Soaps are already beautiful but they just get better paired with an attractive exterior. That is where soap labels come in. They not only serve as a protection from degradation, but also add information for the user. Soap labels definitely are a combination of beauty and practicality.

To inspire your creative eye, we’ve listed many artistic designs here including more label designs that you can use. Get the water ready because down below are soap label designs to get inspired by.

Soap Label Template

soap label template

Soap Bar Package Label

soap bar package label

Soap Wrap Labels

soap wrap labels

Soap Label Packaging Template

soap label packaging template

Not Just a Household Item

Soaps are a common household item. It could from in a liquid and solid form, giving consumers more options on soaps to buy. Meet the family of soaps in the list below:

  • Personal soaps are made with special formulations to meet personal hygiene needs. A familiar example of personal soap is the anti-bacterial soap for the prevention of bacteria and germs from spreading.
  • We all have seen kid related products ranging from soaps to shampoos. The following are called novelty products, these are made not only for personal hygiene but for enjoyment also.
  • Guest soaps commonly come in tiny sizes and varying shapes of flowers, shells etc. Guest soaps are produced for the guests in hotels, inns or resorts.
  • Perfumed. As a given, this type of soap has additional ingredients and perfume.

Packaging designs can be intimidating to do at first, but it needn’t be. Whether you’re looking for cosmetic label designs inspiration to texture brushes, you’ll be sure to find something here to inspire your creative eye.

Soap Label Vector

soap label vector

Round Label Design

round label design

Collection of Elegant Soap Labels

collection of elegant soap labels

Hand Drawn Soap Label Patterns

hand drawn pattern soap labels

Soap Product Label Design

soap product label design

Hand Made Soap Label

hand made soap label

Wrap Soap Label Template

wrap soap label template

Liquid Hand Soap Label Design

liquid hand soap label design

Soap Label Design Template

soap label design template

Bar Soap Label & Pattern

bar soap label pattern

Suds up on Soap Labels

To get you by, we sorted these soap label templates into categories for easier picking, especially if you need something useful for your soap label projects.

  • Wrap labels are different than your usual soap packaging. Wrap labels emphasize more on the product itself. If you are considering to use a soap wrap label, we’ve listed Soap Label Template, Soap Bar Package Label, Soap Wrap Labels, Printable Soap Label as top choices for you.
  • If you are going for a natural, environment-friendly type of material, the Soap Label Template, Hand Made Soap Label and Wrap Soap Label Template are awesome picks. The label designs have a minimal touch to its use of typography.
  • If you are looking for hand drawn labels with a unique use of typography well then, Bar Soap Label & Pattern is just the right idea. This soap label design has a circus themed typography and twelve sets of varying patterns.
  • If you are looking for a variety of soap labels designed with thin typefaces and different shapes, here is the Collection of Elegant Soap Labels and Soap Label Vector. They are in different pastel and monochromatic colors.
  • If you are interested in using different typography on your soap labels, the Hand Drawn Soap Label Patterns and Round Label Design are available for you to use.

These soap labels would be useful in giving your soaps visibility and exterior beauty but these are not the only available label designs here. We’ve listed down product product label designs for your next designing projects.

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