Icon designs can give you versatile use in many different projects. Based on the type of your project you need the appropriate set of icons that will help you enhance its quality. Calendars help people organize their schedule in day to day basis. You can find them in apps, websites and blogs with stylish icon designs that look amazing. If you want your own set of calendar icons then keep one reading to find one.

Flat Calendar Icons

flat calendar icons

This set of sixteen calendar designs has the perfect amount of cuteness and elegance. Available in jpg and eps format files to choose for app development as well as websites.

Date Calendar Icon

date calendar icon

This date calendar has an elegant design with curvy edges and a 3D style that makes it unique. Bring a pop of color to your websites, blogs and apps.

Black and White Calendar Icons

black and white calendar icons

For a classic design, you can go for a black and white set of icons. Elegant and fashionable, you can find them in eps and jpg formats of various sizes.

Monthly Calendar Icons

monthly calendar icons

With this set, you will make every month unique and special. With designs full of color and creative spirit you can define each month for a stunning style and elegance

Vector Calendar Icons

vector calendar icons

Make a difference with a creative design like this one. It comes with two different styles to choose from, in jpeg and eps formats with layered properties for versatile use.

Blank Calendar Icons

blank calendar icons

This set of twelve has a great variety of colors. A set of blank designs will act as a canvas to create your own designs customizing them to your needs.

Event Calendar Icons

event calendar icons

This is a colorful set of calendar icons that can be used in many projects like blogs and websites. It is also available in many sizes with high resolution.

Wall Calendar Icons

wall calendar icons

These wall designs are a creative choice to use in your projects. The variety of the designs in style, color and layout will give you many uses for future projects.

Flat Candy Calendar Icons

flat candy calendar icons

In a stylish personal project, you need the right amount of elegance and uniqueness. You can get both with this free pack of six that comes in psd format file.

Mobile Calendar Icons

mobile calendar icons

Like camera icon designs, calendar icons are equally important for mobile phones. This colorful design comes in many sizes as well as 72 and 300 dpi resolution to choose from.

Flat Calendar PSD Icons

flat calendar psd icons

Flat icon designs can give you excellent style for projects like websites and app development. This pack of 6 icons is available in beautiful colors and comes for free.

Small Calendar Icons

small calendar icons

This cute set of small calendar icons has two background choices. You can download it in psd and png format files and 81,9KB to use in blogs, websites and apps.

Colored Calendar Icons

colored calendar icons

Add some color to your projects with this set of three calendar icons. You can get it in a psd format to use in your websites, blogs and phone apps.

Black Calendar Icon Design

black calendar icon design

The classic choice of this black and white calendar will make your project look stunning. Available in an elegant design and a psd format to use in phone applications development.

Calendar Line Icons

calendar line icons

Sometimes you need to make a difference with a chic set of icons. This set consists of lines bringing you sixteen beautiful designs in eps, png and svg format files.

Red Calendar Icons

red calendar icons

Modern Calendar Icons

modern calendar icons

Abstract Calendar Icons

abstract calendar icons

Round Calendar Icons

round calendar icons

Business Calendar Icons

business calendar icons

Colored Date Calendar Icons

colored date calendar icons

Icon designs can range from animals to tree icons. The list is so great that can cover everyone’s needs in both style and functionality. Our collection is also great offering you a variety to choose from. Feel free to try them all out and experiment with various designs for projects.

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