Irrespective of whether you are an interior design enthusiast or not, once in your life you must have faced the dilemma of whether or not to buy a decorating piece and whether or not to change the arrangement of your room. And, amidst all this confusion and humdrum, lies the probability that the design we have conceived in our head might not look good in real.

To your rescue, we have today brought a simple and smart solution to this complicated problem. We have today gathered the 10 best interior design apps that will help you plan your home interior and save you from an impulsive purchase and other heavy lifting and shifting.

1. Houzz Interior Design Ideas

houzz interior design ideas

This definitely comes as no surprise to anyone, still to clear the air, Houzz is the one stop solution if you are looking for home design related inspiration. The app has an extensive collection of nearly every type of room, location and product. The editorial team of the company has a collection of local designers, architects and contractors. You can access the photos after saving them online. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

2. Colour Capture

colour capture

Created by Benjamin Moore, this app is great to save the colours, and save your favourite combinations too. Once selected, you can also find more information about the chosen paints and colours. Because of the change in the colour on the screen, the app recommends double checking the colour by printing the samples. The app is available for both the Android and iOS users.

3. The Home Depot

the home depot

Home Depot’s app not only lets you shop and ship large items that would be otherwise too heavy to pick in person. It also features an in-store GPS that lets you locate an item in a jiffy.

4. Chairish


The Chairish app is the best app if you have your heart fixated for a vintage piece to complete your space. Chairish offers a buyer-seller marketplace for high quality, pre-loved and owned furnitures. You can buy whatever you always wanted and wished for all under one beautifully designed interface.

5. iHandy Level

ihandy level

The ihandy app comes in handy when you are hanging the art or decor pieces in your home. The app helps you hang the pieces in a straight line without having to repeatedly ask the person in the room to give you the feedback.

6. Mark on Call

mark on call

The app is useful for both designing and planning the space. The app takes care of your aesthetics and logistics worries. You can custom skin your furniture or countertops to get a better idea of its visual appeal. The app is available for iOS users.

7. Home 3D

home design

Home 3D lets you visualise your home with the help of the floor plan. You can move around the floors and windows to match your space and the material on the floors and the walls. The app is available on iOS.

Whether it is the next repainting, renovation, decoration or refurbishing, we hope these apps help you to jump start to your next home project.

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