Thanks to Sherlock homes, Pirate of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland, a pocket watch still continues to inspire various tattoo designs. A watch tattoo bears a symbolic meaning where the owner wants to remember a particular point in their life. It can be a happy or trying time that you don’t want to forget, either way; this tattoo design transcends time. Go for any of these pocket watch tattoos to signify the value of time.

Broken Pocket Watch Tattoo

broken pocket watch tattoo


Remind yourself to stop wasting even a single second by getting this broken pocket watch tattoo on the arm. This design is in a black and gray color that will look good on all skin tones and features biomechanical elements.

Rose and Pocket Watch Tattoo

rose and pocket watch tattoo


Getting a rose flower tattoo symbolizes a romantic personality. However, adding a pocket watch to this flower shows that time will never change how you feel about your significant other or it can show the time that you met your better half. You may also see Star Tattoos Designs

Old School Pocket Watch Tattoo

old school pocket watch tattoo


Vintage pocket watches uses gears or wheels to tell time. If you love the old era, then this old school pocket watch will show your personality. The black shadings together with gears and chains help give an authentic vintage look.

Traditional Pocket Watch Tattoo

traditional pocket watch tattoo


There are so many different elements that you can add to make your pocket watch tattoo unique. Suitable for men who prefer colorful tattoos, this design features a dagger piercing a pocket watch. It uses more than three vibrant colors.

Pocket Watch Thigh Tattoo

pocket watch thigh tattoo


Black and gray colors suit both male and females. This pocket watch tattoo is on the thighs and is suitable for ladies. The two roses around the watch give this body art a mysterious and feminine trait.

Owl and Pocket Watch Tattoo

owl and pocket watch tattoo


According to the Greek mythology, an owl is a symbol of truth, honor, and clarity. Adding this bird of the night to a pocket watch tattoo signifies the ability to have the courage of overcoming any darkness in life.

Pocket Watch Tattoo for Men

pocket watch tattoo for men


From its large size, intriguing pattern around the clock to its mechanical gears, this pocket watch tattoo is attractive. Placing this design on the chest makes it ideal for men who are looking for a unique way to express their take on time.

Pocket Watch Shoulder Tattoo

pocket watch shoulder tattoo


Cherry blossoms are beautiful flowers that signify time is short. This pocket watch tattoo makes use of this flowers and different Disney charms to come up with a body art that is both appealing and feminine.

Pocket Watch Tattoo on Forearm

pocket watch tattoo on forearm


If you need to symbolize the innocence of childhood, then you can do so using this pocket watch tattoo as your inspiration. It features purple daisy which adds a splash of color to the tattoo. The flower surrounding the watch links time and the innocent stage.

Unique Pocket Watch Tattoo

unique pocket watch tattoo


Pocket Watch Tattoo on Palm

pocket watch tattoo on palm


Beautiful Pocket Watch Tattoo Idea

beautiful pocket watch tattoo idea


Half Sleeve Pocket Watch Tattoo

half sleeve pocket watch tattoo


Pocket Watch Tattoo on Elbow

pocket watch tattoo on elbow


Pocket Watch and Elephant Tattoo

pocket watch and elephant tattoo


Cool Pocket Watch Tattoo

cool pocket watch tattoo


Realistic Pocket Watch Tattoo

realistic pocket watch tattoo


How to choose a tattoo font and style?

Adding letters or words is one of the most popular ways of giving a tattoo a unique design. Celtic lettering is perfect for Celtic tattoos while block lettering is ideal for tattooing one word. When it comes to writing a phrase or a unique text, then script lettering style can help bring out that message that you want to express. When it comes to choosing fonts such as Gothic, graffiti or calligraphy font for tattoos, always opt for the one that goes with your personality.

While pocket watch tattoos carry various meanings depending on other elements added to the design, they tend to portray a sharp minded trait. Individuals who prefer steampunk tattoo design can opt to include watch gears or wheels to their designs. If you believe in the value of time, then incorporate a pocket watch into your tattoo design.

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