Tattoos are available in numerous designs and patterns. The most famous tattoos are the wrist tattoos, back tattoos, elbow tattoos etc. The world map tattoos are the current trend and are especially famous among the youth. These types of tattoos are immensely followed by the people who love to explore the world and possess a huge craze for trendy and fresh tattoo designs. Here are some amazing world map tattoo designs which are in style nowadays.

World Map Tattoo on Wrist

world map tattoo on wrist


This amazing little outlines world map tattoo looks stunning and can be fitted perfectly within the wrist area. If you do not want a complex and colorful tattoo, you can consider this world map tattoo design for your wrists.

Watercolor World Map Tattoo

watercolor world map tattoo


This beautifully colored world map tattoo looks absolutely marvelous. If you like to add more color to the tattoos rather than sticking with single colored tattoos, you can try the vibrant colors to add more life and brightness to your tattoo.

World Map Tattoo on Forearm

world map tattoo on forearm


This beautifully shaded world map tattoo on the forearm is a masterpiece. If you like the contemporary designs with fading effects, try this world map tattoo along with a magnetic compass design.

Thigh World Map Tattoo

thigh world map tattoo


This amazingly crafted tattoos worth having. The globe is amazingly designed along with the horizontal and vertical arrows signifying the directions and various little designs. If you are looking for some world map tattoo designs, this is the one you can consider. Thighs are the best part where you can get this tattoo.

Ribs World Map Tattoo

ribs world map tattoo


Ribs are a good area where you can get a huge exposure for getting a tattoo. If you want to represent the entire world map on your body, try this amazing shaded design of the world map. This amazing red and black colored tattoo looks amazing on the pale skin. You can also try this pattern on the back and various other broader body parts where you can comfortably craft the entire tattoo exploring the world around you. You may also see Diamond Tattoo Designs

World Map Shoulder Tattoo

world map shoulder tattoo


World Map Tattoo on Hand

world map tattoo on hand


Unique World Map Tattoo

unique world map tattoo


Perfect World Map Tattoo Idea

perfect world map tattoo idea


Traditional World Map Tattoo

traditional world map tattoo


Thus, these amazing tattoos and patterns on different body parts look glorious and stunning. The small wrist tattoos especially look and appear very trendy in the teen generation and are widely famous among people. Try these world map tattoo ideas this season and flaunt your love for tattoos and the world.

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