Have you ever noticed the beauty behind origami creations? Through this form of art, you are able to make animals, vehicles, machines, and many other shapes using simple sheets of regular paper. While the process of making origami can be found abundantly in books, or on the Internet, the thought itself that you are able to make something out of folding pieces of paper requires pure talent and an artistic mind. The art of origami is somewhat similar to the art of making balloon animals, with the only difference being the base material used.

Here, we are showing you eleven (11) beautiful and exquisite logo designs inspired by the art of origami. These logo designs are not business-specific, so you may be able to use these with any industry just as long as you can explain the meaning behind it and it somehow relates to the nature of your business. If you are looking for logo designs for your business, you might want to consider using an origami-themed logo. Feel free to check out the sample designs below.

La Rana Blanca Origami Logo Design


One of the most common origami animals and also one of the easiest to make are origami frogs. For this logo design, the symbol resembles a white frog, or La Rana Blanca in Spanish. If you wish to keep your logo design simple by sticking to the color white, then this would work perfectly in your favor since it would defeat the purpose of calling the symbol white if you would add colors on it. But then again, you can still add colors to this design and just change the name to something that fits appropriately to the logo.

Paper Wheel Origami Logo Design


If your business involves cars, spinning machines, or anything that may relate to wheels, then this logo design may be the perfect choice for your company. The symbol on this logo simply bears a blue origami wheel that has four equal sides, and you could take advantage of these side to represent something about your company. Your business may have been founded by four members, or it may also have four objectives or vision statements for its future. Download this design if you think you can symbolize your business’ goals with this logo.

Dove Origami Logo Design


The dove can be symbolized in so many ways and under different classifications as well. It can be symbolized according to dreams, religion, and culture. Some of the meanings behind the dove symbol include peace, tranquility, harmony, and prosperity. If you aim for prosperity in your business as well as have a harmonious relationship with your co-workers, then this logo design is appropriate for your business. If you choose to download this design, you may be able to change the background color, and you may even add a pattern/texture on it. As for the dove symbol itself, you also have the option to change the color to either black or white, and you can even remove the shading effects for a flat logo design with a silhouette-like image.

The Importance of Using a Logo for Your Business

  • A logo allows you to establish an identity or a brand for your business, and through this established identity, people will be able to recognize and remember your business easily, and distinguish you from your competitors.
  • The presence of a logo for your business provides the impression for others—both the consumers and other business people—that your business is stable and professional, and having a stable business will most likely attract a large number of prospects and potential business partners.
  • A logo should reflect the nature of your business effectively, which means that if you follow that rule, the general public will get an abstract idea on what your business does just by looking at your logo design, but this may not always be applicable especially if the logo is used to represent something else about the company.

Abstract Origami Logo Design


Download this colorful origami logo for a design that bears an abstract symbol which can be interpreted in multiple ways. The symbol on this logo design can be taken as an arrow which is pointing forward to symbolize the company’s future by continuously moving forward. It can also be taken as an origami airplane which can be used by airline companies, or as a delivery service logo which can be used by courier service industries to symbolize their dynamic movement when they render their services to their clients.

Hummingbird Origami Logo Design


The bee hummingbird is considered as the world’s smallest living bird, with a length of only 5 to 6 centimeters, and a weight ranging from 1.6 to 1.9 kilograms. But even with this bird’s very small size, bee hummingbirds have very strong wings that beat for up to 80 times per second and this allow them to move with great agility. On this business logo design, the symbol bears an origami that resembles a bee hummingbird. If you believe that your employees and co-workers have the ability to render services with great agility, then download this logo design for your business.

Set of Origami Business Logo Designs


If you are unsure what you want for your logo design or how you want to represent your business through an origami symbol, then you might want to consider downloading this set of designs. For a price as low as $6.00, you will be getting a total of 16 unique origami-inspired logo designs. All these logo designs are in an abstract form, which, as mentioned on the previous sample above, can have more than just one interpretation. Some of these logos have minimalist designs while some are more complex. If you want, you may even combine two or more symbols to come up with a single logo, but just make sure to keep the design from looking too cluttered so that it will still look attractive to the public.

