Nowadays, it is not always enough for a company to rely solely on its name. In the name of further brand recognition, many companies elect to design and use a company logo. With some of the more famous and established companies, the logo itself is recognizable as a symbol of the company. In those examples, a company’s logo becomes so iconic as to even serve as a shortcut for the company’s name.

Of course, designing a company’s logo is no small matter. Like other things, it is quite the undertaking to design a logo, particularly if that logo is meant to represent the company. So if you happen to have a hand in designing a logo for a company, there will be some things you would have to watch out for.

Construction Company Logo

Construction Property Company Logo

construction property company logo

Construction Building Company Logo

construction building company logo

Solar Estate Construction Company Logo

solar estate construction company logo

Production Company Logo

Factory Production Company Logo

factory production company logo

Multimedia Production Company Logo

multimedia production company logo

Cleaning Company Logo

Cleaning Services Company Logo

cleaning services company logo

Home Cleaning Company Logo

home cleaning company logo

Vector Logo for Cleaning Company

vector cleaning company logo

Music Company Logo

Musical Key Note Template Logo

music key note company logo

Music Audio Company Logo

music audio company logo

Music Management Company Logo

music management company logo

What are Company Logo Designs?

Put succinctly, a company logo is a symbol representative of a company. You may recall some particularly famous iconic company logo designs used by some of the most well-regarded companies in the world, such as Disney, Coca-cola, Nike, to name a few. In these examples, the company logos become so iconic as to be automatically associated with the company and its name. For most people, you have but to show them the icon, and they can recognize it even if they do not know the company’s name.

Of course, that might actually be the point, as a company’s logo really does exist to help promote the company’s name and image. If anything, it is a useful tool for the company’s marketing purposes, as the company can become more identifiable thanks to a famous logo.

How to Approach Logo Design

When it comes to making a logo, particularly for a new company, you have some options as to what to base yor logo on. The simplest would be to find something closely related to your company, such as a symbol or name closely linked to your company that could serve to easily identify it. However, that is not a universal development, as some companies have developed logos for themselves that do not correspond to some concrete concept related to them or their business. Some possible approaches that may interest you can include:

  • Abstract – This is an approach seen more in recent years, but has occurred even in well-established companies. Rather than choose a logo that has a clear connection to a company’s business or name, they can elect to choose an abstract logo. This is a valid approach, like any of the others, but one difficulty you should keep in mind is that it may be difficult for most viewers to memorize your logo if it is abstract.
  • Service-Related – Your logo may represent something related to whatever service it is you provide. This is obviously most related to the service industry, such as cleaning or courier companies. If you prefer this approach this would be an obvious, easy-to-remember logo that clearly follows from the service that you provide.
  • Product-Related – Of course, you could choose to design your logo around one of your products, particularly if it is a flagship product or something for which you gained a great deal of recognition. One example that comes to mind is a burger restaurant using a burger logo design. This could be an effective logo, as it automatically associates you with a prestigious product for which you are well-known. The recognition of the product and the company can feed into one another, such that the company and product both become so intertwined that one implies the other.
  • Name-Related – In this case, the company’s main logo gains its recognition from a famous name. This can happen in the case of companies named after their founders who subsequently become prestigious, such that the founder’s name becomes inseparable from the idea of the company. This is the case with many prestigious, old companies whose names came from such founders. As the company grows in prestige, its brand grows along with it so that its name can become a household name if its prestige grows enough.

Food Company Logo

Food Honey Company Logo

food honey company logo

Food Products Company Logo

food products company logo

Organic Food Company Logo

organic food company logo

Real Estate Company Logo

Real Estate Company Logo Template

real estate company logo template

Real Estate Company Logo Design

real estate company logo design

Real Estate Building Company Logo

real estate building company logo

Travel Company Logo

Travel Agency Company Logo

travel agency company logo

Travel & Tourism Company Logo

travel tourism company logo

Travel Management Company Logo

travel management company logo

Global Company Logo

Global Company Business Logo

global company business logo

Global Fashion Company Logo

global fashion company logo

Global Trading Company Template

global trading company template

Insurance Company Logo

Insurance Company Logo Design

insurance company logo design

Insurance Company Logo Template

insurance company logo template

Transport Company Logo

Black and White Transport Company Logo

black and white transport company logo

Intercity Transport Company Logo

intercity transport company logo

Transport Company Round Logo

transport company round logo

Transport Service Company Logo

transport service company logo

Do It Yourself Company Logo Design

If you were to design your own logo for your own company, then there would naturally be a number of things to watch out for. Much like designing anything else, it would be important to design your company’s logo design so as to make it an effective tool for marketing your company. But in order to do so, your logo would have to possess certain qualities that would make it more effective at that task. These qualities would include:

