In every business, regardless of how large or small it is, a logo is one of the most important things to establish to give the company an identity.

Logos vary from simple symbols to the more abstract designs; there are logos that are all symbol and no text and vice versa. But, there are also logo designs that combine both symbol and text. One important factor to consider when making a logo is its describability since you are tryinthe businessg to establish something that will help give people an idea on what your business is about.

On this page, we are offering some logo designs intended for lawyers, law firms, or law offices in celebration of the World Day of International Justice, or International Justice Day for short.

These logos are very versatile that they can be applied to both printable and digital media, and they are also highly editable to give you the freedom to add personal touches to the design to make them according to how you want them to look.

Check out the samples below to start choosing a logo for your law firm.


Law Firm Logo Badge Label Designs


Choose from among these different flat logo designs to build an identity for your law firm. These designs come in an all-white theme. With logo designs being in solid white color, it will perfectly blend with different backgrounds, whether solid or gradient colors, and even with stock image or pre-designed backgrounds. These logo designs have various symbols on them, ranging from the commonly-used Libra scale to the silhouette of either a court house or the Lincoln Memorial. It’s up to you to choose whichever works best for your company.


Luxury Lawyer Company Logo Design


For a straightforward logo for your law firm, download this clean and luxurious designs that bears an symbol of a balanced Libra scale. The symbol on this logo design signifies that your law firm is not biased and is always fair when serving your clients. After all, justice and equality should be the core of your company. The simplicity of this logo design is ideal to make it versatile that it can be applied on business cards or letterheads without taking up too much space.


Professional Justice Lawyers Logo Design


Download this logo design for a more modern approach to your law business’ identification symbol. With this business logo design, more emphasis is placed on the negative spaces for the boxes, and these boxes come in different colors to give the design a higher sense of appeal. The negative spaces on these colored boxes show us three images applicable to a law firm: the gavel, the Libra scale, and a court house. This logo design is ideal for printing on posters or banners, though it can still be printed on business cards but may tend to take up a lot of space.


Lawyer Firm Business Logo Design


For a law firm logo design that works well with or without  a lot of colors, download the one above. On one sample, it shows us a logo design that uses both blue and grey colors, and on another one, is an all-back design. Whether you want this design to be colorful or not, this will still look good, but be careful when choosing the colors and just make sure to go with ones that are easy on the eyes, such as neutral colors.


Master Lawyer Office Logo Design


For an uncomplicated logo that is easy to understand, download the design shown above. The symbol is a color-filled circle with an image of a Libra scale in its negative space, and you have a choice whether to place the text beside the symbol or underneath it. This company logo design is perfect for printing on business cards. Because of its simplicity, this may even be perfect as glass vinyls if you wish to have your law firm’s logo printed either on your offices window or glass door.


Equilihive Law Business Logo Design


Be creative with the way the logo of your law firm appears with this design, which shows us a hexagon that bears a resemblance to a Libra scale. This is an ideal logo design, especially if your law firm is comprised of six members or if you have established six vision statements or objectives for your law firm. Both are represented by the six sides of the hexagon. Download this symbolic logo design if you wish to have a simple, artistic yet understandable image for your company.


Liberty Lawyers Flat Logo Design


Most logo designs simply contain an image of a Libra scale without showing a person holding it, but this design is different. Download this logo design if you want to include an portrait illustration of Lady Justice actually holding the scale. To maintain simplicity with the design, the only color used is blue with the white negative space applied to form the intended images.


Two-tone Emblem Law Firm Logo Design


Shield emblems are common symbols used when making a company logo. They are usually used in health care logos to symbolize the company’s purpose to protect their clients or patients from any illnesses or injuries. They are also used by insurance companies to signify their job in providing financial support to the people who availed of their plans, especially during times when unforeseen incidents occur. But in this case, the emblem is used by a law firm as an embodiment of their purpose in securing their clients’ welfare and protecting them from any injustices. Within the emblem’s negative space is, once again, an image of the Libra scale as a symbol of justice and equality.


Exepteur Law Firm Vector Logo


Why illustrate the Libra scale symbol the traditional and realistic way when you can do it in a more abstract manner? What matters is that the symbol is recognizable and still resembles the scale, even though it appears to be drawn using different and separate linear art. This is also an good design to choose if you prefer to use a minimalist, linear art for your logo. If this is what you want for your law firm, then don’t hesitate to download this one.


Lawyer Legal Support Negative Space Logo


While many would make use of the Libra scale symbol on their logo, you may not necessarily follow the same route if you think that the symbol is already overused and very common among different law firms. For a different symbol that you can use for your own law firm’s logo, you can download the design shown above, which bears an blue circle with an image of a gavel as its negative space. A gavel is an instrument that is used by a judge during court hearings. Its use on this business logo design symbolizes order and justice, which should be the main objectives of the business.


Legal Services Emblem Logo Concept Design



Once again, the logo displayed above shows us an emblem which bears an image of both a Libra scale and a court house beneath it. Enclosing the emblem is a hollow ring to provide emphasis on the middle portion of the logo, which is its main feature. The scale and the court house within the emblem may also be symbolic of the law firm’s goal to protect their clients from any form of injustice. It could also mean that the business is aimed at maintaining peace and order to a nation by using justice and equality as its central focus.


