In businesses, especially those that handle large equipment, trucks are very essential and useful to help the industry get the job done. It can be used to transport people working for the company, or the materials needed by the employees. For courier services, trucks are being used to transport a large number of goods – both big and small, from its point of origin to its destination. As mentioned earlier, trucks are not only useful but are actually required by construction companies to help them transport large equipment to their construction site to be able to start building the structure that is assigned to them.

Logos, on the other hand, serve as the identifying image of a business, providing a distinguishing symbol or brand to separate one business from others, especially its competitors. Business logos are important not only to help people be able to identify you easily, but also help in creating a good impression of your business. After all, businesses can gather more customers and can even convert prospects to actual paying clients if they are being seen as stable and trustworthy. Below, we have an entire collection of creative truck logo designs that you can download. If you already know the elements of a great logo design, go ahead and scroll down to see them yourself. You may be able to find a design that suits your business.

Express Transport Delivery Truck Logo

Check out the first truck logo design on this list which bears a very simple and flat vector illustration of a truck with different-colored streaks at its back. The addition of the colored streaks on the illustration symbolize the fast movement of the truck, and this can be interpreted as the company’s ability to respond to their clients or to render their services in a very timely manner. When it comes to courier or delivery services, people often go to those that are able to get their goods delivered in the shortest time possible, while also handling the goods well that whatever condition it had when the sender brought it in will remain in that condition when it reaches its receiver.

Here is another excellent truck logo design that makes use of streaks to demonstrate the company’s fast rendering of services. Unlike the previous one that we have just shown you which had dull, rounded edges, especially at the tip of the streaks, this one bears sharp, pointy edges. But if you look closely at this logo design, you may even be able to realize that the entire illustration has sharp corners and tips, not only its streaks.

Mack Truck Company Logo Design

There is the type of logo design that only includes a text, and there is also the type which uses icons or symbols. The former is called a letter mark or wordmark logotype while the latter is called a brandmark logo. But then, there is also the type of logo that uses both, and it could either be a combination type or an emblem logotype. A combination is one where an icon and a text is present but are separate, while an emblem logo is where the icon and text are treated as one element. For this service logo, it is obviously a combination type wherein the symbol or icon resembles a truck within a shield which can be interpreted as the business’ assurance to keep everything inside their truck safe and secure.

Neon Winged Truck Logo Design

Sometimes, we tend to associate the image of wings with fast movement, as in the case of the early versions of The Flash’s costume, in which he has wings at the sides of his mask and his boots (the more recent versions of his costume replaced the wings with lightning bolts). In this logo design, it shows us the front of a truck with an image of a wing on its back, and this too can be interpreted as the company’s ability to deliver and render their services as quickly as possible.

Sandwich Fastfood Truck Logo Design

Food trucks are probably one of the best and most convenient way for people to get their hands on food ever since fast foods were first introduced during the mid-1800’s. With food trucks, people won’t need to rent or buy a property for their establishment, they will simply need to look for a parking space, and they can even move from one place to another to be able to serve people in different locations without having to open multiple branches. The reason why food trucks are convenient is that the food is actually brought to the consumers, instead of them going to food establishments.

Rounded Minimalist Truck Logo Design

For those business people who are looking for a very simplistic logo design that bears a symbol of a truck, the one shown above may be what you are looking for. The truck on this minimalist logo design is drawn via thick, rounded line art with some added lines to demonstrate the truck’s movement. For this design, the colors used for the graphics and its background are in contrast to one another to give emphasis to the illustration of the truck and the text where the name of the company is written. You are even given the option to choose from among multiple color schemes.

Smiling Face Food Truck Logo Design

In relation to the previous logo design that was intended for food trucks, here is another design that you might be interested in. While the previous one showed a truck with an image of a sandwich on its side, this one shows a truck with a smiling face wearing a chef’s hat. If you want to go flat and simple, you may want to choose the previous food truck logo design, but if you want to go cute and cartoonish, you may opt for this one.

Flat Truck Company Logo Design

Red Fire Truck Vector Logo Design

For those in the fire department, whose primary job is not only to put out fires but to save lives in general, this may be a very good logo design to use for your company. People have actually created a stereotyped image of firefighters as those people who wear yellow jumpsuits and carry around a water hose to use to extinguish fires, but according to firefighters themselves, they are the ones who respond to most reported emergencies, including medical ones. Download this design for a simple yet modern truck logo to represent your fire department.