  • Simple – Your logo would naturally have to be a simple one. A simpler logo would be easier to understand, and would therefore be easier to remember. That would obviously be of use when it comes to your brand recognition as people can more easily bring your company to mind when need be. An overly complex logo would likely defeat your purpose; if it were more complicated to draw or write, then it would be harder to replicate in people’s minds. That would make it much harder to memorize or call to mind.
  • Short – If you happen to add a slogan, or use the name of a product, it would help if the name was as short as possible. Some of the most iconic product names are made up of as few as one or two syllables, so that it is easier for people to remember the names. A longer name may not be impossible to remember, but a shorter would be easier, and if you are a relative newcomer, you would need every advantage you can get your hands on.
  • Distinct – You naturally would want your company and brand to stand out in the crowd. There may well be other companies in competition with yours, and not a few of them will likely be older and better established than yours. In order to stand out, you would not only need to provide something your competitors do not, but also have a distinct brand identity. This would allow prospective customers to recognize you on sight, keep you distinct from the competition. If you really want to stand out, it really would help to have a brand that is uniquely your own which can easily be distinguished from others. This can also tie into a specific business, the better to make you recognizable, such as a creative pharmacy logo design.
  • Related to Operations – It would help your brand recognition if your logo had something to do with the nature of your business. That would help recollection of your company, as the name and logo would automatically be associated with your company’s business. This way, everything that could identify your company can be contained in your logo, so that your logo brings all those things to mind. For example, a jewelry business would do well to have a jewelry logo design which would match the nature of its business.,

Retro Company Logo

Retro Bakery Company Logo

retro bakery company logo

Vintage & Retro Company Logo

vintage retro company logo

Royal Company Logo

Royal Company Logo Template

royal company logo template

Oil Company Logo

Investment Company Logo

Seven Seas Investment Company Logo

seven seas investment company logo

Safe Investment Company Logo

safe investment company logo

Creative Company Logo

Creative Elegant Company Logo

creative elegant company logo

Creative Company Logo Template

creative company logo template

Creative Advertising Company Logo

creative advertising company logo

Creative M Letter Company  Logo

creative m letter company logo

Media Company Logo

Brand Media Company Logo

brand media company logo

Media Company Logo Design

media company logo design

Tech Company Logo

Tech Data Company Logo

tech data company logo

Tech Company Circle Logo

tech company circle logo

Tech Company Logo Template

tech company logo template

Types of Company Logo Designs

Practically any company can have a logo, be it a pharmacy logo or a construction company logo design, to name a few. In fact, for an ambitious company, it would not hurt to have one if they want their name to be recognizable. Being that there are so many possible companies that could have need of an iconic logo, it is no surprise that there are so many resources to help new companies come up with their own logos. Some of these companies include:

  • Food Company Logos – A food company would have a need for a logo if it wanted widespread recognition. Given that supplying enough food is still an issue in some places, it would be to the benefit of many people if a food production company were to be able to supply more food to more people. Such a company may find it easier to find a market with an iconic enough logo that could gain it more attention.
  • Production Company Logos – Breaking into most industries can be a difficult prospect, and that is true of production companies. Despite the name, production companies’ business revolves around the production of performing arts, and breaking into such an industry can be difficult given the number of similar, more established companies. Still, it is not impossible for younger, fresher companies to succeed, and such a company may have an easier time doing that with the help of a logo that can increase awareness of the company. Some of the options available to you in this case include music logo designs, if that is your particular area.
  • Transport Company Logos – Transportation can be a difficult business; it does not make the job easier when a great deal of the time is spent being responsible for someone else’s goods. It too can be a difficult field to break into, but like many others, a logo can help make opportunities. A good reputation mixed with a recognizable brand can make a great deal of difference.
  • Technology Company Logos – Some people find it difficult to understand certain jobs, particularly if the job is a technical on many laymen do not fully understand. People may find it easier to understand the job and what a given company provides with the help of a logo. Given that some logos can be related to what a company does, it is not impossible that the logo can serve as a shortcut to explain the company’s purpose to laymen.

Company logos are an invaluable tool for a company to have; it is a rare company that does not care about its brand. No company can really get very far without a unique look that sets them apart from others like it. If anything, a logo is something indispensable that can help a company spread its name, which any company would find an attractive prospect.

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