Different business, organizations and people use animal logo designs. The most common businesses include veterinary clinics, animal/pet supply stores, and pet grooming businesses. A public zoo may also use different animal logos, or a carnival show may use a tiger logo for the much-awaited tiger show. Sometimes, since specific animals represent some countries, their images can also be used for organizations that are not really connected with animals. For instance, a Kangaroo logo could be used by a popular Australian company to put emphasis on the firm’s territory.

Funny Animals Logo Design

funny animals logo design

This funny animal logo design with a dog, a cat and a rabbit is perfect for a veterinary clinic, pet shop, pet hotel, pet products (food and accessories) or any pet related blog or website. The image is simple, very friendly and easy to relate to.

Geometric Animals Logo

geometric animals logo

These samples of geometric animal images are ideal to use for websites, posters, clothing and accessories. The images can also be used for rubber stamps.

Lion Logo Template

lion logo template

This lion logo template is editable, print-ready and resizable. This means that you can do whatever you like with this template depending on your logo needs. You can actually make it large enough to use for a company vehicle.

Vintage Animals Logo

vintage animals logo

This set of animal logos include hand-drawn animals badges that are inspired from nature and the wildlife. The owl image has the vintage look that would look good on any project. If you are not into owl, you can choose your own animal image and get something like a wolf logo.

Pet Animals Logo Design

pet animals logo design

This is a nice and clean animal or pet logo that would perfectly fit a veterinary clinic, pet shop or a pet grooming station. The design is simple with silhouettes of animals instead of real-life like images. This is a nice change from the traditional animal logo designs being used.

Animal Lion Head Logo

animal lion head logo

This is a very simple image of a lion head with the emphasis of the glorious mane. This is an ideal logo design for a company that has the same aggressiveness as the king of the jungle. If you want to take your company or business into a totally new level, start with a logo as powerful as this one.

Rabbit Animal Logo

rabbit animal logo

This is such a cute rabbit logo design that would be ideal for a clothing company. Just imagine how good this image on shirts and accessories like bags.

Business Animal Logo

business animal logo

This is a perfect animal logo template that is highly recommended for consulting, finance, and management businesses. The image of the horse represents fast growth, which is the main objective of most businesses.

Predator Animal Logo Template

predator animal logo template

If you want your business to gain the image of a predator, like a company that is built to outrun every competition, then this predator animal logo design template should be your choice. The image is effective and it displays an animal’s natural predatory instinct.

Antelope Animal Logo

antelope animal logo

Cute Animals PSD Logo

cute animals psd logo

Black and White Animal Logo

black and white animal logo

Little Fox Logo Design

little fox logo design

Kangaroo Logo Design Template

kangaroo logo design template

Smart Fox Logo

smart fox logo

Animal Giraffe Logo

animal giraffe logo

Rhinotough Logo Design

rhinotough logo design

Elephant World Logo

elephant world logo

Animal Dental Logo

animal dental logo

A dog logo could be used for a dog product like a dog shampoo. Include a cat and a rabbit into the picture and you have a logo that would be ideal for a veterinary clinic or a pet shop. Images of wildlife animals like lions, tigers and owls are perfect for corporations, while horses and Kangaroos would be nice for finacial and consulting businesses.

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