Vintage Inspired Food Truck Logo

Once again, here is another food truck logo design for you since we know two designs aren’t enough. We already showed a minimalist design and a cartoonish one that sort of reminds us of Thomas the Tank Engine.This one takes us back to a different time. This vintage-inspired truck logo design is perfect for those in the food truck industry who want to add a little old-school twist on to the theme of their business. We guarantee that this vintage logo design will definitely turn heads and help you sell.

Concrete Mixer Truck Logo Design

Concrete cement is usually made up of cement, sand, stone and water; though the use of stones may often be optional for some. When mixing it, you need to have the precise amount for each of the contents if you want your concrete structure to be strong and firm. While doing this can be done by hand, construction industries use cement trucks since they are mixing it in large amounts and has to move around to distribute the mixed cement to different points in the construction site. Download this cement mixer truck logo to represent either your construction company or the trucks that you are manufacturing.

Moving Forward Delivery Truck Vector Logo

Yellow Dump Truck Logo Design

Dump trucks, as the name suggests are used for dumping stuff that are either very heavy or in huge quantities. This dump truck logo design is obviously made by the same graphic artist who made the fire truck and the mixer truck logo designs that we have just shown you. Whether you are in a construction business or a vehicle manufacturing industry especially dump trucks, this logo design may work well for you.

Minimalist Digital Truck Logo Design

Check out this artistic and symbolic logo design that shows a truck with a pair of wings on its sides, it has both retro and futuristic elements incorporated to it. The use of contrasting colors between the truck and the wings effectively help in letting each of the element stand out. You may use this logo to represent your manufacturing company, or you may also have it printed on a sticker paper and use it for decorative purposes. It is totally up to you.

Hand Drawn Express Delivery Truck Logo

When trying to send stuff or making purchases online, we always want our stuff to be delivered not only fast, but also kept in its pristine condition. A lot of courier services are actually offering both, but if you are managing one and you believe that you can offer more services or are asking less for the same services, then may we suggest you use this cute truck logo design that is inspired from hand-drawn illustrations and handwritten fonts.

Global Delivery Truck Symbolic Logo Design

Courier services try by making local deliveries, then move up to making nationwide delivers. If everything goes well for their business, they will eventually expand their services to include other countries. For this truck logo design, it is very appropriate when used by courier services that deliver to other countries since it shows us a truck that is circumnavigating around the globe. This delivery service logo design may have a very simple concept, but the idea is there, and it is able to convey the message effectively to the general public.

Flat Simple Fast Truck Logo Design

In the earlier part of this article, we were able to show you a logo design that had a front of a truck with a wing as its rear, but that one has pointed corners and edges and used a color gradient. The design above, on the other hand has a similar style, but the edges and corners are more rounded than sharp. This one uses one solid color which helps in making the design look flat. Once again, if you believe that your business is able to render its services in a very timely manner, you may want to consider using this flat logo design to represent your business.

So, what do you think of the truck logo designs that we have just shown you? These logo designs have been carefully chosen from among thousands of the best ones all over the internet from various reliable websites. These designs were made and contributed by some of the world’s best and most talented graphic designers, whose aim is to provide people with high quality logo designs that they can use for their respective businesses. Aside from just having great quality, we can also assure you that these truck logo designs are fully and easily editable. Just make sure that you have the appropriate editing software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW installed on your system, and refer to our guidelines to designing a logo.

But before you can start to actually edit these designs, you need to download them first, and thankfully, these truck logo designs can be downloaded very easily and for a very reasonable price as well. The process of downloading a design can be done in three very simple steps. The first step involves looking for the particular design that suits your business, the second one involves making the necessary payment, and the third step involves finalizing the download by actually saving the template on to your system.

Once you have already gotten this all figured out, and you have finished downloading a logo template, the next thing that you need to do is to personalize the design. Make the necessary changes to the logo designs such as editing the symbol, altering the color scheme, writing your company name, and even adding a short slogan below the company’s name. With our logo designs, you can already do so much while spending only a little. So, what are you waiting for? Download a design now so you can start making your own truck logo for your business.

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