Flamingos are popular for their bright pink feathers. They have an exotic appearance and that makes them perfect for tattoo designs. Modern designs with romantic drawings and idyllic background settings play a major part in flamingo tattoos. Also because of their coloring, other themes like heart tattoo design can be combined with flamingos. If you are still hesitating, then keep on reading for our today’s collection of flamingo tattoo designs that will help change your mind.

Small Flamingo Tattoo

small flamingo tattoo


Small and girly this flamingo design is amazing for a first tattoo. The cute pink color along with the simple lining makes this a sweet looking tattoo that will not take more than one session to complete.

Flamingo Heart Tattoo Design

flamingo heart tattoo design


The pink colors of the flamingo match perfectly with the teal colored shadow making an interesting concept. The frilly heart on the bottom of the tattoo adds a romantic note to the design. It’s a great idea for dove tattoo design.

Black Work Flamingo Tattoo

black work flamingo tattoo


In case you don’t want to have colored tattoo then no need to worry, because flamingos will look amazing in black and white too. The flamingos with the flowers create a lovely tattoo design that will catch everyone’s eyes.

Baby Flamingo Tattoo Idea

baby flamingo tattoo idea


You can also have a cartoon version with a baby flamingo. This forearm tattoo has a cute design with soft curves and lines that make for a girly and stylish tattoo. This will also look great on your leg.

Pink Flamingo Tattoo Idea

pink flamingo tattoo idea


A pink flamingo with elegant curves and simple lining. This remarkable design has a feathery look that makes it look realistic with a soft romantic tone. It would also look amazing on your wrist or the inside of your ankle.

Colorful Flamingo Tattoo

colorful flamingo tattoo


Don’t feel restricted when it comes to flamingos. You can use any colors you like, as long as you get a nice blending quality on the shading, the end result will be beautiful and make you look stunning.

Retro Flamingo Tattoo Design

retro flamingo tattoo design


Retro tattoos are always a great choice. Add a flamingo to the design and you will have an exotic retro tattoo that will be admired by everyone. Moreover, you can add elements like fruits and flowers to mix it up.

Flamingo Wrist Tattoo

flamingo wrist tattoo


Origami is an excellent idea to use for a tattoo inspiration. You can have it in simple black and white or you can choose a colored version. It will look amazing on your wrist or the inside of your ankle.

Flamingo Tattoo on Hand

flamingo tattoo on hand


Cool Flamingo Tattoo Design

cool flamingo tattoo design


Flamingo Head Tattoo Idea

flamingo head tattoo idea


Unique Flamingo Tattoo Idea

unique flamingo tattoo idea


Flamingo Tattoo on Leg

flamingo tattoo on leg


Flamingo Shoulder Tattoo Design

flamingo shoulder tattoo design


Flamingo Tattoo on Forearm

flamingo tattoo on forearm


Flamingo Tattoo on Finger

flamingo tattoo on finger


Like Koi fish tattoo design, these pink birds have a charm that has inspired so many stunning designs. Their coloring is in no way restricting you from having a tattoo like this while it gives you so many options of designs and themes. All you have to do is choose yours.

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