Labels can serve an important purpose of marking and giving identity to specific products or materials. They may be also used to seal products, and sometimes those seals contain additional instructions on how to use it or give a safety precaution. This makes food label designs important.

If you wish to make your food label designs attractive and functional at the same time, then we’re here to help you pick the best one! Scroll down below for more information about food label designs and how you can use them to your complete advantage.

Organic Food Labels & Badges

organic food labels badges

Food Labels & Stickers

food labels stickers

Organic Food Labels

organic food labels

Retro Food Label

retro food label

Vintage Food & Restaurant Labels

vintage food restaurant labels

Freshly Sealed and Labeled

Using our collection of fresh product label designs templates will help save you the hassle from using too much time and effort in creating your own from square one. The goal of our templates is to give you the most unique designs and lessen your hassle. Below are some examples of some of our food label design templates that you can easily download and customize:

  • Organic food label badges. You can often find these types of designs on organically grown food or beverages, These promote your products’ freshness and contain a seal to prove that the product is safe to consume. This has a fresh look, perfectly matching your organic food.
  • Food labels and stickers. These are often found on frozen food products, pastries, or chocolates. These also help seal the product. The labels’ images feature the brand name, manufacturing date, best before stamp, or any proof of freshness.
  • Vintage and food restaurant food labels. These are often printed out as big logos and displayed as a signage for most cafes or restaurants that have a vintage look and feel.

Farm Produced Food Labels

food farm labels

Vector Food Labels & Badges

vector food labels badges

Food Brands Label Templates

food brands labels set

Natural Food Labels

natural food labels

Fast Food Labels

fast food labels

Hand Drawn Food Labels

hand drawn food labels

Vintage Ice Cream Labels

vintage ice cream labels

Food Logo Badges & Labels

food logo badges labels

Food Menu Labels & Emblems

food menu labels emblems

Food and Drink Labels

food and drink labels

Where To Use Them?

Now that you have a number of food label designs, you can now decide when and where to use them. As mentioned, food product labels are not only meant to be used to mark and identify items, but they can function as product seals, too. In addition, food product labels are a great marketing tool. They are what customers use to determine and distinguish your products from competitors. Below are other examples on where you can use your food label designs:

  • Use them as your new company logo. You can actually use these food label designs as your company logo, or save them as a reference to create an even better design for you to use if you want to revamp your company’s logo. It would be advisable to use the same food label design for your product seals and company logo for uniformity purposes.
  • Use them for backdrops. You can also incorporate your food label designs to another design and have them printed out as backdrops for company events or programs that need such. A great time to use this would be during the launch of a new product or product line.
  • Print them out as tags. You can also use your food label designs as tags and include them as freebies, like stickers or bookmarks, to your products.

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