Elbow tattoos are more about showing off your personality, attitude or what really matters to you. Since it is a joint area, the elbow lends a smooth flow to a body art, and you even get the freedom to conceal it whenever you want. While it can be painful and challenging to get perfect tattoo designs due to the bony structure; the mobility of the joint creates unmatched tattoos. Here are elbow tattoos for people with a daring personality. You may also See Mandala Tattoo

Traditional Elbow Tattoo

Elbow traditional tattoos are known for their bold outline and usage of a few colors. Black and gray are the most commonly used ink for these tattoos. Both the color and outline works to make the tattoos more eye-catching.

Traditional Elbow Tattoo Source

Rose Elbow Tattoo

Just like any other floral tattoos, elbow rose tattoos portrays love, beauty, and love for life. Even though they were once linked with female designs, a rose is one of the first flower choice for men. You can either go for the visual appeal of this tattoo or symbolic meaning.

Rose Elbow Tattoo Source

Elbow Tribal Tattoo

When a tribal tattoo is mentioned, most people think of tribes or ethnic influences. Tribal elbow tattoos feature black ink with intricate patterns which add beauty as well as express the symbolic meaning of the body art. Celtic images, animals, and celestial body are some of the items you can add to your design.

Elbow Tribal Tattoo Source

Inner Elbow Tattoo

Inner elbow gives you the freedom to create a visual appealing tattoo that you see anytime you look at your arm. This design is ideal for tattoo lovers who instead of getting the traditional outer elbow tattoo, they opt for an inner design to show their unique character.

Inner Elbow Tattoo Source

Mandala Elbow Tattoo Design

Mandala Tattoos feature a central circular shape which makes them perfect for forming the center point of elbow tattoos. A colored mandala design will bring out the beauty of the flower and make it alluring.

Mandala Elbow Tattoo Design Source

Star Tattoo on Elbow

While you may want a star tattoo, you may have fewer ideas on where to place it. One of the best body areas to draw your tattoo is at the elbow as it will give the star a crisp look. Include a text or date to give the tattoo personal meaning.

Star Tattoo on Elbow Source

Elbow Forearm Tattoo

Be it on the outer or inner sections; forearm tattoos are favored mostly by men. For a cool look, go as a far as opting for a large design that includes both the forearm and elbow.

Elbow Forearm Tattoo Source

Elbow Skull Tattoo

Do you love tattoos that portray you as an individual who loves hardcore body art? Then elbow skull tattoos are perfect for you. Even though stunning, these design represents a dark or scary side. This tattoo has a masculine trait which makes it ideal for men.

Elbow Skull Tattoo Source

Elbow Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are so versatile that you can choose from full, half or three-quarter sleeves. Whether in a folded or unfolded position, elbow sleeve tattoos are unique, and a large design that tells a story will look stunning as a full sleeve tattoo.

Elbow Sleeve Tattoo Source

Elbow Spider Web Tattoo Design

A web of spider inked on the elbow is a popular choice for elbow tattoo lovers and people who have experienced the prison life. The opening and closing effect of the joint gives a life-like illusion to the spider web especially when you include a spider and other bugs like a dragonfly.

Elbow Spider Web Tattoo Design Source

While elbow tattoo looks cool, they also show off a person who is willing to go to great lengths to get what they want in life. Without a doubt, hand tattoos are painful, so do your research and go to a tattoo artist who has successful track record of doing these types of designs. This will ensure you get a tattoo that you will be proud to show off.

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