Name tags enable you to simply and quickly introduce yourself without having to speak. Name tags display the wearer’s name for others to view and is worn on the outermost clothing. Stickers or badges are the most common tag designs.

You may use name tag for the holidays, and are perfect for big events, parties, and corporate use. Create your name tags using the best name tag designs and set yourself apart from the crowd. All of these designs and mock-ups are available in a downloadable form and is easily customizable.

Lanyard Name Tag

lanyard name tag

Lanyard Name Tag Badge

lanyard name tag badge

Don’t be a name tag snob. Put it on.

Name tags are a conversation starter and a reminder to be open. It might feel uncomfortable to wear a name tag at first but it does do a huge favor to everyone. To get you by with name tags, we’ve listed down the beauty of these tags.

  • Name tags bring about a warm and inviting mood among group members. Thus, lowering the anxiety of meeting new people and having a breeze to enhance discussions since people can confidently call one another by name.
  • Name tags are inexpensive and mind you, it doesn’t have to be too fancy. Your name will be the focal point anyway. Just keep in mind to make it readable, especially from afar.
  • These name tags serve as an equalizer since the main highlight is the wearer’s name sans any titles, achievements etc. It’s all about sticking yourself out there.

Tag! You’re it. You can also check out some name tag badge designs all in a downloadable format and are easily customizable if you want a more unique design.

Name Tag Template

lanyard name tag badge design

Id Card Template

id card template

Name Tag Badge, Retractor

name tag badge retractor

Name Tag Holder Badge Vector

lanyard name tag holder badge

Name Tag Etiquette

Remember that you are wearing a name tag because it is the first time you’ll be meeting a new set of people. Since first impression is important, take note of these important tips:

  • Place your name tag on your right side when it is in a sticker or clip form since on the right side is the line of sight. But, if your name tag comes along with a lanyard, always wear it inside the locale of the event.
  • Put your name tag where it’s easy to spot. Forget about putting your name tag on your pant leg or the bottom part of your shirt. It might just fall off and people won’t be able to recognize you.
  • Make it legible. Since all of these name tag design templates are customizable, choose fonts that are not just pretty but also readable. Keep in mind that thin fonts are hard to read from afar while normal and bold fonts express eagerness and friendliness.
  • Put it on. Name tags allow people to remember names gracefully and diminishes potential awkward moments. It serves an important function and it will help you interact more confidently. You’ll not even notice you’re wearing a name tag by the middle to the end of the event.

In relation to name tags, we’ve collected a list of id card PSD templates for you to use for your staff, school and businesses.

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