Innovation and technology aims to make human life easy and comfortable. It has it side effects but the advantages cannot be ignored. There are some awesome gadgets that you must try your hands on in order to make your life easy and happy.

1. Sleep Tracker Beds

These beds are quipped with sleep tracking device that calculates your sleepIQ. These beds make sure that you get a comfortable and healthy sleep. They come with a mattress adjustment mechanism that customizes the bed setting to make it comfortable as per your need. These are called as SleepIQ beds and they monitor your breathing and heart rate. Based on the monitoring results, the system suggests you how to improve your sleep quality.

2. Smart Home Control System

Smart Home Control System can be complicated to handle initially but once you get use to them, they can make life a lot easy for you. No wonder, they’ve become so popular over the years. They can control various devices like alarms, security cameras, air conditioning etc. They also have an intercom system that allows you to communicate with members in other rooms of the house. These smart home control consoles also suggests sustainable energy choices based on your consumption reports.

3. Smart Slow Cooker

These smart cookers are a sure breather. You don’t have to stay alert and run back every now and then to check the stove. These cookers are fully smart-phone controllable. So you can be anywhere you want and can still manage your cooking. This system comes with a cooking app that send you reminders via push notifications, keeps a check on the dish status, adjusts the cooking time and temperature and comes with a special timer that keeps the cooking time calculations.

4. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Here we have something that will excite the Monica Geller out of you! If you are someone who likes to be in the clean space all the time then here is a gadget to make your life easy and happy. Here is a robotic vacuum cleaner and floor mop. It can sweep, it can mop and it can vacuum your entire home. Don’t worry about the stairs, the sensors on the machine helps keeping it from falling down the stairs. You don’t even have to stand and watch over. You can be at office or shopping and the robot will take care of the cleaning.

5. Smiley Face Pancake Maker

This is not a smart gadget but it provides you a smarter and easier way to make cute emoji pancakes. These pancakes will surely make your day.

6. Bag Resealer

Here is a boon for all the snack lovers. Now you don’t have to worry about your favourite snacks being ruined once you open them. You can again reseal the bag with a bag resealer. Whosoever came up with this idea was a genius.

7. Aqua Notes


Shower is one place where most of the introspection takes place. We all talk about having some great thoughts that occur to us during shower. If you are one such individual then we are happy to tell you that now you can pen down your thoughts with these acqua notes. Get them placed in your shower area and write whenever a thought occurs to you. What an idea! These papers are waterproof and won’t ruin under shower

8. Handheld Streamer

Ironing takes a lot of time and can be so much of pain. Streamer makes life much easy and the results are far better than iron.

9. Bed Riser with Built-in Electric Outlets

Necessity is the mother of invention and here is the proof! With smart gadgets that constantly require charging, these bed riser are the most convenient thing you can own.

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