In many projects, the use of icons is important. They help us understand things through visual aid while providing a piece of information. Icon designs have a great variety of themes making it easy to find exactly what one needs. Adding style to a project with the right icon is an art in itself. For this post, we scoured the web and collected the most incredible music icon designs to share with our readers.

Music Note Icons

music note icons

Music notes have an elegance around them that makes them ideal for many designs. This multicolored design featured various music icon notes in colorful circles that can make every project look stylish and interesting with a soft touch of personality.

Flat Music Icon Designs

flat music icon designs

In case you aim for variety, this design is for you. The icons have a flat design that comes in square and round shapes giving you a great deal of variety. Find them in eps, AI and psd formats. You may also see Sound Icons

Music Player Icons

music player icons

For those that enamored with app development, this set of music player icons will help you create stylish apps. The designs come for free while they have an elegant and modern design with light blue rounded icons for various functions.

Vector Music Icons

vector music icons

The black and white design of these icons has a great style with an exceptionally detailed design that is sure to attract attention. This will look ideal in web sites, blogs and even funky greeting cards for the fans of music.

Rock Music Icons

rock music icons

For the fans of rock music, this design is going to amaze you. The designer created these icons with super detailed work while the shadows bring it to life. You can find them in different 300 and 72 dpi resolutions.

Music Folder Icons

music folder icons

Add style in your folders with music folder icons. With this set you are going to get a variety of designs that will help you add personality to your projects. Available in png and psd formats  to choose from.

Musical Instrument Icons

musical instrument icons

Instrument icons will give you a great deal of style while helping you to create projects like presentations, infographics and others. The designs come in a black and white fashion that is available in 72 and 300 dpi to choose.

Retro Music Icons

retro music icons

Retro icons will give you a strong vibe of elegance along with a past time style. From the microphone to the tapes you will get this set in jpeg and eps format files of extra high resolution for excellent results.

Sheet Music Icons

sheet music icons1

Music App Icons

music app icons

App development is growing bigger still, making the music icons a necessity. This colorful design has various music icons to use for apps while the detailed shadow on the bottom of each app adds a 3D quality that looks perfect in projects.

Colorful Music Icons

colorful music icons

Sound and Music Icons

sound and music icons

Minimal Music Icons

minimal music icons

Free Music Icons

free music icons

Outline Music Icons

outline music icons

Music Tool Icons

music tool icons

Round Music Icons

round music icons

Music and Multimedia Icons

music and multimedia icons

Music Line Icons

music line icons

High-Quality Music Icons

high quality music icons

Green Outline Music Icons

green outline music icons

In conclusion, using icons in your projects will help your target audience to understand its concept a lot easier. You can find many different designs to use ranging from 3D to flat icons that will add an extra stylish point in your designs while creating a project full of character.

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