In every business logo, there should always be a distinguishable image that both their prospects and actual clients can use to separate them from their competitors. These businesses should always take note that upon their establishment, they should know that there will always be a competition. In addition to that, regardless of how business try their best to promote something that may either be somewhat similar or different from what the competitors have to offer, a business is likely going to be easily forgotten or even neglected if there isn’t a logo to represent them.

How logos can actually benefit businesses is that they create an image for them, a brand that makes them who they are, to represent their very existence, and to make the general public aware of what they do or what they can offer. Logo designs provide businesses with a branding image, which they can use not only for the business itself but also for the products and services that they are offering. This way, when consumers see their products, they can easily recognize which industry provided that, and this can go two ways. If a business was able to make a good reputation since it started, then it will help create trust and the more likely that people will look forward to their products and services. On the other hand, if a business has had several negative impacts to its clients, then people will want to keep away from their products after just seeing their logo on it. You may also see Fashion Logo Designs

Whether you own or are simply managing a business involving shirts, and you are in need of a shirt logo design to represent you and what you do, then you are perfectly in the right place. Below are sixteen (16) of the most impressively created shirt logo designs that you can ever find on the Internet, and we have gathered them here for you so you won’t have to. Another reason why downloading a design from our website saves you time is that these logo designs have already been halfway done, and all that’s required from you are a few alterations to make the design more appropriate for your business. To see the professional logo designs yourself, proceed now by scrolling down. You may also see Hair Logo Designs.

Text Ribbon Shirt Vector Logo Design

text ribbon shirt vector logo design1

Check out the first shirt company logo design that we have in this collection, which is quite simplistic but still artistic. Though the sample image above shows a completely colorless line illustration of a shirt with a ribbon, you may be able to add colors to it if you wish.

Round Border Solid Shirt Logo Design

round border solid shirt logo design

Here is another minimalist shirt logo design that you may be interested in if the previous one didn’t quite fit what you wanted from a logo. For this one though, the image of the shirt is filled with a solid black color and is enclosed in a thick-bordered circle. Even though the image above shows a purely brandmark type of circle-shaped logo design, you may still be able to incorporate some text on it and make it either a combination or emblem type, it’s up to you.

Stock Light Bulb Creative Shirt Logo Design

stock light bulb creative shirt logo design

Now for a more creative approach to a shirt logo design, and this one has been designed very cleverly both in its illustration and its title. Looking at the symbol itself, it shows an illuminated light bulb with its wire forming the edges of a T-shirt. For its title, it is a very effective attempt at combining the words create and T-shirt, which is indeed a very creative (no pun intended) move by the designer. When we take those two elements as a single image, the more clever it becomes since according to animated shows, an illuminated light bulb is symbolic of a creative idea being thought of, and judging from the way the elements are used, this symbolic logo design really is a creative idea from its artist.

Letter Shaped T-Shirt Logo Design

letter shaped t shirt logo design

The word shirt can refer to various types of clothing worn by people to cover the upper half of their bodies. For women, they also have dress shirts that are basically similar to regular shirts, but its length extends down to their thighs or legs. To talk about a specific type of shirt, which is the T-shirt, it was named that way for a reason. T-shirts are named as such because if you hold it up on its sleeves or spread it out on a flat surface, you will notice that it will actually resemble the letter T. For this letter logo design, it brilliantly takes that aspect of the definition literally by making the image of the shirt look like a letter and incorporating it onto the logo’s title. You may also see Personal Logo Designs.

Minimalist Collar Shirt Logo Design

minimalist collar shirt logo design

If you are looking for another business logo design that is both unique and simplistic, then check out the design shown above. This shirt logo design has probably got what you want to be able to make a highly self-explanatory logo for your business since the element itself is understandable and also appropriate. Unlike the previous designs that illustrated the entire form of the shirt through its edges, this one only places its emphasis on the collar part and the buttons below it.

Rocket Launch Creative Shirt Logo Design


This shirt logo design is ready for liftoff, and a rocket-themed logo may be what you need for your business. This flat logo design is in the form of a T-shirt, but within it is an image of a space rocket that just lifted off the ground. Now, what’s interesting about this logo design is that the image of the rocket is not simply illustrated on to the image of the shirt, it is being incorporated with the use of its negative space. This way, it not only makes this brand logo design look creative, but it also makes it easy on the eyes. You may also see Pharmacy Logo Designs.

Handshake Double Entendre Shirt Logo Design

handshake double entendre shirt logo design

We already know that the handshake is some sort of sign of respect or appreciation, and it has been used by both business and common people. For this unique double entendre logo design, it shows an icon that resembles both a shirt and two hands holding each other as if making the gesture of shaking hands. This logo design is perfect not only for representing a business itself but also for a cause. If your intention is to make people aware on the importance of respect and appreciation, then this personal logo design may be what you are looking for.

