When developing a company or business, the logo is the thing that will most stick in the customers’ mind and keep them talking about your business each time they see the logo. This makes finding the best logo for your company very important. This list has put together some of the most striking and eye-catching designs for company logos so that you can find the best fit for your company and keep customers coming to you and your business.

Transport Company Logo Design

transport company logo design

This logo design uses a grey silhouette of a lorry with lines instead of a full outline of the cargo, to make the truck look as though it is travelling at high speed. This design is ideal for trucking companies and is fully customisable to your company colors and design.

Construction Company Logo Design

construction company logo design

This logo is a simple 2D image of skyscrapers and business buildings in blue. The simplicity of this design makes it ideal for a wide range of constructions companies, but also as a logo for many other different kinds of businesses, as it is a very versatile design.

Interior Design Company Logo

interior design company logo

This logo design uses simple square shapes with some gaps to take inspiration from the floor plans of houses. The logo itself is a simple white design and is perfect for an interior design company logo and letterhead to incorporate into all business stationary.

IT Company Logo Design

it company logo design

This logo design is a simple 2D, wavy line in pink. This design can be customised into a variety of different colors to suit your business, but is also ideal for IT logos, and a huge variation of other business logo designs due to the fact it is very versatile and simple.

Insurance Company Logo Design

insurance company logo design

This insurance company logo features the image of an umbrella, almost to show that this company provides cover on a ‘rainy day’. The design comes in many color variations, so it is customisable to your business and is perfect for any insurance-based company.

Cleaning Company Logo Design

cleaning company logo design

This logo design features a mop and broom as plain outlines to show that this is the logo for a cleaning company. The design is simple and you can change the colors to fit with the design of your company, so it is perfect for any cleaning company or product logo.

Real Estate Company Logo Design

real estate company logo design

This logo features large 3D silver rectangles to resemble a cityscape of skyscrapers. This logo design can be used for any major business or real estate company, as the logo focuses on the buildings.

Logistics Company Logo Design

logistics company logo design

This delivery company design uses grey, black and red to create a simple yet striking logo design. The logo itself features an image resembling a paper aeroplane in red, so it is the perfect design to create a logo for an overseas delivery company.

Royal Company Logo Design

royal company logo design

This logo design is a simple and elegant design in silver, featuring a cursive letter of the company and small pearled embellishments around the design. It is ideal for a highbrow company logo, especially as letterhead and embellishments on events invitations.

Airlines Company Logo

airlines company logo

This design is ideal for use for an airline logo because the flying bird represents the flight of the plane, and it is simple enough to customise to any airline business.

T-Shirt Company Logo Design

t shirt company logo design

Food Company Logo Design

food company logo design

Fashion Company Logo Design

fashion company logo design

Data Security Company Logo Design

data security company logo design

Modern Company Logo Design

modern company logo design

Digital Advertising Company Logo Design

digital advertising company logo design

Shoe Company Logo Design

shoe company logo design

Beauty Product Company Logo Design

beauty product company logo design

Law Firm Logo Design

law firm logo design

Vehicle Trading Company Logo Design

vehicle trading company logo design

Jewelry Company Logo Design

jewelry company logo design

This list has put together some images and designs of logos for a wide variety of companies. We are confident that it will help to inspire you to create the perfect logo for your company that will stick in the heads of your customers and keep them coming to you.

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