

Smoke Clouds Tattoo Design

smoke clouds tattoo design


Smoke cloud tattoos will be designed in the thigh region. Even though the tattoos are liked by most of the people, some may want this tattoo to be hidden inside as they feel shy when it is exposed outside. Having this tattoo in thigh region will be pretty and quite beautiful.

Eye Smoke Tattoo Idea

eye smoke tattoo idea


Lamp Smoke Tattoo Idea

lamp smoke tattoo idea


Bird Smoke Tattoo Design

bird smoke tattoo design


Smoke Leg Tattoo Design

smoke leg tattoo design


Music Symbol Smoke Tattoo

music symbol smoke tattoo


Clock Smoke Tattoo Design

clock smoke tattoo design


Outline Smoke Tattoo

black smoke tattoo


Black Work Smoke Tattoo

smoke tattoo for thigh


Smoke Tattoo for Forearm

smoke tattoo for forearm


There are thousands of tattoo designs and patterns available in the online sites where you can choose from them. In general, tattoos are becoming very popular these days and it is the Polynesian tattoo that is becoming increasingly more common. While choosing the tattoos, be sure to choose a reputed tattoo artist.

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