If you are someone who is constantly glued to the screens of their smartphone, then we are guessing that apart from playing with multiple apps you also fiddle around with the wallpaper settings. Yes, personal photographs are an option but, if you are looking for something fresh and unique to add to the home screen, we have today collected a list of 10 wallpapers that are equally high definition and unique.

1. Suit Up

suit up


If you are a Barney Stinson fan, this wallpaper cannot get any apt and awe-some. What better way than to spruce up your phone screen than by suiting it up in style and class.

2. Paperland Live Wallpaper

Paperland is a simple scrolling landscape live wallpaper that changes color and setting as per the time of the day. Much as the name suggests, everything in the wallpaper is a paper cutout including the trees, clouds, birds and the cars that make up the scenery.

3. Twisted Colours Live Wallpaper

The twisted colours live wallpaper is one classic wallpaper you will never get tired of. The fast motion of colours can be customised as per the personal liking. Smooth and fast, the wallpaper even plays out well on low and mid-range Android phones.

4. Raving Crowd

raving crowd


If you are someone who is regular and likes to visit live concerts, then this raving crowd wallpaper is definitely the best pick. The clarity of the image with waving hands can instantly get the adrenaline pumping.

5. Catch ‘Em All

catch emall


This wallpaper needs no introduction, up and trending, the wallpaper is perfect for Pokemon fans. Sleek and minimal, all you would need to do is to centre the image on your phone screen.

6. Splash of Colours

splash of colours

The wallpaper is cool and mesmerizing and you can actually see droplets of colored water that are formed by the splash of color, which is somehow strangely attractive.

7. Mad Cat

mad cat

A cool quote on your home screen can instantly swing up the bad or dull mood. The quote is also a great way to reflect your personality as an individual.

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