Calendars are an obviously useful tool for practically anyone. Your first thought might be that they would be useful in an office setting. While that is an undeniable way of using calendars, it is hardly the only one, as there really are any number of ways anyone can use calendars.

With that in mind, it may have have occurred to you that you could take things into your own hands, as it were. Given the general availability of templates online, it is no surprise that one could find templates for their own calendar designs. Perhaps the most convenient part of this arrangement is that it makes it possible for you to design your potential calendars in a variety of ways.

Desk Calendar Template

Multipurpose Desk Calendar

multipurpose desk calendar

Minimal Calendar Template

Modern Minimal Typography Calendar

modern minimal calendar

Flat Minimal Calendar

flat minimal calendar

Minimal 2017 Calendar

minimal 2017 calendar

Wall Calendar Template

Business Inspired Wall Calendar

company wall calendar

Wall Calendar Planner Template

wall calendar planner template

Executive Calendar Template

Executive Desk Calendar

executive desk calendar

One Page Calendar Template

2017 One Page Calendar

2017 one page calendar

One Page Calendar Design Template

one page calendar design template

What Does a Calendar Design Template Look Like?

Thanks to the internet, it is much easier to spread and share information with one another in general. This includes all kinds of files, but can also include images and designs of all kinds, like calendars. This proliferation of information makes it much easier to share ideas and allows people a more personal touch with their own designs.

What this means for calendar designs is that there are any number of possible designs and approaches available for use. Like other examples of visual media like posters, it is more than possible to give your calendars any design you like or think appropriate.

Given the number of possible design approaches, one can safely say that these kinds of design templates are a fairly flexible tool. Most kinds of visual media allow users a great many choices, which is only fitting as one of your concerns should be to make the finished product look interesting. With these options available, that should not be a problem.

Of course, this does not take into account the many types of calendars there are, which can give you more choices as to what kind of calendar you really want. After all, while a calendar’s primary job is to tell you what the date is, there is a certain amount of leeway in that function; you can even have very esoteric designs such as marketing calendar templates. Some calendars can go so far as to go the extra mile with helping you plan your activities even on a day-to-day basis. So when it comes to helping you plan out your activities, these calendar templates should give you more options to coming up with calendars that can help you keep your activities in order.

What Kind of Approaches Can You Use?

Of course, being a kind of visual media, there are some possible approaches that you can use to give your particular calendars a particular identity. The design approaches are a particularly effective way of helping your calendar stick to a consistent theme, which makes them more consistent with regard to what sort of image they want to present. Some of the approaches available with these designs here include:

  • Minimalist – This is an effective approach to use for most templates, as it tones down details (especially excessive ones) in favor of conveying their ideas as simply as possible. Minimalism, just as the name indicates, generally aims at using as few details as possible in favor of letting the content speak for itself. This allows viewers to focus on what the calendar’s most important elements without getting lost in the calendar’s design.
  • Holiday – Of course, that is not to say that calendars cannot have particular themes, especially if their designs revolve around such things. This can include such things as birthday calendar designs, for instance. One example is a holiday theme, such as Christmas, which can give a calendar a more festive spirit appropriate to the holiday it is portraying.
  • Floral – Another possible approach is to use a floral design. This is an approach you may see in many kinds of visual media. Flowers are generally thought of as something beautiful and attention-grabbing, so using such an image on a calendar would be a good way of lending the calendar such traits.
  • Image – Some calendars may also portray particular images on them, such as of tourist destinations. This makes the calendar particularly effective at decorating a particular room, as the image makes it akin to a poster, albeit one with a practical use.

Christmas Calendar Template

Christmas Advent Calendar

christmas advent calendar

Vintage Christmas Advent Calendar

vintage christmas advent calendar

New Year Calendar Template

Christmas & New Year Calendar

christmas new year calendar

Happy New Year Calendar

happy new year calendar

Chinese New Year Calendar

chinese new year calendar

Poster Calendar Template

2017 Poster Calendar

2017 poster calendar

Artist Poster Calendar

artist poster calendar

Pet Agency Poster Calendar

pet agency poster calendar

Music Calendar Template

Punk Retro Music Calendar

retro music calendar

Music Events Calendar Poster

music events calendar poster

Desk Calendar Template

Corporate Desk Calendar

corporate desktop calendar

Premium Desk Calendar

premium desktop calendar

Corporate Calendar Template

Corporate Desk Calendar

corporate desk calendar

Stylish 2017 Corporate Calendar

stylish 2017 corporate calendar

Corporate Wall Calendar

corporate wall calendar

What Do Calendar Design Templates Have?

