Attractive wine packaging acts as a catalysts for wine collectors. Branding and packaging creates a distinct image for a product and wine is no different. There have been some wine packaging designs that requires more than meet the eyes. We are listing some of the most popular wine packaging designs that are distinct, elegant and worth an addition to your collection.

1. Oak Wooden Wine Bottle

oak wooden wine bottle

The wine bottle looks rustic and timeless. This was created for Oak wine by Grantipo and La Despensa. The concept behind the package design is to have the bottle shaped from the same cask used to store the wine. The fermentation process therefore does not get disturbed.

2. Inkblot Label

inkblot label

If you know about the inkblot test by Rorschach then we don’t have to explain the packaging to you. Inkblot test allows you to see and interpret the pattern formed from the ink bolt. Inkwell Wines use it for their packaging and it was an interesting concept to indulge people in a conversation through the inkblot pattern.

3. Meteor Wine

meteor wine

Meteor Wines from White Fences Vineyard, though unfortunately closed few years ago but is still a part of our for the exquisite packaging idea. The packaging is the extension the brand’s name and makes you wish upon a star.

4. Csetvei Pince

csetvei pince

Designer Lili Thury created this packaging design during a competition held by Csetvei Pince to showcase the localness of the wine. The packaging has black and white leaf design with a digital map ping that points out the location. Brilliant idea!

5. Cultural Fusion

cultural fusion

Here is an award winning wine packaging design. The design was created by designer Eduardo del Fraile. The concept combines the Spanish and Asian cultures with the polka dots package that open up to feature a woman with a Spanish Hairstyle and Asian style makeup. The text on the bottle also signal towards the Asian culture.

6. Root:1


This is a Chilean available widely. The interesting thing about its packaging is that the design is imprinted directly on the bottle and not on paper label.

7. The Colorful Packaging Design

the colorful packaging design

The illustration on the wine packaging is created by designer Simon C. Packaging. The packaging looks elegant and refined.

8. Arrepiado Collection Wine

arrepiado collection wine

The golden pattern in the design represents Arrepiado bird which a native Portuguese bird. Designer Marta Neto aimed at creating a wine bottle specially for the collector of Portuguese wine. He designed it for a company that share the name as that of the bird represented in the packaging. The x pattern represents the kissing of the birds.

9. BRND WGN Christmas Wine

brnd wgn christmas wine

Design comapny BRND WGN created this packaging as holiday gift for their clients to thank their clients with style. The design is playful and fun just like Christmas.

10. Helderberg Wijnmakerij

helderberg wijnmakerij

Another example of creative packaging that can easily captivate you. These Helderberg Wijnmakerij bottles creates a panorama image these are arranged in particular order. Fanakola, the designer has done a great work not just with the concept but with the execution as well as detailing in the art.

11. Colier Wine Packaging

colier wine packaging

This design was created for an elite-class champagne brand and had a limited release in 23 bottles and 5 collector bottles that looked like a studded eggs. Reynolds and Reyner came up with this design and called it Colier. It certainly set an example in terms of design as well as class.

12. Executive Wine

executive wine

Designer Derek Perez came up with this design after being inspired by modern business wear. He designed it for his student portfolio. The lining resembles the pinstripe pattern and there is a tie to match with the grape flavour within.

13. Designer Buddy Mulled Wine

buddy mulled wine

Another holiday themes wine packaging that’s playful and clever. The packing of this wine bottles comes with a dunk-o-meter. Buddy Creative created this design for their friends and clients for holidays.

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