Colorful Star Origami Logo Design


The symbol on this logo can be interpreted either as a paper pinwheel or a star with eight points that can be used to represent something about your business. This symbol also makes use of four different colors, which too, can be used to signify some characteristics of your business. But depending on your preference, you may want to choose to change the color of the symbol and follow the psychology/science of colors on them to further put meaning into your logo design. If you are looking for a professional logo design that allows you to take advantage of its various features to symbolize different areas in your company, then this design definitely fits what you need.

Tips to Consider when Making your Own Logo Design

  • Keep your logo design simple and neat. One reason for using a logo is to make your business appear professional, but having a messy-looking logo design will most likely defeat that purpose.
  • Check out logo designs from competitors, especially those with the same nature of business as yours, and get ideas on how they designed their logos. Simply take notes about the best features of their logos and how they were able to achieve it, but NEVER copy their design.
  • Be familiar with the types of logos and consider trying out each type to see if the end-result would work appropriately with the nature of your business.
  • Don’t rely heavily on colors because there might be instances wherein you will need to print your logos without colors. To do this, check out how your logo would appear in black and white before finalizing the design. See to it that the features are still visible and that the text can still be read clearly.

Abstract Negative Space Bird Origami Logo


For an creative logo that effectively makes use of the negative space, download the design shown above. The entire symbol is in a shape of a blue sphere and the image of the bird is done through triangular spaces within the sphere. While the logo doesn’t exactly look like a folded paper, but the form closely resembles a bird in an origami form. You can choose to use a colored version for this logo design, and on the sample above, the color being used is blue, but you can also choose an achromatic color scheme and just stick to the color black. What’s great about this logo is that at first glance, it doesn’t seem to resemble a bird but will eventually grow on you the more you look at it. This logo will look good when printed not only on advertising media, or on business cards, but also on glass windows for offices.

Blue Origami Bird Logo Design


Check out the business logo design above which contains an image of an origami that resembles a flying bird. What’s different with this logo design from the previous one is that this appears less flat and more realistic. This logo is perfect for those businesses whose names are related to birds in general or a specific species of birds, or if their business itself has something to do with the handling of birds. But regardless of your purpose behind the logo, you may still use this logo design as you wish, just make sure you can explain why you chose such design for your business since the purpose of logos is to create you own identity and brand for easy recognition.

Paper Boat Origami Logo Design


Here’s another origami creation that you can commonly see being played among children. Folding paper to make it into a paper boat can be done very easily and is one of the simplest and inexpensive toys you can give to children, it’s so easy that you can even teach them how to make it for themselves. On the logo design shown above, the symbol resembles an origami boat floating on water. This logo design is perfect for those companies involved in the shipping industry. Your company could be responsible in the construction of ships, or simply in the issuing of travel tickets. If you find this company logo design beneficial for your business, then don’t hesitate to download this one.

Abstract Shapes Origami Logo Design


Here is another symbolic logo design whose symbol holds a deeper meaning that what you can physically see. Just like abstract art, wherein what you see isn’t exactly what it means, and that the real interpretation of the art can only be explained by the artist who created it. For this logo design, people will not be able to interpret the meaning behind the symbol at first glance, truth is, they probably won’t be able to decipher the meaning even after look at the symbol for some time. The only people who can explain the meaning of the logo will be those employees working for that business, but when trying to promote their business, they may be able to explain the meaning of their logo to the people. This way, if people are able to understand a company’s logo, the more likely they will remember that company.

Facts About the Art of Origami

  • The word origami comes from the Japanese words “ori” and “kami“, which translates to English as “fold” and “paper”, respectively.
  • Even though modern paper was first invented in China, and the concept of paper folding was introduced there, the art of origami actually originated in Japan.
  • The art of origami was brought to Spain during the 1100’s, and it easily became popular there. The Spanish people didn’t use origami as a form of art, though, they used it as a way to study the different concepts of geometry and mathematics.
  • Origami was first introduced to Americans during the 1900’s, and since then, schools in the United States teach the art to their students.

So what did you think of the origami service logo designs that we are offering?

There is only one thing that we can say about these logos, and that is the fact that these designs have exceptional quality since these were gathered from among the best ones from various reliable websites, and that these were designed by skillful and creative graphic artists worldwide. These logo designs are fully editable and are compatible with most editing software, but for the highest compatibility, we recommend you use Adobe editing tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

If you think that you have found the logo design that you need for your business, don’t waste precious time and scroll back up and download the design now.

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