Holiday season is coming up and you must have started thinking about the gifts that you’ll be giving to friends and family. The tradition of gift giving is meant to bring people close and it helps you express your emotions without saying anything. But something that makes the gift all the more special is the way it is wrapped. If you use a little imagination and creativity you can easily come up with gift wrapping ideas that will help you leave a long lasting impression on the receiver. Here are few ideas to help you.

1. Stamping


You will need a artistic wooden block to create this wrapping sheet. Take a plain butcher paper and stamp down the design add the name of the recipient and that’s all! Wrap the gift and you are ready with something the receiver won’t be able to forget.

2. Photo Gift Tag

photo gift wrapper

A picture tag can make the gift all the more interesting as well as special. Print out your family picture with a note or a message and tag it along the gift. This ideas saves you from all the perfect wrapping fuss.

3. Fabric Bow


Our focus mostly lies on the wrapping sheet and we rarely think of the additional wrapping accessories like the bow. Instead of a ribbon, use a fabric to create the bow. Add in other accessories like glitters or embellishes or a little greenery. This ideas would make your simple wrapping sheet look glamorous.

4. Pompoms


Like we said, divert your attention from the wrapping sheet and think of ways to accessorize the sheets. Instead of a bow use a pom pom. You can create the pom pom with the help of different yarns. It is the festive time and a pom pom made out of yarn would add to the warmth of the gift.

5. Add on the Lace

add the lace

Lace looks elegant and classy so don’t even think twice and go for this idea. You will need a high quality lace piece that matches with your wrapping sheet. Layer it over the wrapping sheet and tie with a ribbon and other decorations.

6. Try Something Other Than a Box and a Wrapping Sheet

box wrapping

If you are giving a present that can be wrapped or presented in a packing other than a box and sheet then take the unconventional route and ditch the wrapping paper and box. Present your gift in a beautiful glass jar and decorate the jar with ribbons and bows. This is a lot more time saving idea and the recipient will love you for the thoughtfulness.

7. Woolen Wrap


If you have a pretty sweater lying around use it to wrap the gift. It appear much more personal and is literally and metaphorically warm. You can always add on embellishes for decoration purpose.

8. Snowflakes


You’ll need a plain sheet preferably of blue color and a white acrylic paint. Create snowflakes with the help of white color on the sheet and let it dry. Use the sheet to wrap the gift. This is a perfect idea for the Christmas gift.

9. Japanese Wrapping


As per the Japanese tradition of gift wrapping, they use a cloth to wrap the gift. It is called furoshiki. The holidays is a perfect time to indulge in some cross cultural gift wrapping. Take your fabric, keep it big enough to wrap the gift completely. Tie it with a knot, you can also make a bow out of it.

All the ideas given below are easy and you’ll have fun while trying these. Indulge your family members in the process as togetherness is the main motive behind these holidays.

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