Calendars help us keep track of the date, and reminds us of events that have already happened as well as those that will happen. We can also use it as a guide to making both short term and long term plans. For bookworms, bookmarks are an effective tool to help them keep track of what page they are on a book.

So why not combine the two and make something even more useful?

With calendar bookmarks, you can keep track of the date while also keeping track of your progress on what you are reading. We have various calendar designs on our website, but if you find the idea of having a dual purpose tool useful and convenient, check out our samples of calendar bookmark designs below.


Blue Yearly Calendar Bookmark Design


This calendar design includes all twelve months in a year, which is good if you prefer to use only one bookmark for the entire duration of the year. The blue gradient background is dark enough to be in contrast to the white font used for the foreground, which aids in better readability.


Colorful CMYK Yearly Calendar Bookmarks


These colorful calendar bookmark designs make use of the CMYK color scheme, which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. This is an ideal choice if you wish to print multiple copies since the CMYK color scheme doesn’t use too much color in the processing, but is still able to retain the high quality.


Colorful Yearly Calendar Bookmarks in PSD


If you are someone who prefers to use Adobe Photoshop or other Adobe programs to do your image editing, then this one is the best choice. These calendar bookmark designs are in the PSD format, which are highly compatible to Adobe software tools. To save you the hassle in the editing process, download these samples.


Seasonal Yearly Calendar Bookmark Design


You may want to add something cute and delightful on your bookmark design to make it even more appealing even to children and to those who are young at heart. With these bookmark designs, you may feel like its the Christmas season for the entire year. Choose from among the three holiday designs: you may want to choose the one with a snowman, the one with Santa Claus, or the design with an adorable polar bear. It’s up to you!


Cute Animals Calendar Bookmark Design


This bookmark design is perfect for children who enjoy reading books because of the image of the cute animals on the upper portion. Make them use these bookmarks, and they may never get tired of reading—this is very healthy since it teaches them to love books more than playing video games.


Creative Monthly Calendar Bookmark Design


These calendar bookmarks are very colorful and creative that you will probably not settle for just one of them. The colors used and the way the month is written is different and unique from one another that you’d want to collect all twelve designs. You may even be tempted to use these designs as a deskcalendar instead of using it as a bookmark.

Floral Monthly Calendar Bookmark Design


For people who appreciate flowers (but actually, who doesn’t?), this bookmark design is an ideal choice. Each month has a corresponding floral vector that is different for every month, which may entice you to download more than just one of these designs, especially if you love flowers that much.


Gradient Color Monthly Calendar Bookmarks


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Aside from using these as calendar bookmarks, these designs can also be printed on regular-sized or larger paper to make regular wall calendars. The lower half of the design is where you can find the calendar, while the upper half bears a simple color gradient which is varied for every month.

The calendar bookmark designs on our site are very attractive that you may still want to continue using it as a bookmark for the succeeding years or you may also keep it as a collection, similar to well-designed photorealistic calendar mockups that you’d never want to throw away even after the year ends.

Choose one from these calendar bookmark designs and download it. You may choose to use it personally, or you may also give it to others as a gift.

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