The number of designs in tattoos today is infinite. From formal prints to animals like fishes, birds, tigers and leopards and even alligator and crocodile are being inked in the form of tattoos. Alligator is a creature that is very dangerous and feared by all.

Donning alligator tattoo would mean representing focus, status, balance and even fearless attitude and brevity. Also, it symbolizes masculinity, power and subconscious nature of people.

Traditional Alligator Tattoo

traditional alligator tattoo


This is a traditional alligator tattoo inked over the arms with the defining color of the alligator in green. It is bright and bold and uses several colors like orange and yellow. The skin art has been depicted in a traditional alligator tattoo with the use of vibrant colors.

Girly Alligator Tattoo Design

girly alligator tattoo design


Well, alligator themed tattoos are generally said to be masculine but here’s an alligator tattoo with a girly touch to it. This woman sports a huge alligator on her arm with the tails all painted in green with black prints. It is a life-size classic tattoo which represents strength and danger.

3d Alligator Tattoo Ideas

3d alligator tattoo ideas


This crocodile tattoo is painted in a 3D finish. Colors like green, yellow and brown have been used to create a 3D effect and it also features flowers on one side of the arm. It is a dangerous tattoo design that represents power and a fearless spirit.

Alligator Skull Tattoo

alligator skull tattoo


This extreme tattoo has a wide mouth opened alligator with a skull. It is a dangerous picture painted in the hand. The tattoo is not very large but the image of it is powerful. It has been inked on the stomach and is a very powerful tattoo.

Alligator Tattoo on Sleeve

alligator tattoo on sleeve


This alligator tattoo on sleeve is wild and dangerous, featuring colors like red, green, orange and black. It is an alligator which is opening its mouth wide with sharp teeth and cunning eyes looking upward.

Alligator Eye Tattoo

alligator eye tattoo


The eyes of an alligator are sharp, wild and mysterious. This tattoo inked on the arm is the eye of an alligator which has been painted with the use of dark colors. It is a dangerous picture and sporting this tattoo often means being fearless, brave and adventurous.

Red Alligator Tattoo Design

red alligator tattoo design


This red and black color themed alligator tattoo is of a traditional style. It features a mid-size alligator opening its mouth and has several design imprints in one alligator. It is a folk art and inking this tattoo on one’s body holds several meanings.

Alligator Head Tattoo Design Idea

alligator head tattoo design idea


This is an alligator’s head tattooed on the leg of a man. It has made use of unconventional colors such as green, yellow and black. It is a dangerous tattoo which depicts power, fearlessness, and strength.

Stylish Alligator Tattoo

stylish alligator tattoo


Alligator and Duck Tattoo

alligator and duck tattoo


Half Sleeve Alligator Tattoo

half sleeve alligator tattoo


Flower Alligator Tattoo

flower alligator tattoo


Alligator tattoo designs have been chosen by people on a large scale. It represents strength, power, virility, intuition, balance, focus etc. More and more people are now opting to ink the tattoo in their body.

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