We already know how important logos are for businesses, that every single one should make use of a logo for both identification purposes and to be easily distinguished from the competing businesses. But when using business logos, they don’t necessarily have to be printed on paper for them to become useful. Sometimes, they can simply be used in digital or paperless format. In addition, even though you choose to go for a digital logo format, you may still be allowed to have them printed when the need calls for it.

This article is intended for those Web developers looking to incorporate a logo design for websites, and if you are in need of this kind of logo, then you have found the perfect place. Below is a collection of some of the best website logo designs that ever existed on the Internet, and you won’t have to look anywhere else for them. These logo designs are ideal not only for printing on product packaging designs and marketing materials but also for creating Web-based advertisement tools such as Web banners. To get started, scroll down to see the designs yourself, and we hope that you will be able to choose a design that works best for you.

Code Module Book Pile Website Logo Design

code module book pile website logo design

The first website logo design on this list is for a coding company. This logo design bears an image that you can commonly see on codes, with a pair of curly brackets on each side, surrounding what seems to be a pile of books in the middle. This company logo design may be very simple, but it is already enough to give people an idea of what this business is about. When using this as a Web banner, make sure to include a call to action to further invite people to clicking your ad and redirecting them to your company’s website.

Code Time Company Website Logo Design

code time company website logo design

Deer Code Website Logo Design

deer code website logo design

Here is another website logo design for a coding company, and this one features a double entendre symbol. If you’re asking what double entendre symbols are, they are those that contain multiple meanings or have different interpretations, which is the case of the logo design shown above. The symbol on this business logo design looks like deer antlers, but at the same time, they also look like curly brackets as evidenced by the lower end of the antlers. One clever strategy when making logo designs is to take advantage of a visual double entendre, which is a good enough reason for you to download this website logo design.

Winged Code Company Website Logo Design

winged code company website logo design

Letter Mark Website Logo Design


Check out this brilliant website logo design that makes use of the lettermark type of logo. What a lettermark logo is will be discussed further below, but before we proceed there, we should at least appreciate the best features on this design. This logo design not only uses the initial letter of the company’s name, but it is also written in a rather artistic manner that makes it look symbolic. This logo design leans more toward a flat appearance, which not only makes it trendy, but is also easy on the eyes. Now, for the different types of logo designs:

  • Symbol/Icon Type. A type of logo that only contains a symbolic image to represent the business.
  • Wordmark Type. A text-based logo design that doesn’t contain a symbol and only uses the name of the business.
  • Lettermark Type. Another text-based logo design that focuses more on either a single letter or the initials to the business’s name.
  • Combination Type. As the name suggests, this type of logo design combines the features from the symbol and the wordmark/lettermark types. This type contains both an image and a text, but these two elements are separated from each other.
  • Emblem Type. This logotype is quite similar to the combination type, wherein it contains both an image and a text. But unlike the combination type, the text here is found within the image.

Coding Agency Website Logo Design

coding agency website logo design

Site Finder Engine Website Logo Design

site finder engine website logo design

Here is a logo design that contains a very self-explanatory symbol. This logo design contains an image of a globe with a magnifying glass over it. The globe image is symbolic of the World Wide Web, and the magnifying glass represents the act of navigating the Internet. This cool logo design is perfect for using on applications used for searching things on the Internet, or as it is more commonly called—search engines.

Website Optimizer Application Logo Design


Surfing the Internet usually takes up either the computer’s memory or the connection’s bandwidth, which may cause users to experience a slowdown while browsing. This is why there are optimizers available for download, some of these intended to optimize the entire computer system, while some are also for optimizing a user’s experience on the Internet. The modern logo design shown above is for Web optimizer applications, and the symbol clearly shows it. The symbol bears a bar graph and a color-coded ring that resembles to something you will commonly see on an optimizer app’s interface.

Colorful Ladybug Coding Website Logo Design

colorful ladybug coding website logo design

Take a look at the cute yet symbolic logo design above, it bears an image of a lady bug that can be used as a symbol to represent a business or an app. With this logo design, you can actually choose from among different color schemes which include blue, green, and yellow, though you may also choose to go for a different and personalized color that would best fit the theme of your business. This colorful logo design makes use of a flat appearance, which has become a trend over the recent years, and this only makes this logo both visually appealing and easy on the eyes.

Wordmark Typographic Website Logo Design

wordmark typographic website logo design

As mentioned earlier, there are two types of text-based logo designs: lettermark and wordmark. The previous one that we have just shown you made use of the lettermark type, and the one above uses the wordmark type. Nothing else can be said about this logo design since it is very self-explanatory. The best feature about this logo design is its use of colors, wherein it is able to effectively distinguish the two roots from the entire word. Another great feature here is the choice of typeface, which also effectively makes the logo appear symbolic.

Animal Silhouette Website Company Logo Design

animal silhouette website company logo design

Minimalist Wordmark Website Custom Logo Design

minimalist wordmark website custom logo design

Here is another wordmark logo design that focuses on the company’s name. This logo design leans more toward minimalism and makes use of a flat appearance, the text for this flat logo is written in sans serif, and it makes use of a color with less contrast. What makes this logo design even more simple is its heavy use of white space, which further makes it easy on the eyes and also promotes its versatility. For those looking for an adaptable logo design, you may definitely want to try out the minimalist logo design above.

Lastly, here is a symbol or icon type of logo design, which simply bears a flat illustration of a lion. Even though this is a symbol type of logo, you may still be allowed to use this as a combination type by adding text under it. This animal logo design only makes use of the black and white colors, which make the design achromatic. The advantage of having an achromatic logo design is its adaptability in different formats or when applied to different mediums.

Now that you have gotten to the end of this article, we assume that you have found at least one website logo design that caught your interests. Otherwise, it is probably best to inform you on some details about these professional logo designs. To answer the question regarding where these designs were taken, these were actually collected from multiple websites that offer design templates. And the designs from these websites were created and added by some of today’s most talented and artistic graphic designers from all parts of the world.

Now that you have an idea as to the source of these website logo designs, it’s time to talk about more of its details. With regards to its editability, we assure you that editing these logo designs will be a breeze for you. These logo designs are mostly in vector format, though some may also be in PSD. Both of these formats are very easy to edit, while also able to retain a sharp quality even after undergoing extensive editing.

Lastly, with regards to the ease of downloading these logo designs, you can actually download these very easily, and for a rather reasonable fee. As long as you have a good Internet connection, and you have the appropriate editing software, you have absolutely nothing to be worried about. If you think you have found what you need on this article, then you better get yourself busy by downloading a design now. Once you’re done with that, you can then proceed to editing the downloaded design according to your preferences. Afterward, you may then publish your newly designed logo on your website.

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