Aside from the obvious, there are some other things any calendar template is expected to have; a calendar really is more than just a tool for telling you the date. After all, reminding you of the date is a facet of a calendar’s ability to tell you of important events no matter what kind of calendar you have, be it a wall callendar or desk calendar. With that in mind, there are some elements of calendar design templates that should be present so as to make it easier for you to keep track of any upcoming events that would demand your attention. Some of those elements include:

  • Interesting Imagery – As an example of visual media, any calendar ought to have some kind of interesting imagery to draw the eye, even subtle images like calendar icons can add to the calendar becoming more interesting to look at. Besides, one could argue that there is an element of decoration in a calendar. Calendars can most definitely contribute to the overall “look” of a room. This also applies to minimalist-designed calendars as they should still be able to draw the eye of viewers so as to serve as effective reminders of dates and appointments.
  • Company Logo – This is mostly applicable to calendars designed for a particular company. As a product representative of the company it is only right that the calendar be emblematic of the company. This includes possessing imagery related to the company and its particular image. As something that represents the company, it is only right that the calendar carry the company’s logo so as to improve recognition for its parent.
  • Contact Information – Such calendars also need to have the company’s contact information. These kinds of calendars can be seen as a kind of advertising for the company, and as such need to carry that kind of information for the benefit of potential customers and employees. If other elements of design can make the company more visible, it is only right that this kind of information be visible so as to inform those who may have business with the company.
  • Space for Notes – This is a common element of many calendars, even for those that do not do double duty as planners. Many such calendars allow you to add notes in the name of further explaining any events listed on particular dates. This does not necessarily manifest as a calendar having a planner, but if you needed a reminder as to what is happening on a particular date, this should be of help.

Office Calendar Template

Flat Office Calendar

flat office calendar

Office Wall Calendar

office wall calendar

Blank Calendar Template

Blank Desk Calendar

blank desk calendar

Blank Wall Calendar

blank wall calendar

Blank White Calendar

blank white calendar

Calendar Planner Template

A4 Calendar Goals Planner

a4 landscape calendar planner

Diy Calendar Template

Diy Calendar Planner

diy calendar planner

Business Calendar Template

Clean Business Calendar

clean business calendar

Simple Business Calendar

simple business calendar

Business Calendar Template

business calendar poster

Corporate Business Wall Calendar

corporate business wall calendar

Abstract Calendar Template

Dark Abstract Calendar

dark abstract calendar

Colorful 2017 Calendar

colorful abstract calendar

Modern Calendar Template

Modern 2017 Calendar

modern 2017 calendar

Fashion Calendar Template

Fashion Styles 2017 Calendar

fashion styles 2017 calendar

Zodiac Sign Fashion Wall Calendar

fashion wall calendar

What Kinds of Calendar Design Templates Are There?

It should be obvious that there are a number of kinds of calendar designs, particularly if you also need to make calendar mockups. After all, there are some ways of modifying the general design of calendars; one may even think of tear-away calendars where one has to tear a sheet for each day. There are still such kinds of calendar templates, even with the growing spread of calendar software like what you may find on electronic devices. Some of the more common kinds of calendar design templates include:

  • Wall – This is one of the more common kinds of calendars, perhaps because of how simple it is. A wall calendar is simply just a calendar hung up on a wall, it is as simple as that. Of course, given that these templates are generally interesting on their own, there are a number of ways to make wall calendars interesting. That they are hung from a wall makes them uniquely suited to contributing to the decor of a room, such as serving as an impromptu poster.
  • Desk – Another possible approach is to leave your calendar on your desk. This makes for a smaller, more personal kind of calendar, as you anything on the calendar will be most visible to you. Of course, that is not to say that these desk calendars cannot have images on them, but where a wall calendar is a poster, these are more akin to picture frames.
  • Planner – Of course, some calendars can be more proactive when it comes to reminding you of events. These calendars can actually serve as planners and give you space to place certain events on particular dates. Naturally this can give you more control over your schedule by being able to more constantly remind you of upcoming events.
  • Event – Rather organize days in order, some calendars only list particular days and events. You may have seen examples in corporate and academic calendars, which only list events relevant to personnel within those organizations. In the case of an academic calendar, for example, you may only find school events or holidays, which would only be of relevance to students and school personnel. In short, these are very particular calendars, made for particular populations.

With the help of the internet, it is much easier to find resources online for a variety of tasks. In the case of things like calendars, there are templates available which you can use to make your own calendars suited to whatever purpose you need them for. Whether you want something for business, or just for personal reasons, you have a wide variety of choices at your disposal.

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