Clouds – especially the white fluffy ones – are one of the few things in the world that evoke a feeling of comfort and trust at the same time. Whether it is the real thing we see in the sky or we see drawings and illustrations of it, the effect is the same. If you wish to achieve this same emotional effect in your company logo, you should consider using a cloud/s as your business logo design base.

In this article, we have explored the different applications of cloud vectors and illustrations as logo design models, what makes them effective, and how you can use them to create your own logo design.

Choosing a logo design can be especially daunting when you see a lot of equally appealing images on different photo and design databases online. That is why you need to list and narrow down your logo design criteria before you set about looking into different stock photo sites. For example, you and your company can decide to use a single object as base for your logo. If your company sells compasses, it would make sense for you to look for different compass logo designs and select the one which you think suits your brand’s image best. Once that task is out of your way, you will know what you are searching for the best logo design template will be easier and quicker.

As mentioned earlier, this article focuses on cloud logo designs and if your company have decided that an image of a cloud may best represent your business, this article is for you.

Why Use Cloud Logo Designs

  • They have an almost universal appeal. Just by looking at fluffy white clouds in a blue sky helps bring out serene and happy thoughts of a good day coming. If you want your customers to have a similar experience when they see your logo, choosing a cloud logo design may be for you.
  • They are easy to customize and make your own. One of the advantages of using a cloud logo design is the ease of customization it brings. If you decide to purchase a logo template online, you still need to transform the image to match your brand or business. With a cloud image as your logo base, customization is easier since you can be free to add accents and use other techniques to make the logo design into your own.
  • Almost any color scheme can work with clouds. Having great color schemes are one of the distinguishing features of a logo. Take for example Coca-Cola’s red and white logo color scheme. If you decide to use clouds as your logo, you (or a hired graphic artist) can customize it based on your company’s color scheme or in any color scheme that you think will best represent your brand.
  • They are minimalist in design (which work good in logo design). Clouds, just like angel wings logo designs, have a minimalist design. It can fit as a logo for organizations who want simplicity and elegance in their company banners. And if you want to take things to the opposite direction, you can easily pep up a minimalist cloud logo design into new heights by adding more accents, colors, etc.
  • There are not yet that many companies who use cloud logo designs. Originality is one of the factors that make a logo appealing. There are no prominent brands that feature cloud-based logo designs now so if you and your brand decides to use a cloud logo design, you have chance to makes waves with a brilliant logo design.

Cloud Icons And Logos Set

If you and your team are not confident with choosing only one logo, you can try out this Cloud Logo Set which comes with fifteen logo templates and their corresponding icon files. You can field test these logos across your organization before using them as an official company logo. What is beautiful with having a logo set is that you can customize each logo to match a specific department in your company while still retaining the basic cloud design. You may also use these vector icons as a base for your logos and other company branding needs that may arise.

Infinity Cloud Logo Design

The Infinity Cloud Logo Design combines the lemniscate symbol and a cloud. If you are interested in infinity symbol logo design as well as cloud logo designs, then this combination of the two may be the answer to your design dilemma. With its blue color in different gradients and the the added loops of the infinity symbol, this logo design could work well for conglomerates who operate on various industries and have synergistic effects on the economy.

Rainbow Cloud Logo

This cloud logo design primarily shows the simple outline of a cloud filled with rainbow colors. The cloud image is not fully colored since there are gaps on the inside of the cloud – perhaps intentionally creating a haphazardly colored image. This evokes a whimsical effect that can be harnessed by companies who wish to portray a happy, quirky, and dynamic image.

Cloud Care Logo Design

Just by looking at this next logo design, you will find that the logo will fit most businesses who want to emphasize their holistic approach of doing business. This logo may also work well with non-government organizations (NGOs) or charities since the logo shows a person’s helping hands. In the picture embedded above, you will see that the logo can work in blue, lemon green and black/white backgrounds. Depending on your organization’s needs, you will find that this logo is easily adaptable.

This next cloud logo design features a rendering of a cloud with white arrows along the cloud’s curves. The logo can be ambiguous when you first look at it but it can work well with businesses in the scientific, construction, or other male-dominated industries. If you are looking for a logo that exudes both expertise and respectability, you may also consider these professional logo designs.

Smiling Cloud Logo

The Cloudsweet Logo Design is a logo template featuring a cloud with a smiling face and its tongue sticking out. Just by looking at the image, you will get its funny appeal. This logo could work well for kids and toys’ brand. Perhaps the logo could also work well as food manufacturing company’s logo. And if your brand needs a funnier logo, you may consider these monkey logo designs.

Audio Cloud Logo

As its name imply, this logo design may work well for media entities especially those operating in the music or podcast scene. The Audio Cloud logo template may be customized with different backgrounds and the cloud outline color may also be changed depending on your brand.

Cloud Tech Logo

Creating logos often need complete understanding of your brand’s purpose and vision. The Cloud Tech Logo design may work well for companies who wish to showcase a strong emphasis on connections, a scientific approach, and calmness. This logo’s main feature is cloud crosshatched with the many intersecting points of an energy particle. Others may also view these intersections as coordinates on a map. There is room for many more positive interpretation for this type of logo design. If this logo does not seem to fit your company, you may try out these globe logo designs as they can still give off the same serene and unifying effect of a cloud logo design.

Eco Cloud Logo

The Eco Cloud logo design features a cloud with a plant drawn inside it plus an off-image sprout of two small leaves on the upper right corner. This logo design may work well for firms in the gardening or flower business. It may also work for organizations which work to save the environment. The Eco Cloud logo combines the main subjects (the plant sprout and the cloud) into a single image while ensuring that these elements both work together to radiate calmness, efficiency, and environmental concern. Another logo subject that can also achieve these same effects are palm tree logo designs.

Cloud Outline Logo

This logo design is the epitome of simplicity. As the base of your brand’s official logo, you can do multiple things with it and still come out fresh and different. It is also reminiscent of the iconic Apple logo that we see in iPhones and iMacs today. So if you intend to approach your company’s logo design just like the way Apple and other companies did it, the cloud outline logo design may be your best path.

Which Cloud Logo Design to Choose?

Despite this being all about cloud logo designs, we are not blindly recommending you to use only cloud logos for your brand or organization. What we do recommend is pragmatism towards logo design selection. Choose a logo design that best exemplifies your business or brand now and what you feel the brand will be in the future. Remember that it is best to choose a simple logo base when your organization is first starting. This way, you can build upon this logo as your business grows over the years.

Also remember that what may look good to you (in terms of design) may not look that good to others. So it is always important to consult other members of the management team, or even the employees. And if you are operating the business as a single proprietor, you may ask your friends, spouse, or relatives on how they see a certain logo design before officially committing to it.

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