A deer is one of the most recognised image for corporate logos. This animal has been used by different companies since the 1800s. Today, companies, associations and NGOs are still using this animal for their logo designs.

Deer Logo for Studios

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Vintage Logo Design for Company

deer logo designs18

Clothing Company Deer Logo Illustration

deer logo designs20

Deer logo designs are used by different companies and associations. A hunting association can use this kind of design to indicate the start of the hunting season.

Deer Logo Design for Production Company

deer logo designs21

Brilliant Deer And Tree Logo Design

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Outline Deer Logo Idea

deer logo designs23

Amazing Stag Logo Design

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An elegantly design deer logo with a simple deer silhouette is ideal for any kind of business. Adding a little more emphasis on the physical attributes of this animal will make the logo more appropriate for specific businesses like consultation, housing development and food.

Deer Logo Design for Agency

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Deer Logo Design For Mens Club

deer logo designs16

Deer Logo for Furniture Company

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Deer Logo for Hunters Association

deer logo designs24

Deer Head Symbol Logo Idea

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Deer Logo for Eco Friendly Company

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Deer Logo for Clothing Companies

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Cool Deer Logo Design for Company

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Hunter Race Deer Logo Design

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Retro Logo Designs for Services

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Logo Design for Restaurant

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Deer Logo Design for Consultancy

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Animated Deer Logo Design For Inspiration

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Vintage Deer Logo Idea

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Graphic Deer Logo Design

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Smart Deer Logo Design

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Hunter Club Logo Design

deer logo designs5

A jumping antelope (or leaping deer) is one of the most commonly opted deer logo design as it can mean a big leap towards success. For some businesses who would rather go for simple logos would find a simple antler design as very fitting. You can make the deer leap over a log or with the image of the sun in the background.

Eco-friendly businesses or environmentalist groups may also choose to use a deer for their logos. All they need is a design that would incorporate a few environmental details (life leaves popping out from the antlers) into the deer head.

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