By now, we already know that the use of professional logos is very important for both businesses and organizations, and this is because logos help to distinguish you from others, and it also creates an identity or a brand for you. With logos, businesses can easily promote themselves, the products, and the services that they are trying to sell to the people. And for organizations, logos can aid them in promoting themselves to be able to recruit more members. While businesses or organizations can always make use of a logo that contains a unique symbol and a text, they can also forego with the use of a symbol and just use text for the entire logo design.

If this is the kind of logo that you are looking for, then you have definitely found the right place. Below are 19 of the most stunning text logo designs that you can find online, and you no longer need to stress yourselves out by going to multiple websites that offer downloadable logo templates. We are offering you these design templates to save you all the time and effort in having to make logos from total scratch. The vector logos below feature typefaces that range from long hand to bold, and a few very artistic ones. And some of these logo can be used for various purposes as well, not just for specific kinds of businesses and organizations. Now, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and get started.

Hallelujah Musical Text Logo Design


Welcome to the first text logo design in our collection, which is something that seems to be heavily inspired by music, as evidenced by the music staff and the notes written on it. This company logo design is perfect for those businesses that are somehow related to music, such as those stores that sell music or musical instruments, as well as those that teach music to people.

Sunset Retro Text Logo Design


Here is a text logo design that is reminiscent of movies, TV shows, or even video games that were either released during the 80s or have simply adopted a retro theme. For this logo design, the typeface being used is a bold, serif-like font that has some added retro effects to make it appear appropriate to its theme. If you want to make use of an easily readable text logo that is also capable of catching people’s attention, then you might want to consider trying out this design.

Hexagon Shape Text Logo Design


Alphabet Panel Text Logo Design


Here is a text logo that simply shows a symbol with four panels, three of which contain the letters A, B, and C. This is a great flat logo design to use for schools or for learning centers, and it pretty much makes sense. In the sample above, the color scheme is in different shades of blue, but you may still be able to change it to any color that you like. If this is the text logo design that you are looking for, then try it out for yourself to see if it suits your business.

Text Idea Light Bulb Logo Design

text idea light bulb logo design

A light bulb is often used to symbolize ideas, and you can usually find it being used in animated shows when it pops up over a character’s head to inform viewers that the character is able to think of an idea. Aside from just animations and cartoons, this symbolism can also be used for businesses and their marketing tools. For this minimalist logo design, it contains both text and a symbol, and if you look closely on the light bulb, you can see an icon of a file instead of the coil. This symbol can be used to explain that your business helps provide people with ideas in relation to text or any form of literature.

Synergy Lettermark Text Logo Design


Synergy is the term used to define something resulting from an interaction of multiple combined elements, and this result is far more superior than when those elements are simply being summed up. For this logo design, it heavily emphasizes the text as evidenced by the symbol, which also contains the initial letter of the business’s name. Indeed, the entirety of this business logo design is greater than the sum of its individual parts, and this is what synergy is about.

Master Chef Emblem Text Logo Design

master chef emblem text logo design1

Ordinary Cloth Patch Style Text Logo Design


If you’re in the clothing or tailoring business, then this text logo design may be the ideal one for you. The text on this logo is related to clothes, and the symbol contains lines along the edges that resemble stitch marks. Even without the text, the symbol itself already explains that this circle-shaped logo design is related to clothes and tailoring. If you find the color scheme on this design unfitting for your business’s theme, then you have all the freedom in the world to change according to your preference.

Minimalist Connect Text Logo Design

minimalist connect text logo design

Connect. The term can be used to describe the objective of your business, which is to connect people through communication. In today’s generation, many alternative methods have been introduced to people to make it easier and more convenient for them to communicate with others regardless of their distances. Today, we have voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) software and social media to help us connect with people. The letters on this modern logo design are interconnected, which makes it even more appropriate for the business’s purpose of connecting people.

