Who doesn’t like horses? Throughout the civilized human history, horses have been an integral part of our culture, economy, defense, sports and even fantasies! They have been an important part of stories ranging from brave battles to fictional animals like unicorns. Even today, horses are among the most favorite animals! Consequently, here are some amazing horse logos and patterns that you can easily integrate into your company logo and convey the delicate charm associated with the animal.

Seamless Horse Pattern Design

seamless horse pattern design

A herd of cute horses with their beautiful and fluffy manes frolicking wild on a grassy lawn is quite of a representation. Evoking free spirit, the application can range from the wallpaper of your kid’s room to a brochure background for schools. This creative pattern is available in high resolution and is completely scalable.

Sea Horse Design Pattern

sea horse design pattern

Seahorses evoke both fiction and reality. They come in the most beautiful colors and exist for real on the ocean’s floors. Here is a charming black and white seahorse pattern that can be your next curtain cover! The seamless pattern will suit a range of application, depending on the creativity of the designer.

Blue Horses PSD Pattern

blue horses psd pattern

Quite an imaginative illustration of blue horse cartoons, this pattern can be quite of an addition to your next school project poster. The pattern is dreamlike and will ideally suit any kind of material designed for the younger audience.

Black and White Horses Pattern

black and white horses pattern

Black horses with their curly manes look the most amazing thing in this universe. If you too love horses like we do, this black and white sketch illustration will be a perfect element to have in your design. This illustration could form a part of your logo or be the logo itself!

Wild Horses Seamless Pattern

wild horses seamless pattern

Looking for an animal silhouette patterns? This design incorporates horses in their various moods and stances. Available as an EPS10 object, you can use it as shadow drawings, backgrounds for posters and even design for textile printing. Kids will particularly love it!

High Resolution Horse Pattern

high resolution horse pattern

If you have been looking for ornamental horse patterns, here’s your answer. The pattern comes in a golden scheme and high resolution to be completely scaled and resized. You can have it as your standalone logo or emblem. The file is offered as an EPS vector and will be compatible with all image editing applications.

Abstract Triangular Horses Pattern

abstract triangular horses pattern

This particularly unique horse pattern is available in different shades of blue and will a great background for a room wallpaper or textile design. The horses here come in triangular geometric shapes and symbolize winter as the main theme.

Vintage Colorful Horse Pattern

vintage colorful horse pattern

Looking for illustrations of some vintage horses running around? This illustration shows horse postures in all forms and will be an ideal pattern to be integrated into your background design. You can even use this vintage horse pattern as the wallpaper of your room or textiles.

Colorful Seamless Horse Pattern

colorful seamless horse pattern

Another decorative horse logo, this one comes in bright red and with intricate patterns to form the structure. The EPS file can be well embedded into all kinds of applications, ranging from embroidery to logo designs. The pattern is available as a square 4000x4000px image file.

Hand Drawn Horse Pattern Design

hand drawn horse pattern design

Another amazing and decorative way to depict horses in your logo, this can be used by both jewelers and graphic designers to their end. The horse comes in rich colors, full mane and even wings – a perfect answer to your fantasy!

Ethnic Horse Pattern

ethnic horse pattern

High Quality Seamless Horse Pattern

high quality seamless horse pattern

Doodle Horse Pattern

doodle horse pattern

Folk Horses Seamless Pattern Design

folk horses seamless pattern design

Blue and White Horse Pattern

blue and white horse pattern

Colorful Horse Pattern

colorful horse pattern

Decorative Horse Seamless Pattern

decorative horse seamless pattern

White Snowy Horse Silhouette Pattern

white snowy horse silhouette pattern

Funny Circus Horse Pattern

funny circus horse pattern

Cartoon Horse Seamless Pattern

cartoon horse seamless pattern

High Resolution Horse Pattern Design

high resolution horse pattern design

We hope you have found something unique for your project. Horse and zebra patterns are among the most used animal designs in creative arts. We will be glad if you can share your feedback on the above patterns!

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