Round label designs have been used over the years for many purposes. Businesses use them as seals for products, placing a bit of designs and printing them out as stickers for personal use, or simply just a label to mark your belongings or a specific material.

If round label designs are what you want, then a variety of round label templates you shall get. Feel free to explore our numerous round label designs and give each template a try to see if they match any of you needs, and for you to choose the best one.

Circle Label With Shadows

round cd label


Round Food Label Design

round food label design


Round Product Label

round product label

An Abundance of Round Label Templates

Round labels have different uses and most businesses rely on them mainly for advertisement or branding purposes. These have helped them over time in setting a good impression with their customers. Round labels are used as seals or markers in their product label designs to make them look more presentable. Below are some round label design templates you can use and customize to make your own:

  • Round food label. You can find these types of designs as seals to cover food products, or find them in different food establishments where they are used as logos and placed on signage, posters, place mats, and menus. The template’s design consists of food related decorations that you can tweak to your liking.
  • Round product label. Because of its size, these types of product labels are used for sealing product packages. You can change the images and place your logo as the main symbol for your seal.
  • Round wedding label. You can often find these types of label templates being used specifically for weddings. These templates contain wedding related decorations and can be placed in wedding giveaways or wedding gift tags.

Spring Retro Green Round Label

spring retro green round label

Round Badge or Label Design

round badge label design

Return Address Label Design

address label design

Set of Cosmetic Labels

cosmetics round label

Round Music Label

music round label

Blank Round Label Template

round blank label template

Vector Round Label

vector round label

Round Eco Green Stamp Labels

round eco green stamp labels

Finding a Good Spot For Your Labels

A common use of round label designs is to mark a specific item or object and signify ownership over them. You can also use them as a marketing tool for branding purposes or to give more exposure to your company. Now that you have a firm idea on what labels can possibly do, below are a few examples on where you can place your round label designs:

  • Product packages. Labels are often used as seals for product packages because the label also displays the company’s logo and sometimes, its motto. Round labels  also have additional instructions for customers to follow before opening the package. Some round details also contain bits of information about the product, such as the date it was manufactured. They are also included as seals for invitations if you do not want to have a wax seal. Round labels can also be used as CD label designs.
  • Use them as backdrops. You can use the round label templates as images that you can insert or incorporate with other designs you to save you time in making a backdrop for your occasion or event.
  • Use them as stamps. Labels can sometimes be used as outlines for stamps that you can print out and use. In this case, stamps are important as they mark specific items with your ownership. Businesses today use stamps for documentation purposes.

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