A picture equals to a thousand words. Based on this philosophy, the infographics can provide information and data in the form of visual elements. Creating data visualization is not an easy process. Despite the numerous tools for creating infographics, the personality factor will always help with creating effective data. In today’s post, we are going to go into the depths of infographic designs and show you creative and inspiring ways to make yours look perfect.

Travel Infographic Designs

Use infographics to provide useful data about a travel destination. The interesting facts combined with appropriate imagery will be enticing enough in order to attract the audience’s attention. The templates are available in psd and eps format files that offer customizable properties in order to personalize it with content.

Air Travel Infographic Design

air travel infographic design

Travel Journey Infographic Design

travel journey infographic design

Business Infographic Designs

Create a successful presentation with the use of infographics. There is a multitude of business infographic designs that will let you present facts and future goals with a memorable and impressive way. Available in almost every known format file that you can fully customize it to fit your needs.

Business Planning Infographic Design

colored business infographic design

Modern Business Infographic Design

modern business infographic design

Social Media Infographics

Social media has taken over the world creating a great source of inspiration for infographics. You can find incredible sets with flat and 3D icons that you can use to create inspiring infographics. Available in psd, jpg and eps format files with full customization properties to modify all the elements.

Flat Social Media Infographic Design

flat social media infographic design

Social Media Infographic Element Design

social media infographic element design

Modern Infographic Designs

Create a modern infographic with the right template. Use abstract shapes and vibrant colors and combine them with bold fonts to attract your target audience to your infographic. You can find modern infographic templates in png, pdf and jpg format files to edit and customize with your own text content.

Modern Corporate Infographic Design

modern corporate infographic design

3D Modern Infographic Design

3d modern infographic design

Minimal Infographic Designs

Solid colors and shapes will allow you to create a minimalist infographic design. There is a great variety of designs that you can choose in jpg, eps and psd format files to use in your infographics. Make sure that you select simple illustrations in order to present your data.

Modern Minimal Infographic Design

modern minimal infographic design

Colorful Minimal Infographic Design

colorful minimal infographic design

Medical Infographics

Medical infographics are suitable for both digital and printed versions. You will find multiple designs with various icons and elements that will help you create accurate and approachable medical infographic designs. Available in almost every known format file with editable properties to personalize them accordingly.

Flat Medical Infographic Design

flat medical infographic design

White Medical Infographic Design

white medical infographic design

Building Infographic Designs

Buildings can give numerous ideas for infographics. There is always a new piece of information that is worth sharing it with the right infographic. There are many different designs available in the web that you can pay or get for free with building icons and everything related with them.

Abstract Building Infographic Design

abstract building infographic design

Building Construction Infographic Design

building construction infographic design

Timeline Infographic Designs

Create a timeline infographic design depicting data, statistics and information with authenticity and modern approach. You can find many incredible designs that offer flat icons and elements that you can use to style your infographics. Choose the right style according to the infographic’s subject and modify it to taste.

Business Timeline Infographic Design

business timeline infographic design

Timeline Progress Infographic Design

timeline progress infographic design

Wedding Infographic Designs

You can create wedding infographics that can be posted on the web or that can be printed and used as wedding invitations. This is a creative idea that many couple use instead of the classic invitations. You can make multiple designs using vector templates from the web to personalize accordingly.

Wedding Day Infographic Design

wedding day infographic design

Flat Wedding Infographic Design

flat wedding infographic design

Sports Infographics

These infographics are suitable for magazines, posters, brochures and fliers. You can find a multitude of designs for sports infographics that come in psd, jpg and eps format file to customize. Give useful information to your audience about athletes or about various sports and be sure that they will love it.

Beach Sports Infographic Design

beach sports infographic design

Sports Champion Infographic Design

sports champion infographic design

Circle Infographic Designs

Circles are versatile shapes that can be used a lot in infographics. From presenting statistics to just showcasing round icons you can create amazing infographics for any topic. Available in a multitude of designs and styles you can find anything you needs in a template design in all format files.

Arrow Circle Infographic Design

arrow circle infographic design

Modern Curve Circle Infographic Design

modern curve circle infographic design

Food Infographic Designs

Whether you are passing useful information about food or creating a brochure about a restaurant, food will always be a great source for infographic inspiration. You can find remarkable designs with food icons to use in your infographics and attract the target audience.

Helath Food Infographic Design

helath food infographic design

Sample Food Infographic Design

sample food infographic design

Vintage Infographic Designs

No matter how modern the trends are, vintage will never go out of fashion. Create amazing designs with vintage pieces that will help you build creative and useful infographic designs. You will find vintage icons and elements in template sets that provide full customization to help you personalize them.

Vintage Marketing Infographic Design

vintage marketing infographic design

Retro Vintage Infographic Design

retro vintage infographic design

Education Infographics

Many educational institutes turn to the help of infographics in order to attract new students and inform them about their services. You can create an infographic for education that will cover these needs. Available in jpg, psd and eps format files you can find many icons and other elements to use.

Online Education Infographic

online education infographic

Business Education Infographic

business education infographic

Hipster Infographic Designs

These designs are suitable for blogs, websites, and magazines. You can find endless designs for hipster infographics that you can use in both printed and digital works. Find them in psd, eps and png format files with full customization properties to use and modify according to your needs.

Hipster Fashion Infographic Design

hipster fashion infographic design

Retro Hipster Infographic Design

retro hipster infographic design

Resume Infographic Designs

Infographics are a great way to present your personality and your work to a future employer. You can find incredible and creative elements and icons that will help you design your own resume to introduce your personal style and your creative spirit. Suitable for graphic, interior, illustrators and fashion designers.

Simple Resume Infographic Design

simple resume infographic design

Photography Infographics

Create an infographic design related with photography. These designs can be used in ecommerce web sites, blogs and magazines in order to provide useful information for cameras or photography. Available in almost every known format file you can find amazing designs to use.

Flat Photography Infographic

flat photography infographic

Modern Photography Infographic

modern photography infographic

Wine Infographic Designs

Wine lovers around the world will enjoy a good wine infographic. You can create an infographic providing useful data about the different types of wine as well as their unique characteristics. You’ll find amazing templates with wine related icons suitable for infographics that you can print or publish online.

High Quality Wine Infographic Design

high quality wine infographic design

Wine Making Infographic Design

wine making infographic design

Music Infographics

Explore the power of music art with the appropriate infographic. Suitable for posters, brochures, web sites and magazines you can create the most unique designs with the right template set of music related icons. Flat or 3D you can choose the ones suitable for your project to edit and modify.

Rock Music Infographic Design

rock music infographic design

Vintage Music Infographic Design

vintage music infographic design

Infographics provide with information using visual elements as a supplementary aid. Since pictures and illustrations tend to be easier to remember, infographics have developed this into a form of art through graphic design. These designs can be used in digital and print mediums. They are basically used in web sites, blogs and social media as well as in magazines, brochures and newspapers. Lately they have been introduced in invitations as a form of graphic art.

You can make your own infographic look amazing. All you need is some inspiration; a few fresh ideas and you are ready to go. Do not forget that a picture can say much more than just simple text so make sure to use both on equal measures for excellent results.

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