Law Firms Professional Logo Template Design



Download this design for a minimalist logo for your law firm. This one simply contains an illustration of a pillar, which is only one of the many images used to symbolize the law or the legal system. The simplicity of this company logo design makes it ideal for printing on business cards, or on letterheads wherein you may need to transfer the text to the side of the illustration instead of below it.


Quill Creative Attorneys Logo Design



You have already seen the different symbols used to make up a logo design, with most of them using the Libra scale symbol and some using the gavel that is used by the presiding judge. You may go the unconventional way with your logo design and use the one shown above, which bears an image of two feathers meeting up in the middle. The feather is symbolic of the one that the Egyptian goddess Maat wears on her head. This is called the Feather of Truth. Maat, according to ancient Egyptians, is the goddess of truth, law, order, morality, and equality. She represented the basic values behind the basis for the observance of laws.


Advantages of Using a Logo

Businesses make use of logos and place them in their products, advertising vehicles, or on multiple forms of documents that they use during transactions, including letters, receipts, or business cards. Is it merely for formality purposes? Or are there deeper reasons as to why a business should have a unique logo.

Below are some reasons why a business should use a logo:

  • A logo builds the identity of a business, which is helpful for them to be distinguished from their competitors. If a business is successful or is able to satisfy the needs of a client, then that client will go after the products and services offered by that business by paying attention to the logo it bears. On the other hand, if a client had a bad experience with a particular business, then they would try to keep themselves away from those products and services bearing that business’ logo.
  • With regards to its level of memorability, a logo is much easier to remember than the name of the business itself, especially when the name of the business is long which, in this case, are usually names of the lawyers managing the law firm. While there may be names that are easy to remember, there are also names that are uncommon; thus, are quite easily forgotten. To be safe, it is highly advised to make use of a logo for the convenience of the public, to help them remember your business easily.
  • Having a logo can also be considered as an effective marketing strategy, You may have it printed on advertising media such as flyers, poster, or banners. But in this case, since your logo is intended to build an identity for your law firm, the most common advertising tools to use which you can have your logo printed are business cards, flyers, and brochures. Use your logo on these tools and indicate the services that your law business is capable of doing, and you may can help readers make a first impression of you and your business.

Helpful Tips: What to Consider When Making a Logo

Logos are not designed purely out of imagination; they are also designed based on what you actually do in your company.

If you are in an automotive repair shop, then your logo should reflect either the services you render, such as engine work or changing of tires, or the actual object that you render your services to, such as cars.

Take a look at some of these iconic logo designs to give you an idea. On this page, since the clients are coming from law firms, the logo should also be appropriate to their profession.

Listed below are some guidelines on the factors you should keep in mind when designing a logo for your own business:

  • Be sure to make your logo unique but still understandable and relatable, that when the general public sees it, it should give them an idea on what kind of business you are handling. One way to make your logo unique while still appropriate is shown in a lot of samples above, wherein the use of negative space is taken advantage of to form the image intended.
  • Aside from simply brainstorming among you and your fellow lawyers, you should also check how your competitors designed their logos, especially those law firms that have been in the business for quite a while already. Gather ideas from their logos but be sure not to copy their design. Simply take notice on how they make use of colors, typography, and composition of the logo design.
  • As much as possible, stay away from logo design themes or styles that have been overly used. Your goal in making a logo is to differentiate yourself from your competitors. You will not be able to achieve that if you keep on playing safe with your logo design. Think carefully on how you can make your logo stand out from the rest and apply that on your design.
  • Consider the appearance of your logo with and without color. A good logo design should be flexible enough that not only will to appear good with color, but also in grayscale. There might be instances that your logo may be printed without color, and if your logo design becomes unappealing that way, then potential customers will most likely ignore your logo.
  • Keep your logo design simple, especially in this case that the logo is intended for law firms. Having a disorganized or messy-looking logo may only make you or your business appear unprofessional, which therefore may either lead you to lose clients or not gain prospects at all. If you want, you may refer to a few logo design strategies to further guide you on how to come up with one.

From the list of law firm service logo designs that we are offering, it is very evident that we picked out only the best ones to be able to provide you with also the best logos for your business. With these high quality logo designs, your law firm will certainly attract the attention it deserves, beneficial to gain prospects and clients.

But then again, you should not rely solely on your logo to gain more clients, since that will only serve as an introductory symbol to provide the prospect with their initial impression of your law firm. You should also serve your clients sincerely and not just for the money to help build your reputation, which in turn, can attract new prospects as well as retain current ones.

These professional logo designs were gathered from various reliable websites that supply some of the best quality downloadable samples or templates on the Internet. The samples on these sites were provided by artistic and creative graphic designers from all over the world, some freelance and some from different companies.

As mentioned earlier, these designs are fully editable and are in vector format, which is the ideal format for editing designs, especially multi-layered ones, since it allows you to edit elements on the design individually and it has the ability to maintain a sharp quality even after resizing.

Convinced enough on the advantages of using our logos designs? Then start downloading one now.

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