The outdoors are a wonderful place where you get to encounter adventures and experience other things that you may not be able to if you are always confined within the four walls of your house. There, you will be able to disconnect yourself from technology and get in touch with nature, as well as see and interact with animals in the wild.

So in celebration of the Month of the Great Outdoors, there is no better way to experience nature than to go out camping, either with friends or with the family. A night or two in the wilderness is enough to let you experience its wonders. Here, we have a gallery of the best camping logo designs on the internet, which we have gathered from various sites for your convenience.


Sunny Campsite Logo Design

This professional logo design tells us about camping and adventure. When we go out camping, it is already an adventure as it is since we get to experience things that we don’t usually do at the convenience of our own home.

From this, it includes the absence of restrooms and will force you to really answer to “the call of nature” in an unconventional but practical way. You will rely solely on fresh air when sleeping since you won’t be able to find air conditioners in the forest, or even electricity itself. But even with all this, adventure from camping is not bad, in fact, it will probably be an experience that you will never forget.


Linear Tent Camping Logo

Flat Monochrome Tent Camping Logo

If your company does not directly promote the act of going out camping, but provides the necessary gears and equipment to be used, then this company logo is for you. This logo design is ideal for those companies that sell camping tents, sleeping bags, coolers, and portable cooking equipment.


Twin Tent Green Camp Logo

Flat Tipi Tent Campsite Logo

Promote your campsite with this flat logo design which bears a minimalist image of a tent in the shape of an Indian tipi. If you prefer a simple design that maximizes the use of white space, then this logo is a great choice for you.


Tent Mountain Negative Space Camp Logo

Vintage Hand Drawn Camping Logo

Whether your business sells camping equipment to camp-goers, or encourages people to engage themselves in outdoor activities, the design above will work very well for either purpose. Another impressive feature of this business logo design is the fact that it is inspired by hand-drawn sketches, which takes a lot more effort than drawings done digitally.


Linear Art Camping Vector Logos

Wonderful Experiences You Can Get from Camping Activities

  • In the forest, there is no electricity. This means when we go camping, it disconnects us entirely from almost all sorts of technology (except those that may be needed in case of emergency, e.g. walkie-talkies). But even if we get disconnected from technology, it doesn’t have a negative impact on our experience since we get to focus on ourselves more and we also get to interact with our fellow camp-goers without any distractions.
  • Since camping activities require us to walk distances and make use of our body’s strength to do things, such as lifting firewood or rocks, we are able to shed off calories while also improving our endurance and muscle strength.
  • Camping opens up our minds to a bigger and more wonderful part of our earth. Even if we are not always at home, enjoying the convenience of being within our own comfort zones, being in the city is still a very different experience than being in a place much more close to nature. We get to gain a lot more knowledge in the wilderness, those that aren’t usually taught in school. But even if it is, experiencing it firsthand is different than hearing it discussed or reading it from books.

Rounded Camping Emblem Logo


Vintage Outdoor Adventure Camping Logo

You can use any of these symbolic logo designs to promote the amazing experiences of engaging in camping activities, as well as getting the chance to interact with animals that are different from the domestic ones that we commonly see in the city. These vintage logos have a flat and monochromatic theme, and some also make use of its negative space to be able to show multiple images in one picture.


Wilderness Exploration Camping Badge Logo

Outdoor Activity Symbol Camping Logo

Share to people the wonderful experience of camping and sleeping under the stars with this creative logo design. Depending on your preference, you can use either a solid, contrasting color as a background for this logo. You can also use a stock background image that is darkened, similar to the one used on the sample image above. Download this if you want a clean and elegant logo design for your business.


Retro Camping Adventure Logo Designs

Retro Camping Badge Logo Designs


For a multipurpose logo design that is retro-inspired, download the sample above. You can also use these logos for multiple venues other than the usual tree-filled campsites. Among the ones shown on this sample includes mountain campsites and river or lakeside camping venues. To provide you with ideas, you can refer to some logo strategies and guidelines to help you in designing your logo.


Simple Vintage Outdoor Vector Logos


For colorful vintage-inspired logo designs, go with the one above. For the price of one, you will be getting not just two or three logos, but a total of nine. These vintage logos can be used for encouraging people to go camping through various ways, such as promoting the beauty of mountains or mountaineering, and the enjoyment from story-telling and making s’mores around the campfire.


Flat Retro Adventure Camping Logos


Mother Nature holds the best features that you can ever find on Earth. It is up for us to preserve it so that future generations can experience it as well. To keep our world green, we should also learn to replace those trees that were being cut for particular reasons. As much as possible, especially as these trees are also home to some wild animals, we should keep it the way it is and not destroy what Mother Nature has provided for us.

All these logo designs are easily downloadable for a reasonable fee, just make sure that your internet connection is stable enough for a fast and hassle-free download. These logos are also fully editable, and for the highest compatibility, we recommend you install Adobe Photoshop and use it for editing, though other photo editing programs may work as well. Celebrate the Great Outdoors Month, save Mother Nature, promote camping activities, and download any of these logo designs.

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