Sometimes, or most of the time, you will need to take advantage on the use of different colors to make a logo stand out and be noticed easily. Using multiple colors doesn’t always result in making a design look cluttered, but you need to make sure that the colors are arranged well and there is actually a meaning behind the use of these different colors. Graphic designs often rely on the science of colors before actually applying them to a design, which is also a practical thing to do to be able to explain what your logo is about.

If you are in need of a colorful logo to use for your business or organization, you don’t need to look anywhere else since we have an entire collection here to share with you. Below are 20 of the best modern logo designs that embrace the use of colors, and these logo designs can be used to represent any business or organization. And not only are they perfect for that purpose, these designs are sure to get the attention they need because of the vibrant colors used and the way they are being presented. Enough with the talk, start scrolling down to see the various colorful logo designs yourself.

Elegant Butterfly Colorful Logo Design


Check out the first colorful company logo design in this collection, which illustrates an abstract representation of a butterfly, thus the title of the design. While the entire body of the butterfly already bears a vibrant color enough to capture people’s attention, the rear portion of the butterfly is where the more exciting features can be seen. Here, you can find four different vibrant colors that more than just capture the public’s attention, but it also helps in making the logo stand out.

Simple Colorful Pixels Logo Design


Shiny Colored Brush Strokes Logo Design

shiny colored brush strokes logo design2

For those looking for a very simple logo design that contains different colors and can be used for representing businesses that deal with art, then this design may be the ideal one. For this minimalist logo design, it simply shows a colorful, crooked line that resembles a brush stroke of various colors. Indeed, if you use this colorful logo design for your art business, you will “Get it all figured out.”

Creative Media Colorful Logo Design

creative media colorful logo design

Charming Prints Colorful Quill Feather Logo Design


Here is another minimalist yet creative logo design that just screams charm and beauty. As many of you have known, a quill is a piece of feather taken from a large bird and used as a writing instrument along. Way before the dip pen was ever invented, the quill was the main tool used for writing, and just like the dip pen, this too was dipped inside an ink bottle. This logo design is perfect for those businesses that involve selling of writing materials, or it can also be used by publishing companies. This colorful quill logo design can also be used for organizations as well, especially if that organization involves getting together people who enjoy writing.

Colored Dots Creative Idea Logo Design

colored dots creative idea logo design


The title of this next logo design is very appropriate to the design being illustrated, which involves an image that resembles a light bulb made up of dots in various colors and sizes. In TV shows, especially cartoons, if a certain character comes up with an idea, an image of a light bulb usually pops up over that character’s head to symbolize that they were able to think of something. In short, light bulbs are being used by the media to symbolize ideas, which makes this logo design, as mentioned earlier, perfect for its purpose.

Rainbow Umbrella Colorful Logo Design

rainbow umbrella colorful logo design

House Focus Colorful Logo Design


Here is a colorful logo design that can be used by housing or real estate companies, and does not require too much explanation for it to be understood by the people. On this logo design, it shows people a flat, rounded symbol that bears multiple colors that are being distributed evenly. Within this symbol is a negative space that resembles a house. The colors on this flat logo design can be used for symbolizing different areas or principles in your company, and you may even take advantage of the science of colors for this one.

Colorful Abstract Logo Design

colorful abstract logo design

Play Button Colorful Logo Design

play button colorful logo design

For media companies looking for a minimalist and symbolic logo design, you may want to consider trying out the design shown above. For this logo, it bears an image of a triangle symbol or a play button that contains various colors arranged in a spiral pattern. This colorful business logo design may be simple, but it effectively serves its purpose in representing the various forms of media, which includes movies and music.

Colored Pixel Blocks Flat Logo Design

colored pixel blocks flat logo design

Origami Bird Colorful Logo Design

origami bird colorful logo design

Origami has become one of the most iconic and treasured Japanese art forms that has gained recognition from all corners of the world. Even though the art of paper folding is often associated with the Japanese culture, many historians consider this art form to have been originated in China, but no known records were found to support this claim. On the other hand, the earliest documented evidence of origami in Japan dates back to the 18th century and is therefore also considered by other historians to have been invented in Japan. Whichever story is true, origami as become a widely popular art form, which helps in making this colorful origami-inspired logo design visually appealing.

Hollow Hand Print Colorful Logo Design

hollow hand print colorful logo design

Beautiful Tree Colorful Logo Design

beautiful tree colorful logo design

Kids Place Colorful Rounded Logo Design

kids place colorful rounded logo design

Children are all about fun activities and motivational learning, and these two usually go hand in hand. For children to be able to focus on what they need to learn, you will need to engage them in less boring and more enjoyable activities that involves both the teacher and the child. If this is being followed, the children will often look forward to and be excited for the next learning session, and their attention span may even be conditioned for future learning experiences.

Music Colors Business Logo Design

music colors business logo design

Music is often used as motivational factor for people to go through their daily activities, or in other words, it helps act as a driving force for people to focus or to relieve whatever stress they may be experiencing. While some people are able to concentrate more in silence, try imagining a world without music and see how bland life is. Again, music helps us get through in our day-to-day activities, and it helps keep our spirits up. Now back to this logo design, it bears a hexagon with an image of a music note inside it. And within this hexagon-shaped symbol is a pattern of different vibrant colors that help enhance the quality of the music-themed logo design.

Diagonal Colored Lines Dental Logo Design


The teeth is considered by many as pearls that help to enhance a person’s beauty and that taking good care of them is just as important as taking good care of your overall appearance. The teeth is involved in a lot of expressions that we make with our faces, with the most influential and also contagious one being the smile. When we show a sincere and heartfelt smile to others, we often show our pearly whites, and if our teeth have deteriorated because of neglect, then it would not be nice to see. For the logo design shown above, it bears a flat image of a tooth that contains diagonal lines of various colors, which can be used to symbolize or represent various aspects in your business. If you are intro promoting dental health, then why don’t you consider using this colorful logo design?

Abstract Rounded Colorful Logo Design

abstract rounded colorful logo design

Colorful Snail Logo Design

colorful snail logo design

Snails are being stereotyped as slow-moving creatures, just as turtles are being stereotyped in many animated shows and movies (with the exception of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). In reality, snails are species in the phylum mollusca of invertebrate animals that are indeed slow-moving. But for the animated movie Turbo, the titular character named Theo (also known as Turbo) is a garden snail who is capable of moving at lightning speeds. The same thing can be said when justifying this logo design, that the message you are trying to convey to people is the exact opposite of what they see, and that your business is actually capable of rendering services at the quickest way possible.

Mosaic Light Bulb Colorful Logo Design


To start concluding this article, we would like to make it clear that these colorful logo designs were gathered from multiple highly reliable websites, and we only selected the best and most impressive designs that are worth showing off. These logo designs have been created and contributed by very skillful and imaginative graphic artists from all over the world. If you download from this collection, you are assured of professional-grade logo designs that were created with a lot of passion and effort.

When it comes to editability, these colorful professional logo designs are in vector format, which means they are fully and easily editable, and the advantage of using vector designs is being able to retain its sharp quality even after a lot of editing and resizing. But these advantages with the vector format can only be enjoyed if you have the appropriate editing tool such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, or GIMP installed on your system, so make sure you have it before you start designing your own logo. Download these colorful logo designs for a very reasonable price, and edit them according to your preferences so you can start using them for your business or organization.

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