The audio visual element has become a revolution since the commercialization of digital monitors and computers. And along with that, so have speakers! The speaker is iconic of sound and music and the speaker icon is often used in almost every second website as a graphical element. The predecessor to the speaker icon was the icon of the megaphone! There are various types of speaker icons used today, these include volume buttons, music buttons, silhouette buttons, minimal speaker icons and animated type speaker icons. You may also see Sound Icons

Colorful Speaker Icon

colorful speaker icon

Multimedia Speaker Icon

multimedia speaker icon

Loud Speaker Icon

loud speaker icon

Speaker icons depict the concept of sound and music and also for volume. Almost every multimedia website today has a music or sound element attached to them and so a speaker icon is mandatory. There can be multiple uses for the icon – increasing or decreasing volume, playing or pausing music or simply to lead to a list of music or sounds. Animated style speaker icons are some of the most popular and trending speaker icons used today as they attract attention and convert clicks to plays! You may also see Music and Media Icons

Speaker Mute Icon

speaker mute icon

Music Speaker Icon

speaker outline icon

Sketchy Speaker Icon

sketchy speaker icon

Silent Mode Speaker Icon

silent mode speaker icon

Megaphone Speaker Icon

megaphone speaker icon

Speaker icons can also be used in some cases as backgrounds for web designs that are centric to music or sound design. A speaker icon motif as a background also gives a very vibrant, young and energetic look to the web design.

Speaker with Sound Waves Icon

speaker with sound waves icon

Sketched Speaker Icon

sketched speaker icon

Speaker Off Icon

speaker off icon

Speaker and Musical Note Icon

speaker and musical note icon

Boombox Speaker Icon

boombox speaker icon

The speaker was designed to spread music and sound and so the speaker icon is representative of a very iconic tool and so is one of the most widely used icons. From pop colours, black & white, animated, translucent to interactive, there are multiple designs available for speaker designs. And designers will keep using this icon to represent one of the most important elements for human communication! You may also see Radio Icons

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