Crocodile tattoos have special meaning. The powerful drawings of crocodiles with the fierce and predatory instincts have provided inspiration for centuries. Apart from the element of danger, a crocodile symbolizes virility and masculine power. In other cases it might also mean something deeper like intuition or like the Koi fish tattoo design, the ability of overcoming adversity. In this post we are going to share with you a collection of crocodile tattoo designs that might help.

Aztec Crocodile Tattoo

aztec crocodile tattoo


The contained power of this crocodile tattoo is obvious creating mixed feelings. The rope around the crocodile symbolizes the boundaries and the limitations in someone’s life. An amazing piece of ink with colors and lots of details showing artistic skills.

Traditional Crocodile Tattoo

traditional crocodile tattoo


For a traditional tattoo, you can choose a design with less defined details like this crocodile tattoo. The simple drawing can be completed in about two sessions and you can have it in a black and white version too.

Crocodile Back Tattoo

crocodile back tattoo


This is a large crocodile tattoo, drawn on the back. Even though it’s still in the lining process, it’s easy to see that the tattoo has elements from traditional designs as well as expressing the dangerous nature of the reptile.

Polynesian Crocodile Tattoo

polynesian crocodile tattoo


This tattoo conveys perfectly the menacing intentions of the crocodile with this detailed version of a tribal Polynesian design. This would require some time to complete as well as good drawing skills in order to have a stunning result.

Black Work Crocodile Tattoo

black work crocodile tattoo


Neo Traditional Crocodile Tattoo

neo traditional crocodile tattoo


Crocodile Eye Tattoo on Wrist

crocodile eye tattoo on wrist


Creative Crocodile Tattoo Design

creative crocodile tattoo design


Crocodile Neck Tattoo for Men

crocodile neck tattoo for men


Realistic Crocodile Tattoo Idea

realistic crocodile tattoo idea


Crocodile Tattoo on Foot

crocodile tattoo on foot


Crocodile tattoos can be drawn anywhere and they can be part of a sleeve tattoos or in a small size. It can have a special meaning or you can just have it for its awe-inspiring and fearful design. No matter what design you might choose, it will look amazing.

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