A memorial bookmark is a funeral document that you give away to people joining in the service for the celebration of life of the deceased. Creating this document may not be an easy task for a member of the bereaved family. Thus, it is better to just use a template designed for such needs.

Simple Memorial Bookmark Template


This simple memorial bookmark template is done in blue and yellow color combo. This is a unique combination that results in a very nice two page brochure. The image is ideal set in a rectangular frame at the center of the first page, with the heading on top and done in dark blue and the rest of the details below. Information on the service and prayers are included on the second page.

Blue Memorial Bookmark Template


The beautiful combination of the blue sky and white clouds is used as background for this memorial bookmark template. The result is a beautiful brochure accented with a classic image frame in blue border.

Sample Memorial Bookmark Template


The use of sky blue shade makes this memorial bookmark template ideal in celebrating the life of your deceased loved one. The design is simple with the rectangular image frame set in the middle of the first page, and the details added below. The second page has the prayers.

Solemn Memorial Bookmark Template


This is a very solemn memorial bookmark template. The image of the cross in the background tells of how religious the family is. The oval image frame set ideally takes the center of the first page, telling everyone that the service is for the celebration of the beautiful life led by the deceased.

Floral Memorial Bookmark Template


The floral accents used for this template is the perfect match for the lavender and pink color scheme used. The top and bottom flowers are matched with an image frame in hot pink classic circular border.

If you are looking for a nice template you can use for the memorial bookmark for your loved one, some of the examples given above are good choices. By using one of these templates, you eliminate the need to plan and create a design or pattern for your own memorial or funeral brochure.

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