Hand-Drawn Red Shirt Logo Design

hand drawn red shirt logo design

A red shirt logo to represent a company named “Red Shirts,” what could go wrong? The clearest answer would be, none. As much as possible, we want our logo designs to be self-explanatory that we no longer need to write the name of the business itself to accompany the symbol, and this is to make our logos easy to remember by the general public. The more a logo is easy to remember, the more likely that people will also remember the business. You may also like Text Logo Designs.

Hung Shirt Stock Logo Design


Now back to a highly minimalist logo design after showing you all the more fancier ones. For this shirt logo design, it simply shows a line illustration of a T-shirt on a hanger. To help make the shirt illustration stand out, it is drawn using a light color and is placed over a dark-color background. If you decide to use this logo design, you have the choice of using the dark background as a means of making the symbol more visible, or you may also use only the shirt illustration and have it printed on a dark-colored surface.

Colorful Shirt Printing Company Logo Design

colorful shirt printing company logo design


For businesses that involved printing T-shirt designs, look no further since we have a logo design just for you. Check out the image of the flat logo shown above, it bears a straightforward design by using a line illustration of a shirt with four basic colors that include black, cyan, yellow, and pink. However, if you think that the colors used do not fit the theme of your business, you have the freedom to change the colors or even totally remove it from the design.

Simple Combination Type Shirt Logo Design


Here is a T-shirt company logo that already speaks for itself and doesn’t need any further explanation. For this logo design, it simply shows an illustration of a T-shirt, with a text beside it for writing the name of the company. For those who want a no-fuss logo design for their business, then this would be the perfect pick.

Tiny Shirt Simple Logo Design


For those who would want a rather fun-looking shirt logo design as opposed to the previous ones that leaned more toward a formal appearance, then the design shown above may be what you need. Just by looking at the logo design, you can easily sense some amusement or enjoyment out of it. Though we can say that this shirt logo design is still on the simplistic side with its straightforward symbol, you can tell that it is also more on the fun side, especially if you take into consideration the typography that accompanies it.

Vibrant Shirt Colors Modern Logo Design

vibrant shirt colors modern logo design

Previously, we have shown you a logo design for a shirt printing company. That shirt design showed an image of a shirt with four basic colors on it center. If you are looking for another cool logo design but with a similar concept, you may want to check out the one shown above. Unlike the previous design that simply placed the colors in an organized manner, the colors on this one resemble those from paint that are running down from the collar of the shirt as if in a disorganized manner.

 Dotted Line Big Shirt Logo Design

dotted line big shirt logo design

Previously, we had a logo design for a tiny shirt, now we have a logo for a big shirt. This minimalist logo design is perfect for those businesses that aim to provide plus-sized people with something to wear, since it is quite difficult and stressful for these people to find clothing and apparel that may fit them. For this shirt logo design, it simply shows a hollow illustration of a large T-shirt, but instead of drawing it with the use of a continuous line, the shirt symbol for this design is being illustrated using dotted lines. You may also see Tie Logo Designs.

Paint Roller Colorful Shirt Logo Design

paint roller colorful shirt logo design

Lastly, another colorful logo design for those businesses that involve printing designs on clothing. While the previous two logo designs with a similar concept simply included the colors on the shirt icon, this one also includes an image of a roller brush to complete the concept. If you think that this shirt logo design is able to make sense easily and is also able to represent your business effectively, then don’t hesitate to download and use this.

Have you already decided on which shirt logo design you would want to use for your business? We sincerely hope you have since it would be a waste not to accept an offer as awesome as this. Opportunities come only once, so why wait? To help convince you on why you should download our logo designs, it is best to inform you about the necessary details behind them. First of which is the source as to where these designs were gathered from. These logo designs were collected from among the best ones on the Internet, and these were created by this generation’s most impressive graphic artists and designers from all over the world. From that alone, you can already tell that these designs have outstanding qualities that makes them worth downloading. You may also see Creative Lotus Logo designs.

If you are concerned with regards to the editability of these logo designs, you actually don’t need to be since these shirt logo designs consist of vector graphics, which is the graphics format of choice for many artists and designers. One advantage with vector-based designs is that you may be able to individualize each element during the editing process. What this means is that, you can edit only specific parts of the design without altering the entirety of it. Another advantage with vectors is its ability to maintain its quality even when resized. The reason behind this is because unlike raster graphics that are made up of pixel blocks, vectors consist of codes and pathways that are able to adapt to changes in size. You may also like Modern Logo Designs.

Lastly, the concern that involves expenses, which is probably the biggest concern from many people. You actually don’t need to pay a lot for these designs. In fact, you can download these shirt logo designs for a very reasonable price, and that’s already considering the quality that you will be getting. Where else can you find such high quality and very artistic shirt logo designs without having to spend a lot of money? Don’t waste this opportunity, get yourself busy now by downloading a shirt logo design for your business. You may also see Colorful Logo Designs.

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