Colorful Dino Text Logo Design


colorful dino text logo design

Over 160 million years ago, the dinosaurs were the dominant creatures to have ever walked the earth, their numbers were even greater than those of the human population during the time. All of a sudden, around 65 millions years ago, the number of dinosaurs slowly diminished until they became extinct. Today, the only thing we have that proves to us the existence of these ginormous creatures are the fossils and bones that are being displayed in museums. Even though dinosaurs have long been extinct, we can still use their likeness for whatever purpose, and the text logo above takes that inspiration and applies it effectively on the design.

Soccer Club Text Logo Design


soccer club text logo design

If you are a die-hard fan of soccer, then by now, you are most probably already a member of some soccer or football club. If not, then maybe you would want to plan on organizing your own soccer club. If the latter is what you are up to, then you will need to make up your own logo design, and we may just have a text logo design for you. Check out the design above, while there are other elements such as the shoe and the ball, this soccer logo design puts great emphasis on the text.

Hockey Championship Text Logo Design

hockey championship text logo design

Baseball Bat and Ball Text Logo Design

baseball bat and ball text logo design


For fans of the Major League, here is a logo design that you may be interested in. Above is a text logo design that can be used for anything related to baseball, such as clubs, tournaments, or any event wherein you can incorporate a baseball theme. Individually, the logo design contains elements from the world of baseball such as the baseball bat and the ball, and these elements are joined together by the large text in the middle. If you think that this text logo design is what you need for whatever purpose it may be, then why not give this baseball logo a try?

Rugby Ball and Helmet Text Logo Design

rugby ball and helmet text logo design

Basketball Loop and Ball Text Logo Design

basketball loop and ball text logo design

Tennis Racket and Ball Text Logo Design

tennis racket and ball text logo design


We have shown you various sports-themed text logo designs, and this here is the last one, which is a design that can be used for tennis-related events or clubs. Similar to the previous sports text logos, this one contains two icons that are related to the sport but enlarges the text in the middle for it to be emphasized. This is a great sports logo design to be used if you are planning on setting up an organization for tennis players and enthusiasts.

Flat Trendy Text Logo Design

flat trendy text logo design

Vibrant Colors Rounded Text Logo Design

vibrant colors rounded text logo design

Check out these various colorful text logos that can be used independently or with each other to form a word or to spell the name of the business. The letters of this colorful logo design are simply made up of bold lines with rounded ends, and with dots that are of different, vibrant colors. Whether you want to go for a lettermark or a wordmark type of logo, the typeface above may be enough to capture people’s attention.

Grills Food Shop Text Logo Design


The logos that you have just seen have been collected from multiple trustworthy websites, those that have an entire collection of amazing design templates not only for logos but also for other promotional tools including posters and flyers. In addition, these logo designs have been contributed by today’s best graphic artists from all over the world. From simply looking at the logo designs above, you can already notice the amount of effort the artists have exerted just to be able to provide consumers with professional-grade logos for their businesses or organizations.

When it comes to these designs’ level of editability, you won’t have to worry about that since these logo designs are fully editable, and thanks to its use of the vector format, these designs can be edited very easily and are able to retain their original, sharp resolution even after being edited or resized. Another advantage of working with vectors is that you can enjoy freedom when editing them since you may be able to individualize the elements on the design, which is not possible for designs that use a different format.

Lastly, you might ask what the catch is for downloading these logo designs, and while we wouldn’t really call it a “catch,” you may still need to pay a fee that is of very reasonable amount before you can actually download any these designs. By reasonable, we mean that you won’t need to spend a lot for them, and that they can even be downloaded by those companies and organizations that are on a tight budget. Come to think of it, if you choose to download any of these designs, you will actually be getting more than what you’re paying, and that proves to be a very good deal. If that’s not enough to further convince you to download the logo designs from our site, then we don’t know what will. But if it did, it’s time to get your clicking fingers busy and start downloading your own logo design.

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