It is already a no-brainer when we say that for a business to be recognized easily by the general public, they will need to make use of a logo to represent themselves. A business with their own unique logo can be remembered easily, as well as be identified as a different or separate being from those that are offering similar services. Not only will these logo make their business distinguishable from their competitors, especially those within the same industry as them, but it will also make them appear professional and stable, which are only two of the many factors that may help attract clients to businesses.

On this page, we have a large collection of professional logo designs that you can download and use for your boutique. Most of these designs involve lettermarks, emblems, and ornate decorations, which are relevant to the type of business. These logo designs range from minimalistic ones, bearing straightforward designs and a simple typeface, to the more artistic ones. One thing is for sure, these logo designs can definitely be of great help to you especially if you apply it to your business appropriately. To check out the designs yourself, go ahead and start scrolling down now.

Abstract Circle Boutique Lettermark Logo

abstract circle boutique lettermark logo

First on this list is a flat lettermark logo enclosed in a circle with abstract lines that resemble the fibers on a piece of fabric. This simple logo design is ideal for those boutique owners who prefer a straightforward symbol to represent their business. If you choose to use this logo, you may either have it in color and place it on a colorless background, or you can also do it the other way around. This way, the symbol will be able to contrast with the background, which may help in giving emphasis to it.

Floral Background Boutique Logo Design


For this business logo design, rather than a letttermark, this one bears a wordmark with some ornate decors placed on top and below it for an added elegance to the whole design. While the sample image shown above places the logo over a background of multicolored roses, you may be able to change the background image to something else—either a solid color to keep it simple or an image as well, which is more appropriate to your business.

Elegant Lettermark Emblem Boutique Logo

elegant lettermark emblem boutique logo

Here is another combination logo design that you can use to represent your boutique, which contains both an emblem with the first letter of the name of your business, and written below that is the complete version of the boutique’s name with a short slogan right below it. And if you think that the logo design isn’t elegant enough, there are added abstract line decors on each side of the emblem that extends to the line below it that separates the emblem with the lettermark from the complete name of the business.

Vintage Lettermark Seal Boutique Logo Design


If you are familiar with how dry seals appear, especially those that are done over a gold patch, the logo design above closely resembles those dry seals. The advantage of using this logo design is that it looks very professional, and having a professional-looking logo can help in gathering the needed number of prospects and clients to the business. There are also alternate color schemes for this vintage logo design, such as blue and black, and these other color scheme makes the logo look similar to those vintage wax seals being used back in the days.

Luxurious Professional Boutique Logo Design


If you are looking for another luxurious and elegant-looking boutique logo for your business, then the circle logo design shown above may be the perfect choice for you. Everything about the design speaks of luxury, splendor, and magnificence, which are features that are sure to grab the public’s attention. The letter on the upper portion of the design corresponds to the first letter of the business, and this letter is enclosed in a golden ring with a pair of laurel leaves on its sides. Below that element is where you can find the name of the business written in its entirety—using a professional typeface—and also below that is the company slogan, which is separated from the business’s name simply by a decorative border.

Abstract Luxury Boutique Logo Design


Following a luxurious-looking logo design, here is another one that might interest you as well. This logo design is very similar to the previous one we have shown you, wherein the first letter of the boutique is enclosed in a ring and then decorated on the sides with abstract, ornate patterns to further enhance the appearance. Similar to the previous one that we have shown you, the full name of the boutique is written below the emblem, followed by the short slogan.

Pink Gown Beautiful Boutique Logo Design

pink gown beautiful boutique logo design1

Here is a boutique logo design that may seem like the wordmark type but actually contains a symbol of a pink dress over the business name, which makes it a combination type of logo design. If you are unsure whether to use a brandmark or a wordmark type of logo design, then why not get the best of both and use a combination type instead? With the logo design shown above, it contains both typography for the business name and the slogan, as well as a flat icon for added enhancement in its quality, and all these elements are being separated by an ornate decoration to give emphasis to the individual features on the design.

Minimalist Line Art Boutique Logo Design


Once again, the logo design above combines both the features from a wordmark type of logo design with an emblem type, wherein the upper half of the logo design bears a shield emblem with ornate borders and a letter written inside it. The letter inside the emblem corresponds to the first one on the business name, which is written right below that emblem. This flat logo design leans more toward simplicity, as evidenced by the simple art drawn on to the design, and the Sans Serif typeface chosen for the text. However, if you choose to make it more artistic, you may choose to add more elements to this design and change the typeface to something else.

Simple Floral Symbol Boutique Logo Design


Classy Boutique Art Logo

classy boutique art logo

Lastly, a boutique logo design that doesn’t make use of either an emblem or a lettermark. For this one, though, it focuses primarily on two of the most noticeable features of a logo design, which are the symbol and the text. The symbol for this symbolic logo design resembles an abstract illustration of an eight-petal flower, and right below that is the text that indicates the name of the business. Below those elements, you may also write a short tagline or slogan to further capture the attention of the public when they get a glimpse of your logo.

So what did you think of the boutique logo designs that we have shown you? With the various designs being offered, you have a lot to choose from for the business that you are handling or managing. These logo designs have been chosen from among thousands of the best ones from multiple sources, and these designs were contributed by highly artistic and skillful graphic designers from all over the world. These logo designs can also be downloaded without any hassle, and for a very reasonable fee.

As for the quality of these business logo designs, these are in vector format, which means they are in high resolution and allows you to make as much modifications as you want without compromising the quality. With vector logo designs, you can individualize each element—whether by enlarging or shrinking them, or by removing irrelevant ones and adding some—and the quality will remain as sharp as necessary. Now that you have found logo designs that assure you of excellent quality, start downloading one now.

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