Providing your products with creative label designs are important to achieve the perfect product presentation and would also help you attract customers. To complete your designs, you must include important product details in your labels that your customers must know. These include ingredients or contents of your product, instructions on using your product, and benefits of using them.

You can also use labels on your gifts, and creating your own gift label design for your presents will make them more unique. You also have the great bonus of making the person you give them feel special. Scroll down below for more information about label designs and our variety of templates ready for you to download.

Wine Label Design Template

White Wine Label Vector Template

white wine label vector template

Wine Bottle Label

wine bottle label

Red Wine Label

red wine label

Wine Label Design Template Set

wine label design template set

Food Label

Organic Food Brands Labels

organic food brands labels

Blank Food Label

blank food label

The Purpose of a Well-Designed Label

Labels are important for products because they symbolize a company’s ownership of a certain item. In this case, using a product label design will help customers know that a product that you are selling is made by your company by merely looking at the label and the details it contains.

Labels are also commonly used for sealing products and at the same time, still use them to label products with either the company logo, seals of approvals, or additional instructions on how to use the specific item. This is to give customers the convenience on seeing instructions right away.

When applied in business, labels can also be used in multiple ways. For example, they can be printed out as logo stamps to be used for documentation purposes. Searching for business label designs will also help you out in looking for the best label for your company to use.

Either used for business or for products, labels are significant in helping you keep everything organized. Check out below to find out about the variety of labels available for you to download and use.

Bottle Label

Brown Beer Bottle with Labels

brown beer bottle with labels

Organic Food Brands Labels Design

organic food brands labels templete

Product Label

Food Product Label

food product label

Cosmetic Product Label

cosmetic product label

Product Label Design Template

product label design template

Product Packaging Label

product packaging label

Beer Label

Beer Label Vector Template

beer label vector template

Vintage Label

Blank Vintage Label

blank vintage label

Vintage Wine Label

vintage wine label

Vintage Round Label

vintage round label

Vintage Vector Label Template Set

vintage vector label template set

Numerous Labels to Choose From

A variety of design label template options will greatly help you in choosing the best one to use. You can even create the best design by altering the templates themselves and creating a better one. To help you get started in choosing the best template, below are a few examples of the design label templates that are available on our website:

  • White wine label design template – These label designs are specifically used for wine bottles and are simple yet elegant, which every wine bottle design should be. You can also add images, such as your company logo or an image pertaining to grapes or wine, to this design template. You can also add text and additional information, like when and where the wine was manufactured.
  • Food label template – These design templates are used specifically to label food product. Sometimes, they serve a double purpose by sealing products. These designs are made to attract your customers into buying your food products.
  • Water bottle label template – These types of label designs are used specifically for water bottles, as designs for this template contain cool colors and decorations for a refreshing look to match with the product’s goal of quenching thirst. Most of the time, water bottle labels will include their company logos for branding purposes and details, such as where the product was manufactured and the process it underwent. If you plan to place labels on alcoholic beverages like beers, it would be advisable to search for a beer label design  to give you the specific designs that a beer label needs.
  • Cosmetic product label – These types of label designs can be found on cosmetic products. The designs depend on what type of cosmetic product you plan on selling, but the template contains light and dark colors to contrast each other and have an abstract artwork look.

You can also try to search for a jar label design  for products that are packaged in jars. These items include condiments, spreads, and the like.

Supplement Label

Food Supplement Label

food supplement label

Supplement Branding Label

bottle supplement label

Nutritional Supplement Label

nutritional supplement label

Nutrition Supplement Bottle Label

nutrition supplement bottle label

Milk Shake Label Template

Protein Milk Shake Label

protein milk shake label

Protein Shake Label Template

protein shake label template

Juice Label

Mango Juice Label

mango juice label

Fruit Juice Label

fruit juice label

Juice Bottle Label Template

juice bottle label template

Honey Label

Honey Label Design Template

honey label design template

Cosmetics Label

Vintage Cosmetics Labels Set

vintage cosmetics labels set

Cosmetic Branding Packaging Labels

cosmetic branding packaging labels

Cosmetic Badges, Labels, and Stickers

cosmetic badges labels and stickers

Packaging Label Template

Food Packaging Label Template

food packaging label template

Packaging Label Design Template

packaging label design template

Drink Label

Coffee Drink Label

coffee drink label

Hand Drawn Food And Drinks Labels

hand drawn food and drinks labels

Chocolate Label

Chocolate Bar Label

chocolate bar label

Chocolate Label Design Template

chocolate label design template

Diy Label

Diy Water Bottle Label

diy water bottle label1

Where to Place Your Label Designs

Now that you have your own labels, it’s time to know where to place them. Below are some examples of areas where you can place your label designs:

  • Place them on products – One of the most common use of a label is to place them on products. Labels are the perfect are to place your company logo and other product details your customer should know about. This is also one of the most common marketing methods as well.
  • Print them out as decorations – You can also print out your labels and use them as decorations that you can place in your establishment, or use them as brand tags to go along with your product’s price tag.
    Usually, a round label design are also used as brand tags.

bottle label design, on the other hand, can also be printed out and used as decorations you can add to your establishment. If you scroll down below, you can also know more about what to place on your labels to properly create your own label, essential in attracting potential customers.

Round Label Design

Round Jar Label

round jar label

Round Cd Label

round cd label

Medicine Label Design Template

Vintage Medicine Label

vintage medicine label

Medicine Bottle Label

medicine bottle label

Cd Label Design

Cd Case Label

cd case label

Cd/Dvd  Label

cddvd label

Clothing Label Design Template

Vintage Clothing Label

vintage clothing label

Clothing Label Tag

clothing label tag

Realistic Fabric Clothing Labels Set

realistic fabric clothing labels set

Jar Label Design

Sauce Jar Blank Label

sauce jar blank label

Honey Jar Label

honey jar label

What to Place in Your Labels?

Placing the correct details in your labels is essential for you to attract customers to your products. Below are some details you will have to consider placing in your label designs:

  • Company logo or image – You should be able to place a company image or any logo on your labels for them to have a visual impact on your customers.
  • Product instructions – This is optional as some labels do not have a big enough shape to support both image and instructions. However, if you are able to provide instructions or additional details to your labels, the better. Placing instructions in your labels will also help give tips to your customers on how to use your products.
  • Decorations – It would also be advisable for you to place decorations on your labels to make them look attractive and at the same time, make them look more colorful. A tip when placing decorations is to not overdo because you can overpower your designs and would be a waste of space on important details you can still place on your labels.

As much as possible keep your design labels simple but noticeable enough for customers to see them. One example for such would be a clothing label design. The clothing label usually just has a one sentence instruction and display their company logo.

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