The pleasing pastel patterns are ideal for the designing websites related to babies or kids as they add softness to the design. Most of these PAT patterns are available in light and bright shades of blue, pink, green, etc. Scroll down to find the best pastel patterns with elegant and graceful appearance.

Soft Floral Design Pastel Pattern

soft floral pattern

Seamless Geometric Pattern in Pastel Tints

seamless geometric pattern in pastel tints

Here, we present you patterns with a different style, size and shape that will flawlessly blend with any layout to intensify its look. From lovely polka dots to horizontal lines to vertical lines, to checks pattern, you’ll find everything you want in this exclusive collection. Feel free to download any pastel pattern as per your desire, after all, all the patterns are absolutely free to download.

Light Colored Pastel Pattern

light colored patterns

Pastel Confetti Pattern Design

pastel confetti pattern1

Pretty Pastel Pattern Design

classy pastel patterns

Cute Vector Seamless Pattern

cute vector seamless pattern

Simply Pastel Seamless Patterns

pastel seamless patterns

Seamless Pastel Patchwork Pattern

seamless patchwork pattern in pastel colors

Set of Pastel Pattern Designs

light colored pastel patterns

Delicate Pastel Pattern Design

delicate pastel pattern

Vector Seamless Pastel Geometric Pattern

vector seamless pastel geometric pattern

Vector Pastel Patterns

vector pastel patterns

Vintage Seamless Pastel Flower Pattern

elegance seamless pastel flower pattern

For the printable materials like poetry books, drawing books or storybooks, the designers can use the pastel patterns to make them look more attractive and fascinating. In fact, the elegance and loveliness of these high-quality patterns can make the viewer feel happy and cheerful and using them in the background of blogs can help bloggers to connect with the readers easily.

Pastel Vector Seamless Pattern

pastel vector seamless patterns

Wedding Pastel Patterns

wedding pastel patterns

Pastel Painting Pattern

pastel paintings pattern

Retro Seamless Pattern

retro seamless pattern

Beautiful Pastel Paintings Pattern

beautiful pastel paintings pattern

Light Toned Paintings Pattern

light toned paintings pattern

Green and Blue Light Pattern

green and blue light pattern

Floral Design Pastel Pattern

floral pastel pattern

Multi Color Pastel Pattern

pastel pink green and brown pattern

Use the pattern with pink shade and blue shade as the cover page of the booklet or gift-wraps to distinguish between the items for girls and boys. There’s pastel patterns with triangular, cloudy, curvy and floral designs that will come handy while working on the projects based on fantasy, art or any other related topics. Using these pleasing to the eye patterns, doll up your desktop screen so that every time you switch to the desktop you have a beautiful and relaxing view.

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