Delivery service companies work fast and effective to get something or a bunch of things from the sender to the recipient in the quickest time possible while retaining the best condition of the item being delivered. While it may not always matter which company is the fastest, the most important is that they are able to get the job done as promised without compromising the condition of the item. Aside from that, customer service is also a factor; if a client calls to track the whereabouts of the item, the customer service representative should be able to provide the client with all the necessary information.

On this page, we have 12 and more of the best logo designs that delivery service companies can use for their business. With this, they can build an identity for their company which is beneficial for them since it helps the public distinguish one delivery service company from another. If your business reputation is good, people may even recommend you to others as well. So go ahead and scroll down below to see the company logo designs yourself.


Winged Truck Cargo Logo Design


Choose this logo design for your business or company to make an impression that your courier vehicle has wings to carry your goods safely and effortlessly to its respective destination. With this design, you can choose from various color presets including blue and yellow, red and yellow, and green and red. But if you prefer to have a minimalist logo, you can always go with an all-white or all-black service logo design.


Air Cargo Letter Mark Logo Design


For a logo design that is both creative and uncomplicated, download the one above. This professional logo design makes use of its negative space to come up with a dual-meaning symbol. One, the logo design bears a letter “A” which represents the first letter of the company’s name, while the negative space bears an silhouette illustration of an airplane which is the primary mode of transportation of this company.


Quick Trans Arrow Truck Delivery Logo


On the business logo design above, it makes use of the graphic symbol’s negative space but in a much easier way. The symbol shows us an image of a delivery van which is transporting the goods and within it, is an arrow pointing the van to move forward.


High Speed Delivery Logo Designs


Leopard Express Cargo Delivery Flat Logo


Make your logo simple and elegant with this design, which bears an image of one of the world’s fastest moving mammals, the leopard. The typography used for this animal logo design makes it look clean and formal, which is something that can leave an impression that your business maintains professionalism and can be relied upon. This also translates that you can provide the fastest service as well.


Eagle Symbol Cargo Service Logo Design


Fast Box Cargo Delivery Service Logo


Importance of Logos to a Business

  • The presence of a logo can help the general public to distinguish your company from others, and are much easier to remember than the company name itself.
  • Having a logo for your business may give an impression that your company is stable, professional, and fully prepared to be of service to the public.
  • Logos can help attract new customers by being unique and different from the competitors, while also retaining old ones by maintaining a good reputation.
  • A logo for your business makes your company easily recognized. It also helps support the name that you have as a business, since people will immediately connect your logo to the name of your company.

Types of Logo Designs

  • Lettermark. A logo design that is entirely in text but only involves letters or the initials of the company’s complete name.
  • Wordmark. Another typographical logo design, but now includes the complete title of the company written in a stylish manner.
  • Icon/Symbol. A logo design that exclusively uses an image to represent the company.
  • Combination. As the name suggests, this logo design uses both image and text.
  • Emblem. Somewhat similar to the combination type and may even get interchanged, but the main difference with emblem logos is that the text is found within the image.

Set of Express Delivery Service Logo Designs


Express Delivery Speeding Truck Flat Logo


Express delivery, with a company name like that, you will be able to persuade people to choose you when it comes to transporting goods. But with a supporting symbol, such as a fast moving van as shown on the logo design above, the more it will convince people that your company is the best one for the job. The only thing you will need to do is to stay true to your word and deliver their item as scheduled, and in the best condition.


Express Delivery Service Vehicle Logo Design



If you are unsure about your business’ logo design, download this set of four creative and unique layouts so you can do a draft for each and determine which logo works best for your company. Each logo design also uses its own color palette to make it different from the other, though you may always alter it according to your preferences.


Falcon Air Fast Delivery Logo Design



There are a lot of delivery companies in existence today, with most of them bearing lettermark or wordmark designs as their logos. Examples of delivery companies with these logo designs include LBC, UPS, and FedEx. For your company to stand out, the designs we have provided you above were mostly in combination form, which means that both a symbol and text are used to come up with the logo.

Why should you download our company logo designs, you ask? Our logo designs were professionally-made by expert graphic artists and were saved in the vector format. With vectors, you are allowed to edit only specific parts of the image without altering the rest of it, and you may also enlarge and reduce its scale without causing it to stretch, pixelate, or blur out since vectors use paths and codes instead of pixels. Convinced already? Start downloading a logo design for your delivery service company now!

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