Radio icons are useful in many niches of business or advertising. Whether you’re looking for simple icons for labelling purposes, or more creative, cartoon themed icons. We have compiled a list of 10 packs of radio icons to give you options and inspiration to add the perfect finishing touches to your project. This list features many different options for radio icons, and we are sure that you will find the correct icons for your project or business.

Retro Style Radio Icons

retro style radio icons

These radio icons are retro and use a lot of yellows in their designs, as well as reds and greens, so that they look like an old style 70’s radio. They are ideal for website design, or as a business icon.

High Resolution Radio Icons

high resolution radio icons

These radio icons are simple white silhouettes on a dark background. They are ideal for website effects, business icons, or as a business card embellishment for those involved in a career in radio.

Old Radio Vector Icons

old radio vector icons

These radio icons are light grey silhouetted on a white background, and show more than just radios, they also show satellites and satellite dishes. They are perfect as icons used on labels or doors.

Flat Retro Radio Icons

flat retro radio icons

These icons use mostly reds and greys, and are slightly retro in their designs. They are ideal for use on advertisements, as a business icon or card, or as a website picture.

Radio and Technology Icons

radio and technology icons

These icons have a black and white theme and are black outlines on a white background. They can be used for a wide range of uses, such as advertising on websites or magazines, or as an app icon. You may also see Entertainment Icons

Vector Radio Icons

vector radio icons

This vector is a simple grey radio on a cream background, however it also comes with blue, red, green, and orange backgrounds also. It is great for an app icon, as an advertising element, or as a business logo.

Radio Signal Icons

radio signal icons

This vector is a cartoon styled icon set, using dark grey and green to create a simple design, which could be used for app icons, labelling, and advertising elements.

Black and White Radio Icons

black and white radio icons

These black and white icons are very simplistic and there is a design for many different kinds of radio. These icons are great for advertising purposes, website design, and business icons.

Radio App Icons

radio app icons

These radio app icons are very cartoon like in their design and use a lot of bright colours. They are great for marketing to a younger age group, or as app or business icons.

Radio Antenna Icons

radio antenna icons

These radio icons are simple grey and blue radio symbols. They can be used as business icons, as symbols on doors or packaging, or as advertising and website elements.

Radio Station Icons

radio station icons

Radio Tower Icons

radio tower icons

Retro Mass Media Radio Icons

retro mass media radio icons

Radio Music Icons

radio music icons

Online Radio Icons

online radio icons

These beautiful designs are some of the top rated radio vectors available, and are sure to add a professional finish to your business project, no matter what the style. If you are looking for the perfect element to add to your business design, this compilation of beautiful and professional designs should give you exactly what you need.

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