With a number of renowned designers presenting their designs at the New York Fashion Week, one designer that especially deserves the attention of the fashionistas as well as non-fashionistas is Anniesa Hasibuan. The 28-year-old Muslim designer is not just the first Indonesian to present the collection at the prestigious NYFW venues, Moynihan Station, but is also the very first designer to present a collection with all the pieces complemented with hijabs.

We can say that the designer walked in the footsteps of designers Mimpitika, the designer who brought hijab to London Fashion Week for the very first time in February 2016.

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This is not the first show for the designer, Hasibuan has previously presented kaftan designs at the Westfield Festival in 2015 in London. The designer also participated in New York’s Couture Fashion week twice and won best fashion designer award in 2015.

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The outfits adorned and complemented with hijabs ranged from trousers, suits, kimonos, tunics, pajama pants, chic layering and gowns. All the outfits carried colourful skills patterns that hold a major inspiration and influence from the designer’s hometown in Jakarta. Hasibuan says that her designs are a way of letting people experience diverse parts of Indonesia. The collection consisted of a total 48 looks. Hasibuan received a standing ovation from the crowd, which is, of course, a rare sight at fashion week.

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The designer’s show at Moynihan station included beautiful headscarves in silver, gold and pink colours. The models cat walking the ramp mixed the silky pants and blouses with bulky jewellery and crystal studded eyewear. The soft pastels formed the base of all the pieces in the collection. With the presence and touch of Indonesian flag, the designer always ensures to bring forward the reflection of the country being represented.

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With the general notion of hijabs being symbolic to suppression or state of being disempowered, the outfits showed at the fashion week were surely a big step towards broadening the cultural point of view and erasing the stereotypes. The collection sure did win our hearts with the elegant and fashionable blend of western glamor, Muslim tradition and Indonesian ethnic flair.

Showing our support to the designer for her unique styles and reflection of rich cultural diversity we have listed below the top designs presented by the designer in the fashion week.

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