With the continuing rise on the use of smartphones among the general public, there is also a continuing development of various applications that may come in very useful for every user. Back then, before smartphones were a thing, people would have to use the computer to be able to write an email, enhance photographs, check the weather, and browse the Internet. But nowadays, all those things can be done conveniently on mobile devices with the help of mobile applications.

If you are an application developer and have created an app for mobile devices, one that you think will be very useful for people who are always on the go, then check out what we have in store for you. Below are a collection of mobile app logo designs that you may find applicable for the app that you are developing. Scroll down to see the logo designs available on our website, but you may also need to read about the five elements of a great logo design before you get started.

Tricolored Weather App Logo Design


The first app logo design on this page is intended for mobile apps that involve checking the weather or providing users with the weather forecast for a specific place in a specific time. This professional logo design shows three multicolored, diamond-shaped icons that contain a symbol on each of them, and these symbols are all related to the weather such as a thermometer, rain drops, and a wind symbol. If you are developing a weather app for mobile devices, then this logo may be what you need.

Mobile Play Apps Logo Design


For Android devices, they have the Google Play Store; for iPhones and iPads, they have the app store within iTunes; and on Microsoft Windows, they also have the Windows store. If you want to develop your own app that stores other different apps similar to those mentioned earlier, then you may be interested in using the app logo design shown above. This symbolic logo resembles a play button but consists of three different colors which can be used to symbolize three different areas in the app.

Image Sharing App Logo Design


Today, there are already a lot of image sharing apps available on the market, each with its own set of features that may either be somewhat similar or totally different from one another. If you are developing your own image sharing app with your own specific set of features (plus some other unique ones that cannot be found on other similar apps), then you would be in need of a logo to represent your app. The logo design above, which you can also use as a photography logo, shows a flat image of a camera with a couple of printed photos behind it, may be the ideal logo for your app.

Map Location Mobile App Logo Design

map location mobile app logo design

Another very useful feature of mobile devices is the ability to detect your location from any corner of the globe. With this feature, used alongside the map application, it can be very handy, especially to those people who are into traveling. While some travelers still prefer the traditional way of navigating by using printed maps, but these tend to be more costly since you will need to buy a copy of the map every time you go to a place for the first time. With map apps, they may be more convenient and are able to provide much more details, the only downside with it is most map apps require Internet connection before you can use them (though there are also maps that can be downloaded for free, and can be used even without Internet connection).

Cloud Mobile App Logo Design


Cloud storage has become more and more popular over the recent years, and we now have Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft One Drive to choose from. One reason behind the popularity of cloud storage services is the safety and security of your stored files, wherein as opposed to the usual hard drives that are still being used today—in which they may tend to get corrupted and you will end up losing all your precious files—cloud storage services are Internet-based, meaning they will never get corrupted. Another advantage of using cloud storage is the convenience and accessibility, wherein you won’t need to bring anything with you and you can access all your stored files on any device just as long as there is Internet connection. If you’re one who’s developing an app that offers cloud storage services to your users, then why not check out the cloud logo design shown above?

Find App Mobile Flat Logo Design

find app mobile flat logo design

The flat logo design shown above may be very simple in appearance, but it can be used for more than just a single purpose. One way that an app developer can utilize this logo design is by using it for mobile map applications, similar to a previous logo design that we have shown you. The location icon over the smart phone resembles the interface you see when using your mobile device’s map app. Another way that you can utilize this app is by using it to look for lost devices such as a mobile phone. Nowadays, services are being offered, mostly paid, that let’s you locate a lost device through the use of a Guided Positioning System, or GPS for short.

Multipurpose Mobile Application Logo Design

multipurpose mobile application logo design

If you want a highly versatile logo design that can be applied to mobile applications, then check out the design shown above. This logo design is versatile enough that it can be used for virtually any type of application, whether for games, productivity tools, or even security apps. You may take advantage on the editability of this logo design by adding more features to it that can help in making it more understandable to the public. If you are developing a mobile security app, you may add an image of a shield to symbolize your app’s ability to protect the device from security threats; or if you are developing an ebook reader app, you may add horizontal lines on the middle area to make it resemble text on books. Whatever your purpose is, this logo design may be appropriate for it.

Mobile Fitness Application Logo Design


Whoever said you can only work out at the gym? While most people believe so, exercising can be done at home as well, you will only need to get the tools that you need and you are good to go. For health conscious people whose day can never be complete if they are unable to work out, they will usually have a handy fitness or exercise app on their mobile devices so that wherever they go, they can still be able to do the exercises that they want. For this mobile app logo, it is intended for those developers who are making an app that allows people to take their workouts anywhere. If you believe that good health is very important and that people should do some form of exercise every single day, regardless of where they are in the globe, then download the fitness logo design shown above and use it for your app.

Colorful App Store Mobile Logo Design


Similar to the Play Apps logo design shown above, in which it works similarly to Google Play Store, iTunes, and Microsoft Store, this app logo design can be used to represent an app that stores various other apps. On this logo design, it shows us a smart phone that has a blue-and-white roof making it resemble a small store, and this store contains other downloadable apps as illustrated in the middle area of the logo. If you prefer not to use the color scheme that is being shown on the sample image above, you may choose either the black-and-white scheme or the grayscale one for a much simpler look on your app logo.

Student Education Mobile App Logo Design


Mobile Repair App Logo Design

mobile repair app logo design

For students, there are also applications that they can install on their mobile devices that can help them with their studies. While some parents don’t want their children to get hooked on mobile devices since there are a lot of factors that may distract them from their studies such as mobile games and social media, but there is actually a good (and educational) side to this. If you want to promote the use of mobile apps to help students with their studies, one that allows them to continue learning wherever they are, then you may find this logo design useful. This logo design resembles a mobile phone with a silhouette image of a graduate.

Were you able to find the perfect logo design for the mobile app that you are developing or have developed? We sincerely hope you did since these logo designs were carefully selected from among thousand of the best ones from various reliable websites, and these were made by skillful and talented graphic artists. We made sure to only gather the best ones to also be able to provide you with the best quality designs for your apps to help it get the recognition it deserves.

With our app logo designs, you won’t need to pay a lot to get high-quality, professional-grade logos for your apps, and these designs can also be downloaded very easily with just a single click of a button. Not only are these logo designs easy to download, they are also very easy to edit since they are in vector format, which means that they are fully editable while being able to retain its sharp resolution even after resizing the elements or the image itself. You may also refer to our guidelines on designing a perfect logo to further help you out. If you think that our mobile app logo designs have what you need, then scroll back up and download the specific design that you want to use for your mobile app.

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